701 Luminous Judgemen

    Although a Master level monster had appeared in the crowd of monsters, Jiang Fei did not dare to use the Dragon's Bane anymore. There were simply too many small monsters around. If one of the smarter monsters picked the Dragon's Bane up and fired it at Jiang Fei, he would not be able to survive the attack.

    Even without the Dragon's Bane, Jiang Fei would be able to easily kill a Master level monster. After getting rid of the small monsters, Jiang Fei began attacking the Master level monster.

    After signing multiple Love Contracts, the Pizzazz skill not only boosted Jiang Fei's Attack Speed, but also his Movement Speed. Therefore, Jiang Fei could shoot while moving backward at the same time and he was still nearly as fast as most Bandits at their full speed.

    After two minutes, the Master level monster was knocked down by Jiang Fei. Unfortunately, these monsters only gave Experience points but not equipment. After approximately twenty minutes, Jiang Fei suddenly heard some noise from behind him while he was still attacking monsters.

    "D*mn! There's an invisible monster sneaking up on us!"

    "Hit it! Block it!"

    "Everyone, be careful, it's an assault! Hunters, use your Light Bullets!"


    "Zoom..." As the Light Bullets were fired, around fifty invisible Advance Elite monsters appeared before Billy Boy and the rest. These small monsters had ignored Jiang Fei and snuck around him to attack the Main Engineer Morland.

    Fortunately, Billy Boy and the rest had a lot of battle experience. They had set up traps at important locations. Therefore, these assaulting monsters were discovered as soon as they got close.

    With the effects from the Light Bullets, the invisible Advance Elite monsters instantly lost their disguise. Meanwhile, Billy Boy and the rest began to attack these Advance Elite monsters.

    Although the monsters had slightly higher levels and were somewhat stronger than Normal Elite monsters, there were only fifty of them. With four against one on average, Billy Boy and the rest could still handle these monsters.

    "Whew..." Jiang Fei turned around to glance at the situation behind him. After realizing Billy Boy and the rest had everything under control with the assaulting monsters, he resumed attacking the monsters in front of him.

    As time went on, the monsters approaching Jiang Fei became stronger and stronger. Billy Boy and the others were also no longer lazing around. Invisible monsters would sneak up on them at intervals, a few waves of monsters at a time.

    The battle became increasingly tougher. As the monsters' capabilities increased, Billy Boy started losing some of his members. A few of the Warriors and Knights were killed by the small monsters as they did not recover their Health Points in time.

    After all, they were a group of PvP players. Although these battle-type Warriors and Knights had a lot of Health Points, they had very poor Defense. It was a difficult task for them to become tankers. In terms of their Defense Attributes, they were much weaker than the professional tankers.

    Fortunately, the assaulting monsters did not appear in every single wave. They would only appear once after Jiang Fei had cleared four or five waves. This gave the Clerics time to Resurrect their dead members and ensure that Billy Boy and the rest maintained their battle power.

    However, it was not a sustainable method. After each fight, Billy Boy and the rest would end up in smaller and smaller numbers. It would not be long before they were completely wiped out.

    Not only did the pressure on Billy Boy's side increase, Jiang Fei was also feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of small monsters with stronger capabilities. When there was only one hour of the battle left, Jiang Fei was already facing five hundred Advance Elite monsters and eighteen Leader level monsters. Although there was still only one Master level monster, it was Level 80 and had also been increased from Beginner Master to Intermediate Master.

    At this point, Jiang Fei could no longer keep up with the rate at which the monsters respawned. These monster waves did not appear according to the rate at which Jiang Fei killed them. Instead, the waves followed a fixed schedule and would respawn accordingly. Therefore, Jiang Fei was soon surrounded by three waves of monsters.

    A thousand small monsters surrounded Jiang Fei. While most of them could only stare blankly at Jiang Fei as they could not reach him due to their limited attack range, the monsters further away from Jiang Fei gradually lost Aggro on him and instead charged toward the drilling machine.

    "D*mn! This can't be!" Jiang Fei panicked. If a few hundred small monsters charged toward Billy Boy and the rest, coupled with a wave of assaulting monsters, they would all die.

    Malicious Amplification!

    Luminous Judgement!

    In the moment of such emergency, Jiang Fei activated the strongest skill from his Righteous Hand equipment set.

    Luminous Judgement: Summons a holy light to attack all enemies in a 500-meter radius around you. Deals 50% of your Health Points as damage every second for ten seconds. Cooldown time is six hours. (Guided skill, cannot be used under Invincible state)

    With Malicious Amplification, Luminous Judgement's damage was doubled. Jiang Fei was able to deal 100% of his Health Points as damage at every second. In total, ten seconds allowed him to deal nearly 1,880,000 damage to the group of monsters.

    This was Jiang Fei's only AoE skill. With his high Health Points and Malicious Amplification, the output of the skill was not any weaker than the Seal Curse Spell.

    After activating the skill, Jiang Fei knelt on knee. He held his right hand to his chest while his left hand was pressed on the ground. A holy light engulfed Jiang Fei and then shot toward the sky.

    In the next instant, the piercing light expanded above Jiang Fei's head. Beams of light started blasting at the small monsters surrounding Jiang Fei. Every single light beam dealt around 180,000 to the monsters which affected the monsters significantly.

    Although the small monsters did not stop attacking Jiang Fei, he had purposefully manipulated them so that only the normal Elite monsters surrounded him. The stronger monsters were all pushed further away and could not reach Jiang Fei at all.

    As for the monsters who were able to attack Jiang Fei, they were of much lower levels. That, coupled with Jiang Fei's high Defense, meant that none of the monsters could injure Jiang Fei significantly. As such, Jiang Fei was able to unleash his ultimate skill without much concern.

    Such guided magic spells normally could not be used without proper Defense. However, as Jiang Fei had the Cauldron of Spirit, the 100,000 Spirit points allowed him to recover Health Points at a very high rate. Therefore, as long as Jiang Fei was not killed in one hit, his Health Points would fully recover instantly. That was why he could cast his spell without a care for the damage he received.

    After two seconds, the small monsters started to die. After all, some of these small monsters had already been attacked by Jiang Fei and did not have a lot of Health Points left. These monsters died after receiving two hits from the holy light.

    Once Jiang Fei's ultimate skill had been activated for five seconds, the small monsters started dying in large numbers. At the end of the ten seconds of guided attacks from Luminous Judgement, nearly two thousand of the small monsters around him had died. The only two monsters remaining were two Master level monsters.

    "Come on! It's your turn now!" Jiang Fei was not very concerned about the two Master level monsters. Based on his capabilities, he could even fight six Master level monsters simultaneously. He was forced to use his ultimate skill earlier because a large number of small monsters were moving directly toward Billy Boy and the drilling machine.
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