707 Meeting the Superiors

    As the drilling machine continued to make buzzing sounds, Jiang Fei and the rest had their eyes locked on the pit before them.

    All of a sudden, the drilling machine stopped working. The Main Engineer Morland jumped off the drilling machine and shouted, "I've found something!"

    "Oh?!" Jiang Fei exclaimed joyfully as he jumped into the pit.

    Although the pit was very deep and most people would die from the fall, Jiang Fei was still in his Battle Form. As he had been able to before in his Nephilim state, Jiang Fei could still fly for short periods with his wings.

    As his wings flapped, Jiang Fei slowly landed at the bottom of the pit. He then noticed that there was a huge stone door below the head of the drilling machine.

    The stone door was slightly ajar. The space was wide enough for one person to pass through. Jiang Fei bravely walked through the door without hesitation. After all, he could always swap positions with his clones at any time if there was danger.

    "Akatziris, Illuminate!" Although Jiang Fei was not attacked, he could not see anything due to the complete darkness in the room.

    "Alright!" Akatziris who followed right behind him nodded. Illuminate was an easy skill for her to use.

    Very soon, a ball of light appeared and lit up the entire room.

    "This..." Jiang Fei was shocked by what he saw.

    It was the military storage of the Ancient Gnome Kingdom. There were twenty sets of complete Gnome Cannons and a large amount of ammunition.

    Gnome Cannon was the greatest invention of the Gnome's engineering expertise. It was very effective when used to attack castles. Most small city gates could easily be destroyed by three shots of cannons. If all twenty Gnome Cannons were used, most castles would not be able to withstand the impact.

    "This explains why both sides are fighting so hard to take over the Gnome's forgotten land!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. Obtaining such strong weapons would indeed help them significantly in the battles ahead.

    "D*mn! What are these?" Billy Boy asked as he and the rest eventually made it to the bottom of the pit.

    "These must be the treasures we were digging for!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Shuffle!" Right then, a bright light flashed. Marshal Ivan suddenly appeared before Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "Congratulations, brave soldiers, you have successfully snatched these weapons! You are all heroes of the Dark Faction!" Marshal Ivan exclaimed.

    "Ding! Quest completed! Obtained 80,000,000 Experience points! Obtained 400 gold coins! Obtained 500 Reputation points from the Dark Faction!"

    Following Ivan's words, Jiang Fei and his group finally completed their group quest. Although 80,000,000 Experience points did not mean much to Jiang Fei, it was a huge sum to the other players.

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    A series of notifications could be heard as golden flashes of light appeared. Coupled with the Experience points gained from killing their opponents earlier, all the players in the group all levelled up by three times on average. All the two hundred players managed to reach Level 70.

    "This is awesome!"

    "We always get a lot of benefits when we follow our big boss around!"

    'Guild master, please bring us out more often. Don't you know how difficult it is for us to train on our own?"


    The two hundred players were all overjoyed. They had not done much apart from killing around forty Light Faction's players. The most difficult task they had done was stopping a few Advance Elite monsters that tried to sneak up on them. Jiang Fei had accomplished most of the difficult tasks on his own. However, these were the players who benefited the most. Therefore, they respected Jiang Fei even more and felt much more at home in the Empyreal Dragon.

    "Alright! Leave the rest to me. You lot can rest. I will have another quest for you tomorrow. However, you need to gather more members!" Ivan said as he waved and a teleportation point appeared next to him. Soldiers from the Dark Faction continued to appear from the teleportation point as they carried the cannons back to the Demon Flame Fortress via the teleportation point.

    "Ding! Marshal Ivan issued a new guide for the storyline quest: Bring 50,000 members and report to Marshal Ivan tomorrow!"

    "50,000 members?!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He could not imagine why the quest required such a large number of players to participate.

    However, Ivan did not give Jiang Fei an answer immediately. Jiang Fei and the others had no choice but to return to the Demon Flame Fortress through the teleportation point.

    After returning, Billy Boy and the rest immediately went over to the battlefield as the could only work on the quest tomorrow. After all, they had just all reached Level 70. With the increase in their capabilities, torturing the players from the Light Faction was a piece of cake.

    Since Jiang Fei had nothing else to attend to, he returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress to spend time with Sylphy, Nina, and the other ladies.

    As it was already quite late by the time Jiang Fei returned from the Underground World, Jiang Fei logged out of the game after chatting with the others for a while.

    During breakfast, Jiang Fei sat with his entire family. As Jiang Fei and Ariel were both home, the atmosphere was much more vibrant, which made Jiang Fei's mother very happy.

    After their meal, Jiang Fei's father left for work. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, accompanied his mother for a while. After spending the night together, Ariel seemed to be much better acquainted to Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi. Shang Guanqi, especially, seemed to look at Ariel admiringly. Clearly, the smart young lady had discovered Ariel's identity as a Level 5 expert.

    For Jiang Fei, the time of joy never lasted very long. Han Tianyu's call out of the blue interrupted Jiang Fei's short moment of peace.

    "Ah Fei, someone from the upper ranks would like to meet you." Han Tianyu said.

    "Why can't you meet with them on my behalf?" Jiang Fei was not very keen on meeting those superiors.

    "I really can't stop them this time. There's too much at stake!" Han Tianyu said. Previously, he had been able to put off a meeting for Jiang Fei. However, this time, a much more serious matter was at hand. Even Han Tianyu himself believed that Jiang Fei should meet with the superiors to discuss about it.

    "Hmm... Alright!" Jiang Fei agreed after much consideration.

    Jiang Fei was no longer the naive and confused brat he used to be. His own capabilities had already reached Pinnacle Level 4 and could rival anyone below Level 5. Moreover, he had a Level 5 bodyguard with him at all times. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not worried that the government would exert any pressure on him.

    "Okay! I will make the arrangements right away!" Han Tianyu sighed in relief when Jiang Fei finally agreed. If Jiang Fei continued to reject his request, Han Tianyu would have no choice but to face the music on his behalf.
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