712 Shocked

    Han Tianyu's strength was only at the beginning stage of Level 2, so he could not fight against Jiang Fei at all. As someone who was afraid of death, he did not dare to fight back anyway. Jiang Fei did not even have to kill him. As long as Jiang Fei released his grip, Han Tianyu would fall from the sky and break into pieces.

    Very quickly, they arrived at a wilderness on the outskirts of the capital. After landing, Jiang Fei put Han Tianyu aside, then he kept the Gigantic Saber.

    "Brother Yu, it's quiet here. Let's talk!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Hoho, Ah Fei, what do you want to talk about?" Han Tianyu looked calm, but he was actually extremely nervous. He really thought that Jiang Fei was an alien spy and that Jiang Fei was going to kill him.

    "Let's talk about the Supreme Android Soldier Project!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "You know about it? Oh! You're the one that destroyed the underground base in the northwest!" When Han Tianyu heard Jiang Fei say "Supreme Android Soldier Project" accurately, he was surprised at first. Then, he instantly put the puzzle together.

    "Yes, I encountered their brain wave attacks in the game, so I tracked them down. Of course, they paid a price for it!" Jiang Fei said.

    "I see!" Han Tianyu nodded. At first, he did not understand how Jiang Fei found the underground base. However, it turned out that the base only got destroyed because these people looked for trouble.

    "Ah Fei, let's cut to the chase!" Although Han Tianyu was also a politician, he was still young. Even though he could also maintain an inscrutable countenance, he was not as calm as Fan Yao and the others.

    At this time, Han Tianyu was under a lot of pressure as he was facing Jiang Fei. He decided that he would lay all his cards on the table. Even if he ended up dying, it was better than continuing to play this game of cat and mouse.

    "Oh? Go ahead." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Are you working for aliens?" Han Tianyu clenched his fists. It was as if saying this had exhausted him of all his strength.

    "Aliens? So this is what you're worried about?" Jiang Fei could not help but laugh.

    "I'm serious!" Han Tianyu looked straight into Jiang Fei's eyes.

    "If I told you that I'm indeed an alien, would you believe me?" Jiang Fei joked.

    "Yes!" Unexpectedly, Han Tianyu took it seriously. He also took two steps back without realizing.

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    "I'm kidding... Since you asked this question, I'll show you something today!" Jiang Fei smiled. Then, in his heart, he ordered 0541, "Turn on the barrier system and shield the surrounding space!"

    "Yes! Captain!" 0541 replied, then created a virtual signal and scene. The area where Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu were at became shielded. It was now impossible for any radar signals or satellite cameras to reach this place!

    "Ariel, help me check if there are any flies around!" Jiang Fei turned his head and said to Ariel. Although he had decided to be honest with Han Tianyu, he did not want his secrets to be known by anyone else.

    "Okay!" Ariel nodded. Then, her hands sparked and a high-energy electromagnetic storm swept through the area. No more electronics existed within the range of a few kilometers.

    "What's going on?" Han Tianyu was dumbstruck. Although Ariel did something big with her powers, Han Tianyu could not tell. He just thought that an electric spark flashed through the girl's hands, then it was over. He had no idea that Ariel had just destroyed all the electronics within the range of a few kilometers.

    However, what 0541 did was visible to the naked eye. The original starry sky and moonlight were now obscured. There was a slight faint glow in the darkness, but Han Tianyu could not find the source of the light.

    "Watch!" Jiang Fei waved his hand. Then, the huge Braveheart fragments in his hands like the Civilian R&D Lab, Bio-Experimental Lab, arsenal, and more were displayed on this uninhabited piece of land.

    "This..." Han Tianyu was completely dumbstruck at this time. Looking at the huge buildings in front of him, his mind was blank. These buildings were made of argent special metal. It was obvious that they were extraterrestrial products.

    "Now do you know why I have mastered an alien technology?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "But how did they appear?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "Do you see this?" Jiang Fei waved his hand at Han Tianyu, showing him the ring on his hand.

    "The legendary Interspatial Ring?" Such a noun instantly appeared in Han Tianyu's mind.

    "You've read too many magical fantasy novels!" Jiang Fei smiled and explained, "This is a ring made by Spatial Manipulation. Although it has the same function as the Interspatial Ring you mentioned, this ring is not a product of magic, but real, legitimate technology!"

    "I see! Back when I first took you out to see the world, you stole the Lockheed family's extraterrestrial fragment, didn't you?" Han Tianyu instantly remembered the mysterious trail of water marks on the ship that day.

    "Yes! This ring is the first extraterrestrial fragment I found. From this, I also learned the alien language and gained more knowledge. This is why I'm so familiar with these extraterrestrial technologies!" Only half of Jiang Fei's words were true. Of course, he could not tell Han Tianyu everything.

    "I see. Then what about your master?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "I don't have a master, it's fake." Jiang Fei shrugged.

    "That Zhuge Shanzhen..." Han Tianyu said.

    "He's not my master." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Then who is he?" asked Han Tianyu.

    "Do you know the Japanese's Bio-Technology?" Jiang Fei did not immediately answer Han Tianyu.

    "Yes!" Han Tianyu nodded.

    "The Japanese could already make a Level 4 Bio-Human just by learning a little Bio-Technology. I've mastered the entire Bio-Technology. Do you think it would be difficult for me to create some Level 5 Bio-Human bodyguards?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "I..." Han Tianyu's mind was spinning. If Jiang Fei's was telling the truth, then Jiang Fei definitely had at least two Level 5 Bio-Human bodyguards behind him. As Han Tianyu did not know how strong Ariel was, he did not include her.

    "Do you have any other doubts?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Do you have any contact with the aliens? Do they pose any threat to the earth?" Han Tianyu was still the most concerned about this issue.

    "See for yourself!" Jiang Fei did not explain. Instead, he let 0541 bring up a projection.

    The projection showed what 0541 originally told Jiang Fei about planet Namek. It included details about how the artificial black hole went out of control, the destruction of planet Namek, as well as how Braveheart encountered an accident above the earth, which led to the death of all the crew members and Braveheart crashing into earth.

    "Phew..." Seeing that all the aliens were completely dead, Han Tianyu was relieved. It seemed like Jiang Fei had only mastered alien technology and was not colluding with aliens against earth. If this was really the case, then even if Jiang Fei wanted to dominate the world and become a big dictator, Han Tianyu would support him.

    Han Tianyu was an out-and-out profiteer. As long as it did not touch his bottom line, he would definitely try to maximize his profits. If Jiang Fei really dominated the world, then as Jiang Fei's confidant, his status would undoubtedly rise. This was absolutely beneficial to him!
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