706 Uncovered Treasure

    "Verdure Glider! Die!" As Athanis shouted, he stopped attacking and instead started singing a holy song.

    "This holy song is very familiar!" As Jiang Fei understood the Protoss language, he could understand the lyrics which Athanis sang. In fact, he had heard the same holy song before.

    Jiang Fei had not heard the holy song when the ex-Saint of the Light lay in his arms. Instead, he heard it when Isabella was being resurrected. At the time, the Luminous Vatican had sent people over to stop the resurrection. The Level 80 Lord Famoss had summoned the Divine Art-Judgement Sword-through the singing of such a holy song.

    A mere Level 80 Lord had been able to severely injure the Pinnacle Overlord Demonic Naga Isabella who was at Level 99. Although Isabela had very little Health Points as she had just been resurrected, the Divine Art was proven to be very strong as it could break through a Pinnacle Overlord's Defense.

    Now, the Divine Art was not being activated by a mere Lord. Instead, it was being summoned by the Intermediate Overlord Athanis. Its might would surely be much greater. Therefore, even Jiang Fei did not dare to take it lightly.

    Although Jiang Fei would only drop equipment if he was killed, Akatziris would disappear instantly as she was bound by the Deadly Attachment Contract to be Jiang Fei's pet. Therefore, once he died, she would die permanently.

    If Jiang Fei and Akatziris were gone, Billy Boy and the rest would not be able to defeat the Intermediate Overlord. If they died as well, nobody would be able to revive Jiang Fei. Not only would they all fail the quest, Jiang Fei would also lose his Dragon's Bane and the four Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom as he could no longer return to the quest map.

    Jiang Fei could not bear the loss. Therefore, he had to take action immediately.

    "Zoom!" Jiang Fei continued to fire arrows at Athanis. However, despite the Archbishop's quickly plummeting Health Points, Jiang Fei could not interrupt his spellcasting.

    Judgement Sword was similar to God's Wrath which provided Resistance against most Disabling skills. Therefore, unless Jiang Fei could kill the Archbishop before he finished singing, Jiang Fei would not be able to interrupt the spell.

    "Might Divine Light God, hear my summoning, wash away the evil of this world and spread light throughout all of humanity..." Archbishop Athanis sang very quickly. He was reaching the last few notes of the song. However, he still had over 50,000,000 Health Points. Jiang Fei could not possibly kill him before he sang the last few notes.

    "D*mn! I'm going all out!" As Jiang Fei had heard the original version of the Holy Curse, he knew there was insufficient time for him to kill his opponent. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to take on a gamble.

    Malicious Amplification!

    This was the skill Jiang Fei would use right before he used his ultimate skill as it could double his Skill effect and Attack damage.

    Nephilim King's Eyes (Banish)!

    This was an additional ability which Isabella had acquired for Jiang Fei through removing the Fourth Prince Curtis's eyes. Although Jiang Fei's race had changed, the additional ability still remained.

    Nephilim King's Eyes (Banish): Banishes the target so that the target does not receive any damage, but cannot cast spells or move until the end of the Banish period.

    Remark: Can only be used on non-player targets less than twenty levels above you. Success rate is 30%.

    With the boost from Malicious Amplification, the Nephilim King's Eyes had a 60% success rate. However, there was still a significant risk of failing.

    However, at this point, Jiang Fei had no other choice. If he allowed Athanis to use the Judgement Sword, Jiang Fei would certainly die. This Divine Art was similar to Jiang Fei's Divine Marksman's Skill: Dusk's Bow. They both locked on to a target with a 100% Accuracy. Moreover, it dealt Sacred Attack which meant it could ignore the Invincibility effect of Divine Shield. Therefore, if the skill was used, Jiang Fei would definitely be killed.

    Although Jiang Fei's Token of the God of Crafts from his Class' Rainbow Equipment provided him with the Undying Aegis effect, Judgement Sword was not a one-off attack. Apart from the destructive damage in the beginning, there was a continuous damage effect. During this period of continuous damage, all healing abilities would be stopped, including Jiang Fei's automatic recovery from the 100,000 Spirit points. Otherwise, Isabella would not have nearly died from the skill previously.

    That meant as long as Jiang Fei was hit by Judgement Sword, he would certainly die.

    It was a gamble on his life. If Jiang Fei lost, he would lose everything. If he won, he would be able to turn the tables on Athanis.

    After activating the Nephilim King's Eyes (Banish), Jiang Fei's eyes turned blood-red as two beams of red light were projected toward Athanis who was still singing.

    As Athanis was casting a spell, he could not move and was thus hit by the red beam directly.

    "Buzz!" As a red light engulfed Athanis, Jiang Fei's heart raced. This was the deciding moment.

    "Shuffle!" The red light dissipated. Although Athanis could continue his singing, the sound of his song could no longer be heard.

    "It worked!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed.

    This was the first time Jiang Fei had activated the Nephilim King's Eyes (Banish). He did not expect it to work on Athanis so easily as he was an Intermediate Overlord.

    "Aren't you very strong? Didn't you want to kill me? Come on!" Jiang Fei teased as he walked around Athanis.

    "..." Although Athanis could feel everything happening around him in the banished state and could still hear Jiang Fei's victorious laughter, he could not do anything despite the hatred and regret that filled his heart.

    "Die!" Jiang Fei raised his hands to attack Athanis.


    The banished target was already removed from the current space. Although Athanis' body was still present and could be seen and touched, all attacks and skills would not work on him. Even Jiang Fei's Chaotic Damage could not injure him.

    Unfortunately, Jiang Fei only knew how to Banish the target, but not how to remove the effect. Therefore, Jiang Fei could not kill Athanis even if he wanted to.

    "Hmph! Consider yourself lucky!" Jiang Fei snorted as he turned around and walked toward Billy Boy and the rest.

    "Oh my goodness. Guild master, you managed to defeat an Overlord!" Little Rain and the others were dumbfounded. As Jiang Fei was in the same group as they were, everyone was able to see Jiang Fei's damage. They were horrified by Jiang Fei's damage output of 24,000,000 damage per second. It was beyond god-like.

    "It's nothing!" Jiang Fei said chirpily. After all, he had barely made it out of the situation alive.

    "Guild master, what do we do next?" Billy Boy asked.

    "Let's wait for a while. This fellow will dig something up soon!" Jiang Fei saw that the four hours were nearly up. Therefore, he turned his gaze toward Morland who was operating the drilling machine.
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