704 Kill the Boss!

    After activating the Angel of Revenge, Jiang Fei fired at the Assassin. It looked as if he was putting in all his effort to lower the Assassin's Health Points. The Priestess focused completely on healing the Assassin.

    Seeing that Ruthless Barrage had been fully stacked, Jiang Fei began to execute his plan.

    Righteous Fury!



    Two lines of over 300,000 damage appeared. Righteous Fury did not deal very significant damage. The over 300,000 damage barely affected the two Lord opponents who also had a Cleric supporting them.

    However, Jiang Fei was not relying on the skill's ability to kill either of them directly. Instead, Jiang Fei used the skill to activate another effect.

    Righteous Fury: Instantly deals 200% of your Health Points as damage in a twenty-meter radius. In the next ten seconds, you can resist all Disabling skills. Cooldown time is five minutes.

    The Disabling skill Resistance effect from Righteous Fury was unlike the Invincibility effect which can be dispelled. It was a passive additional effect which cannot be removed and was exactly what Jiang Fei needed.

    Malicious Amplification!

    Jiang Fei activated his amplification skill yet again to double the damage of his next attack.

    Dusk's Bow!

    Jiang Fei suddenly turned around to lock down on the Priestess who was two hundred meters away, whilst completely ignoring the Assassin and Knight near him.

    Jiang Fei had learned two ultimate skills. The first was Ruthless Barrage which was the main skill Jiang Fei used to increase his damage output. The second was the Divine Marksman's Skill: Dusk's Bow.

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    Dusk's Bow: Lock down on a single target in a 1,500 meter radius. After five seconds, a strong piercing arrow will be fired. All targets along the path of the arrow will receive damage equivalent to 20x your Attack Power. Cooldown time is one hour.

    With the long-distance attack range and lock down effect, Jiang Fei was confident he would be able to hit the Priestess who was two hundred meters away. Moreover, since the Dusk's Bow had a strong piercing effect, the Knight would not be able to block the damage for the Priestess.

    The five seconds to charge the skill was rather long. However, Jiang Fei was resistant to Disabling skills after activating Righteous Fury. Therefore, the Knight and Assassin could not do anything to him. Their Disabling skills were all resisted by Jiang Fei. Moreover, they could not possibly kill Jiang Fei in an instant.

    The Priestess soon realized that she was in danger.

    Although she tried to run out of Jiang Fei's firing range, the Dusk's Bow had a shocking 1,500 meter firing range. The slow-moving Priestess could not possibly get far enough within five seconds.

    "D*mn it!" When the Knight realized that Jiang Fei could resist Disabling skills and that he could not stop Jiang Fei from using his ultimate skill, he immediately ran toward the Priestess.

    Although the Priestess could heal from beyond two hundred meters, the Knight's skill did not have such long range.

    "You won't be able to escape from his firing range. Run toward me!" The Knight shouted as he ran after the Priestess.

    "It's too late!" Jiang Fei laughed coldly. If the two had started running toward each other when Jiang Fei started charging his skill, the Knight might have been able to get close enough to the Priestess to cast Protective Blessing. Although Jiang Fei Attack Power was very strong, he did not have the Chaotic Damage activated through his transformation. Therefore, without the ability to ignore Invincibility effects, the Damage Resistance effect from Protective Blessing would be sufficient to keep the Priestess alive.

    However, the Knight and the Priestess were too far apart and the Knight's instant reaction when Jiang Fei started charging his ultimate skill was to disrupt Jiang Fei instead of running toward the Priestess. On top of that, the Priestess had also ran in the opposite direction to escape Jiang Fei's firing range, thus causing the distance between her and the Knight to increase. Therefore, the Knight could not cast his skill on the Priestess in time.

    "Die!" Jiang Fei shouted angrily as a golden beam of light shot from his bow.

    "I'm here! Don't you even dare think about it!" The Knight suddenly jumped in front of the arrow.

    This was one of the drawbacks of travelling magic and arrow attacks. If someone wanted to sacrifice himself for a teammate by blocking the attack, he could.



    Although the Knight had very strong Defense Attributes, Jiang Fei was able to land over 18,000,000 damage. Although the Knight was able to survive the attack due to his strong Defense and high Health Points, he had very little Health Points remaining.

    As the Dusk's Bow had a very strong piercing effect, the golden arrow did not stop when it hit the Knight. Instead, it pierced through the Knight and continued to move toward the Priestess at a high speed.

    Holy Words: Shield!

    The Priestess immediately cast a shield on herself.

    -19,578,146! (3,214,584 absorbed!)

    Although the shield absorbed over 3,000,000 damage for the Priestess, the Priestess had a much weaker Defense than the tanky Knight. Therefore, even with the shield, the Priestess received nearly 20,000,000 damage.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Priestess Sokrali! Obtained 32,580,000 Experience points!"

    "Ahh! Damned pagan, how dare you kill Sokrali!" The Knight was infuriated when he saw that Jiang Fei killed the target he was protecting.

    "Don't worry! You're next!" Jiang Fei laughed coldly. While the Angel of Revenge was still active, Jiang Fei quickly raised the Heaven-piercing Twilight Bow in his hands and fired at the Knight.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Paladin Lizmark! Obtained 42,150,000 Experience points!"

    The badly injured Paladin did not even have time to defend himself as he was killed by Jiang Fei on the spot.

    "It's your turn!" Jiang Fei laughed as he looked at the Assassin who was running after him.

    "For the glory of the Divine Light God!" The Assassin shouted. He did not care about Jiang Fei's attacks and instead focused on his own attacks.

    As far as the Assassin was concerned, their team had no hope of surviving. He could only blame the Archbishop in charge of assigning them the quest for providing wrong intel. They had not expected their opponent to be Verdure Glider.

    Verdure Glider was unlike any other common player. He had successfully wooed the Saint of the Light, stolen from the Pope's Tomb and stolen the Moon God's bastard son, on top of going against the Divine Light God. A criminal like him could not possibly be eliminated by a group of mere Lords.

    However, it was too late for them to regret their decision. As the teleportation point only worked in a single direction, the group had no way of escaping. Their only choice was to fight Jiang Fei head on.

    "Ding! You have eliminated the Shadow Assassin Vasara! Obtained 29,830,000 Experience points!"

    In less than a minute, the Assassin was killed by Jiang Fei's arrows.

    "D*mn! Our guild master is beyond god-like..." Billy Boy and the rest were dumbfounded. All they could see was that Jiang Fei had single-handedly killed several Lords of over Level 80 with ease. How Jiang Fei accomplished the incredible feat was beyond their understanding.
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