699 Change of Ques

    After Jiang Fei joined the battle, Billy Boy and the rest killed the small monsters at a much faster speed. Within five minutes, thousands of small monsters were all killed.

    "What do we do next?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly. They had already killed all of their enemies as instructed by the quest. However, the quest was not renewed.

    "I have no idea. Did we miss out on any of the monsters?" Billy Boy wondered. At the same time, he instructed the Bandits to split up to search for enemies that might have been missed out.

    After approximately five minutes, although Jiang Fei and the rest did not make any progress, the Spectral Investigator walked into the drilling site.

    "Ah! You have conquered the place! However, why did the drilling machine stop?" The Spectral Investigator nodded when he saw that the drilling site had been overtaken. However, he also raised a question.

    "Drilling machine?" Jiang Fei was stunned. Only then did he notice that the drilling machine that was working before had stopped moving.

    "What's the matter? Why did you kill him?" Right then, the Spectral Investigator figured out why the machine had stopped working. It was because the Main Engineer Varlando had been killed by Jiang Fei.

    According to the design of the quest, Valando would surrender once his Health Points reached 20%. He would change into the Friendly state and players would not be able to attack him any further.

    However, no one had expected Jiang Fei to use the Dragon's Bane to kill the Master level Main Engineer in one second. Moreover, the Main Engineer Varlandor who existed only because of the quest naturally did not give Jiang Fei any item or Experience points.

    "Sh*t! Why didn't you say so earlier?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He did not know that his action of using the Dragon's Bane would result in such a glitch.

    "What do we do next?" Billy Boy was out of ideas. If it was a normal quest, they could all simply give up. However, this was a main storyline quest.

    A main storyline quest was linked to how the game's storyline would develop. Therefore, they could not give up. However, now that the Main Engineer was dead, they could no longer progress with the quest.

    "Don't worry, let me think!" Jiang Fei waved as he started thinking long and hard.

    "Right! Akatziris. Is there anyone in the Nephilim race who knows how to use this type of drilling machine?" Jiang Fei suddenly turned and asked Akatziris. Since someone in the Light Faction could control the machine, surely someone from the Nephilim race would be able to do the same.

    "I'm sure there is someone. However, we do not know how to get to the external world from here. Do you plan on going through the outer layer into the inner layer, and then to the Abyss?" Akatziris asked with a frown.

    "That would take at least a few days. We do not have that much time!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Although they had killed all of the Light Faction players, they could not guarantee that those forces would not return. They might even return with hundreds or thousands more players.

    If the Light Faction players came in thousands, Jiang Fei would not exactly be afraid. However, those players could choose to disrupt their quest even if they could not kill Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei was still uncertain about the objective of the quest, they were certain that there was a treasure buried somewhere in the ground. Otherwise, the drilling machine would not have been required.

    If the Light Faction players were bent on destroying the drilling machine, Jiang Fei would not be able to do anything about it. Even if he was very strong, he was not able to kill all of his enemies in one second.

    "Although this might be a little troublesome, we still need the help!" Jiang Fei sighed as he activated the Abyssal Gate.

    After the Abyssal Gate was activated, Jiang Fei acquired a teleportation door which lasted for five minutes. He would be able to communicate with the Abyss. However, five minutes were not enough for Jiang Fei to head over to the Nephilim King's Palace. If the Jiang Fei was still in the Abyss when the Abyssal Gate closed, he would not be able to return to the drilling site.

    Although the Abyssal Gate worked two-ways, it only linked Jiang Fei's current location to the Abyss. It did not allow Jiang Fei to activate another Abyssal Gate in the Abyss.

    After entering the Abyssal Gate, Jiang Fei did not go too far. He looked for the nearest soldier around and asked him to pass a message to the Nephilim King. The message was to request for an Advanced Engineer who knew how to operate large machines.

    After dropping the message, Jiang Fei hurriedly returned through the Abyssal Gate in case it closed and left him behind in the Abyss. The success or failure of Jiang Fei's plan would depend on his namesake as the Nephilim King's son-in-law.

    After approximately one hour, Jiang Fei activated the Abyssal Gate once again. When he entered the Abyss this time, he discovered that there were two individuals waiting for him.

    "Hehe, Ah Fei, you should be honored. My father has actually sent Master Morland over!" The Elder Prince Otis laughed as he greeted Jiang Fei.

    "Big brother! Master Morland!" Akatziris greeted the two. It seemed that she also knew Master Morland pretty well.

    "We do not have much time. The teleportation door will not stay there for very long. Let's talk on the other side!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Alright. Master Morland will go with you. I have other things to attend to. I shall not go with him!" Otis waved his hand.

    "Alright! Master, come with me!" Jiang Fei indicated for the Master Engineer to follow after him as he led the way through the teleportation door back to the drilling site.

    "ZBT-3000 model drilling setup? It's very high-tech!" Morland exclaimed as soon as he entered the drilling site. He paid full attention to the huge drilling machine. He nearly forgot that Jiang Fei was standing right next to him.

    "Master, can you control this machine?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Of course. Apart from me, no one else in the Nephilim race knows how to use it!" Morland said cheekily.

    "Then could you please hurry up?" Jiang Fei urged.

    "Alright! It's been a long time since I have played with such toys!" Morland leapt right onto the driver's seat of the drilling machine.

    As Morland turned the drilling machine on, Jiang Fei took a look at the fellow's Attributes. He had the same Beginner Master level as the Light Faction's Engineer. Although he had a lot of Health Points, he had terrible battle powers. He was a classic type of NPC which needed to be protected. Normal quests which required escorting would have this kind of NPC.

    "D*mn! Are we supposed to look after him?" Jiang Fei exclaimed when he saw Morland's Attributes.

    "Ding! Quest renewed: Protect Morland and ensure that he does not receive any damage for four hours. You must do so until he has uncovered the Gnome's treasures!"

    Indeed, the system notification had reaffirmed Jiang Fei's hypothesis.
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