711 Laying Cards on the Table

    When Fan Yao left, Ariel whispered to Jiang Fei, "That guy's planning to kill you!"

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. Ariel had inherited Phoenix's abilities, so her mind power was very strong. Although it was not at a level where she could read people's minds, she could easily tell when an ordinary human being had intentions to kill someone else.

    As Fan Yao was a veteran politician, it was easy for him to maintain an inscrutable countenance. However, even though he could hide things from Jiang Fei, he could not hide them from his own heart. Thus, Ariel could easily sense the intention to kill from within his heart.

    Jiang Fei was not surprised that Fan Yao was planning to kill him. After all, since they now had the Supreme Android Soldiers, these leaders certainly did not need martial artists like Jiang Fei and the others anymore.

    However, Jiang Fei could ignore Fan Yao, but not Han Tianyu.

    Now, Jiang Fei had to cooperate with the Chinese officials in order to fight against the combined fleet of the Mutants and America. However, he did not want to deal with these officials directly. So, he needed a savvy person with enough talent in politics to be his representative. Someone who could do the job well enough to give him peace of mind.

    For the time being, Han Tianyu was undoubtedly the most qualified person. Originally, Jiang Fei had considered Han Tianyu as his confidant. This time, however, Han Tianyu had actually kept things from him and did not tell him about the Supreme Android Soldier Project. Because of this, Jiang Fei had lost a lot of trust in Han Tianyu. Even so, Jiang Fei had no other available candidates, so he could only choose to make Han Tianyu lay all the cards on the table. Under Ariel's strong mind power supervision, Jiang Fei was not worried that Han Tianyu would lie to him.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei was going to disclose some of his details to Han Tianyu. It was best if Han Tianyu could stand on his side. If Han Tianyu had other ideas, Jiang Fei would have no choice but to kill him in order to keep his secrets safe. After all, letting Han Tianyu down was better than letting himself or even his family down. If things really reached such a stage, he would have to put his own interests first!

    "Since we're done here, let's go. It's my first time here in the capital, bring me around!" Jiang Fei said to Han Tianyu with a smile. Although he planned to make Han Tianyu tell him everything, Jiang Fei did not want to do it here. As this was a restricted military area, there were listening devices everywhere, so it was not a safe place.

    "Mmm! We should definitely go somewhere. There are many nice places to visit in the capital!" Han Tianyu did not suspect anything. He left the restricted military zone with Jiang Fei.

    They started to explore the capital. Han Tianyu was dedicated to being a tour guide, but Jiang Fei's mind was somewhere else. When they finally reached a park, Jiang Fei carefully sensed his surroundings to confirm that nobody else was around. He also made 0541 scan the nearby area to confirm that there were no Androids following them. Then, he gave Ariel a look.

    "Buzz..." Ariel's hands flashed with an electric spark, creating a strong electromagnetic field which instantly made all electronics within the range of ten meters stop working.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei nodded. After going through so much, Jiang Fei was now much more matured. In order to prevent any listening devices from picking their conversations up, Jiang Fei had to ensure he made full preparations.

    "What's wrong?" Han Tianyu naturally noticed Jiang Fei and Ariel's unusual behavior.

    "Brother Yu, you've been hiding things from me, right?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Err..." Han Tianyu felt guilty when he heard Jiang Fei's laughter. He had really been in a daze recently.

    In the beginning, Han Tianyu was firmly on Jiang Fei's side. He was extremely smart, so he knew that it would not end well if he continued to be a fence sitter. Since he had chosen Jiang Fei, he decided that he would spare no effort in supporting Jiang Fei until the very end. So, he did not report many things about Jiang Fei to his superiors. Hence, the high-ranked officials of the country knew little about Jiang Fei. Even the Martial Art Alliance knew more than them.

    Regarding the Supreme Android Soldier Project, Han Tianyu did not hide it from Jiang Fei on purpose. It was just that this Project was in its initial stage. Although Han Tianyu could produce Android bodies and equipment, Artificial Souls were just a conceptual thing at that time. It could not be applied at all, so he himself did not take it seriously.

    Later, however, there was a breakthrough in the Artificial Soul technology. The military began to ask him to provide a large number of Android bodies and equipment. This was when Han Tianyu realized that a force that could completely confront the Metahumans was born.

    However, Jiang Fei was still at the North Pole then and Han Tianyu could not reach him at all. When Han Tianyu saw Jiang Fei again, Jiang Fei gave him a big gift.

    Precisely because of this gift, which was a perfectly modified extraterrestrial fighter, and Jiang Fei's unconvincing explanation, Han Tianyu began to suspect that Jiang Fei was an alien or a spy working for the aliens.

    Although Han Tianyu had chosen to join Jiang Fei's Faction before this, he was still an earthling. Even though Han Tianyu was afraid of death, he still had basic conscience. Since he could not fully confirm Jiang Fei's identity, he hesitated.

    So, Han Tianyu hid information about the Supreme Android Soldier Project from Jiang Fei and did not tell him anything.

    Hence, Han Tianyu was currently in a difficult position. As it was impossible for him to determine Jiang Fei's identity, he neither wanted to betray Jiang Fei nor continue to support him unconditionally like he did before. He was afraid that he would become an accomplice in the invasion of the earth by the aliens.

    Therefore, during this time, Han Tianyu had been observing Jiang Fei quietly, trying to crack his secrets and understand his true identity. If Jiang Fei was really an alien spy, then he would definitely leave Jiang Fei and reveal everything he knew about Jiang Fei. If Jiang Fei had nothing to do with aliens, then he would continue to be loyal to Jiang Fei.

    As his mind had been filled with such contradictory thoughts, Han Tianyu did not tell Jiang Fei about the Supreme Android Soldier Project. He also did not tell the high-ranking Chinese officials about Jiang Fei.

    Han Tianyu was naturally shocked when Jiang Fei asked this question directly. It was obvious that Jiang Fei already knew something or that he had already noticed something strange. Otherwise, according to his personality, he would never ask such a question.

    "What? Are you surprised? Seems like we need to find a place where can talk openly and honestly!" Jiang Fei smiled. Then, he waved his hand and the Gigantic Saber appeared out of nowhere.

    "This is..." Han Tianyu was a bit dumbfounded. Although he had never seen Zhuge Shanzhen, he had heard about the legend of Zhuge Shanzhen. Jiang Fei act of making something appear out of nowhere was also something beyond Han Tianyu's knowledge.

    "Let's go somewhere quiet and talk." Jiang Fei jumped and slammed his feet on the Gigantic Saber. Ariel followed and stood behind Jiang Fei.

    The Gigantic Saber instantly rushed forward. Han Tianyu did not even have time to respond. By the time Han Tianyu realized what was happening, Jiang Fei had already picked him up like he was a baby bird. Shortly after, 0541 activated the stealth system and the Gigantic Saber took off.
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