700 Jiang Feis Concern

    "What kind of situation is this? Are we supposed to protect him?" Billy Boy and the rest were stunned. They then looked at Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah! I predict that we will be attacked shortly. Although I am not sure if our enemies will be monsters or players, we should all be ready!" Jiang Fei said in the group channel.

    "Don't worry, guild master. We have done a lot of escorting quests!" One of the players from Empyreal Dragon said.

    Most of the players Billy Boy brought were PvP players. Although these people rarely did quests, they would occasionally do PvP quests. The most common type of quests among these were escorting and assasination quests.

    "You lot will be in charge of blocking the enemies and making sure that they do not get close to the target. Leave the killing to me!" Jiang Fei had an odd feeling in his stomach. He suspected that the quest would not be as easy as it looked.

    "Alright! Everyone, do as the guild master says!" Although Billy Boy doubted Jiang Fei's cautiousness, he was only Jiang Fei's subordinate. The guild belonged to Jiang Fei. Naturally, he would not challenge Jiang Fei's wishes.

    Under Billy Boy's command, the group of two-hundred quickly formed a circle around the drilling machine to protect Morland. The Warriors and Knights were positioned at the outermost layer of defense, while the Hunters and Magicians stood in the middle and the Clerics stayed in the innermost layer.

    Other Classes including Bandits and Assassins were scattered on the outside, either in Stealth mode or Invisibility state. They stayed in the dark to deliver a killing blow at their enemies.

    Jiang Fei sat alone on one side as he waited silently for the enemies' arrival. Four hours of defending was not a short time at all. Jiang Fei had no clue about what would happen during this period. He felt very insecure for some reason.

    As the seconds passed, not a single enemy appeared. The oddly peaceful scene made Jiang Fei feel even more confused and insecure.

    "Guild master, could this quest really be bugged?" Little Rain asked impatiently.

    "I don't know, let's wait..." Jiang Fei shook his head. He did not know if something had gone wrong with the quest. After all, they had not followed the sequence of the quest. The original NPC meant to operate the drilling machine had been killed by Jiang Fei. The current replacement NPC was brought here by Jiang Fei from the Nephilim race. He was unsure if that had caused other changes in the quest to occur.

    After another few ten minutes, more than half of the players in the group were not alert anymore. The originally neat formation of the players had also become laxed.

    "Buzz!" Right then, Jiang Fei noticed a white light flashing somewhere not too far away.

    The beam of light was nearly a hundred-meter in diameter. Not only was the beam of light bright, it was also as tall as the ceiling. After the white light had disappeared, a huge teleportation point appeared at a location one thousand meters away from Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "Everyone, get ready! The enemies are here!" Jiang Fei suddenly leapt to the ground.



    "Kill all those pieces of sh*t from the Dark Faction!"


    As the cries of war were heard, a large number of soldiers appeared at the teleportation point.

    "Everyone, focus!" Billy Boy shouted loudly. When the lazy players noticed that their enemies had appeared, they immediately became alert. Their eyes were filled with a desire for battle. This was definitely a state that could only be shown by experienced fighters.

    The first batch of soldiers were all Normal Level 70 Elite monsters. There were about two hundred of them. After the teleportation was complete, the soldiers charged toward the drilling machine.

    "Time to work!" Jiang Fei walked a few steps toward the soldiers' line of motion. He then placed the Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow across his chest and quietly looked at the approaching soldiers. He looked like some sort of a legendary master.

    "The guild master is pretending to be cool again..."

    "Yeah, yeah. He always has girls around him. If I were him, I'd pretend to be cool too..."

    The players behind Jiang Fei discussed jokingly. After all, they had already witnessed Jiang Fei's speed of killing. Therefore, they were barely worried about the two hundred Elite soldiers before them.

    "The first wave!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. As soon as those soldiers entered Jiang Fei's range of firing, Jiang Fei raised his Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow and began his killing spree.

    "Zoom..." The arrows flew at the Elite soldiers like a wave of locusts. Within a second and a half, Jiang Fei had stacked his Ruthless Barrage ten times.

    "Bang..." The soldiers fell to the ground one after the other. Jiang Fei was already dealing god-like damage with 250,000 Attack Power. On top of that, he had an advantage in level against the soldiers. Therefore, the small soldiers had no chance of survival against Jiang Fei's arrows.

    Although the arrows only had a forty-meter range, none of the soldiers could get any closer to Jiang Fei no matter how hard they tried. All of them died at the exact same distance.

    The soldiers all died from the shower of arrows. Within one minute, two hundred soldiers were all killed by Jiang Fei with his bow. Jiang Fei did not even take a single step during the battle.

    "Congratulations, guild master, you have succeeded in pretending to be cool!" Just as Jiang Fei was about to make a cooler pose, Little Rain shouted loudly. Jiang Fei nearly dropped to the ground from the embarrassment he felt.

    "Stop messing with me. Beware of sneak attacks from hidden monsters!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at the players. Right then, the second wave of monsters appeared.

    This time, there were still two hundred small soldiers. However, there were four additional Leader level monsters. However, these monsters with not even close to 3,000,000 Health Points did not make a difference to Jiang Fei. They were very soon killed on the spot.

    Although Jiang Fei had effortlessly killed two waves of monsters, he started frowning. As there were still three hours until the end of the protection quest, there might be nearly a hundred more waves of attacks based on the rate they were attacking. If the difficulty of the waves increased a hundred times, Jiang Fei could not guarantee that he would be able to withstand them.

    "What should I do..." Jiang Fei could not think of a viable solution despite his worrying. At first, he thought of destroying the teleportation point so that the enemy could not continue sending soldiers. In the end, Jiang Fei discovered that the teleportation point was just a decorative backdrop after shooting at it with two arrows. The new soldiers would appear with or without it.

    As the difficulty of the soldiers became greater and greater, Jiang Fei was facing three hundred small soldiers after an hour. Their levels had increased to Level 75. Apart from some Leader level monsters, there was even a Master level monster.
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