702 Akatziris’ Abilities

    "D*mn! Guild master, what kind of skill is that? Why is it so much stronger than my Seal Curse Spell!?" Little Rain exclaimed when he saw Jiang Fei's ultimate skill. Clearly, he had been caught off guard by Jiang Fei's ultimate skill.

    Little Rain was not the only one who responded that way. They were all flabbergasted by Jiang Fei's sudden ultimate skill.

    "It's the set effect of my equipment!" Jiang Fei answered while he attacked the two Master level monsters.

    "That's wicked!" Little Rain murmured. Although he had the Seal Curse Spell, the five-minute casting time was very annoying. Moreover, he would not be able to move while he casted the spell which made him very vulnerable. It was incomparable to Jiang Fei's skill which could be activated at any time.

    However, Little Rain was not aware that Jiang Fei's ultimate skill had a six-hour cooldown time. Although Little Rain's Seal Curse Spell had a five-minute casting time, it could be used consecutively as long as he had sufficient Mana Points. Therefore, both of the skills had their own advantages and drawbacks.

    Under Jiang Fei's barrage of arrows, the two Master level monsters were killed one after the other. After receiving yet another huge sum of Experience points, a few players in the group had levelled up.

    The tens of thousands of Experience points meant very little to Jiang Fei. However, those were large sums to the players at Level 67 or Level 68. Although only a small group of them levelled up, the remaining players were very close to advancing to the next level.

    "I hope more of these monsters appear! I wish we could do this for a few more hours!" Billy Boy said and laughed.

    "Screw me! If we were to do this for a few more hours, I think it would be the monsters wiping us out instead!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

    After killing the two Master level monsters, Jiang Fei could finally take a breather. After all, Jiang Fei had very quickly cleared all of the small monsters with his ultimate skill within ten seconds. Therefore, there was still some time before the next wave of small monsters appeared.

    After five minutes, a new wave of monsters showed up. However, this time, there were very few of them. In total, there were six of them but all of them were Lord level monsters.

    "Bullsh*t! Is this a joke? How could this quest possibly be completed?!" Billy Boy and the rest were dumbfounded. Six Lord level monsters could not possibly be defeated by a group of one thousand players, let alone two hundred.

    "Continue to protect the target. Prevent the assaulting monsters from sneaking up on him. Leave these monsters to me!" Jiang Fei nodded. This level of difficulty was what he was prepared for. The waves of monsters earlier were far too easy for him which only made him feel more insecure.

    "Darned Nephilim, how dare you ruin our plan!" A Level 85 Advanced Lord said. He was dressed like a God's Apostle from the Luminous Vatican.

    "Verdure Glider! It's you, you evil b*stard!" Although they were far apart, one of the monsters immediately recognized who Jiang Fei was.

    "What?! Verdure Glider?! Kill him!" The God's Apostle immediately became furious when he heard Verdure Glider's name.

    Although Verdure Glider was a well-known individual in the Dark Faction, most of the people who knew him were players. Only the Nephilim NPCs were familiar with him in the Dark Faction. Most of the other races like the Beastmen race, Spectre race, and Dark Elves did not know Jiang Fei very well.

    On the contrary, although many of the Light Faction players knew about Verdure Glider, Jiang Fei was not as famous due to the greater number of popular players in the Light Faction as compared to the Dark Faction.

    However, in the eyes of the Light Faction, Verdure Glider was an infamous person whose name had nearly become the unspeakable. Mentioning his name alone was enough to aggravate the people in the Light Faction.

    Jiang Fei had committed nearly all of the imaginable crimes, including wooing the Saint, stealing from the Pope's Tomb, hijacking the Moon God's bastard son, as well as going against the Divine Light God. Therefore, whenever Verdure Glider's name was mentioned, the people from the Light Faction would only respond with three words, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    "This is tough..." Jiang Fei said as he examined his opponents. Out of the six Lords, none of them were females. This meant not a single one of them would show Jiang Fei any mercy. Although Jiang Fei was confident in fighting against four of them, he did not think he could take on six Professions which complemented each other.

    "Akatziris, stop watching the show! Help me out here!" Jiang Fei finally decided to let Akatziris help out.

    Akatziris and Isabella were complete opposites. While Isabella was definitely an attacker armed with skills to kill, Akatziris's Attack Power was not even close to normal Lords. As an Intermediate Overlord, Akatziris's skills were all Disabling skills. Most of them were even single target skills.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei did not let Akatziris help out earlier. She would not have been able to help much when faced with thousands of enemies.

    "How many of them do you think you can handle?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Two or three. If I'm lucky, perhaps five!" Akatziris laughed.

    "Oh? Really?" Jiang Fei was stunned. Akatziris was far more confident than he had expected.

    "That does not depend on me, but him!" Akatziris pointed her finger at God's Apostle.

    "It depends on him?" Jiang Fei was confused.

    "That's right. I can only control one opponent at a time. If he is strong enough, I can make him kill the other five!" Akatziris said and laughed.

    "Oh? Give it a go, then!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. Originally, he had thought that Akatziris could only control enemies by making them lose their consciousness. He did not expect that she would be able to make the enemy fight his own teammates.

    "Alright! I'm going now!" Akatziris looked at Jiang Fei flirtatiously as she disappeared in an instant.


    "Kill Verdure Glider! Don't let him get away!" At the same time, the six Lords started charging toward Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe..." Right then, God's Apostle could hear a flitartious giggle next to him. The hidden Akatziris suddenly appeared next to God's Apostle.

    "Someone's sneaking up on us!" God's Apostle responded quickly. However, unfortunately, he was faced with an Intermediate Overlord.

    "Do you think I'm pretty?" Akatziris asked God's Apostle in a flirty tone whilst blowing him a flying kiss. A visible mark of a red lip could be seen flying toward God's Apostle and entering his body.

    "Pretty! Very pretty..." The serious-looking God's Apostle's face was suddenly filled with admiration.

    "Kill them all!" Akatziris' voice turned cool immediately after she had succeeded at controlling God's Apostle.

    As Akatziris had completed her mission, she went back into hiding as if she had never appeared. Her appearance and disappearance occurred in a single instant which meant that the other five enemies were not even aware of what had happened.

    "I will fight for you, my lady!" Although Akatziris had disappeared, God's Apostle had been charmed. His eyes turned blood red as he summoned a Holy Sword and struck the Luminous Priestess next to him.

    In an instant, the defenseless Luminous Priestess was suddenly struck by her own boss. The teammate's betrayal had left the other members in shock. They had no idea what had happened to their boss, God's Apostle.
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