714 Whereabouts of the Holy Grail

    "Mmm?" Han Tianyu answered the call without moving away from Jiang Fei. He immediately asked, "Who is it?"

    "It's me, boss. We have a problem here, it's best if you can come and see it for yourself!" The person on the phone made it sound very urgent.

    "What happened?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "A vampire just came. It looks like he's someone pretty important, but he's dying!" The person on the phone said.

    "Got it!" Han Tianyu nodded and then hung up.

    As Han Tianyu did not move away from Jiang Fei, although the phone was not on loudspeaker, both Jiang Fei and Ariel who had a sharp sense of hearing heard the conversation between Han Tianyu and the other person.

    "Something's up with the vampires, it's best if we go and have a look!" Han Tianyu turned and said to Jiang Fei.

    "Where?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Northwestern border. If we go by plane..." Jiang Fei interrupted Han Tianyu before he could finish speaking, "What do you mean by plane? Let's go!" Jiang Fei gave Ariel a look as he spoke.

    "Mmm!" Ariel nodded, then grabbed Han Tianyu's shoulder with her left hand and held Jiang Fei's hand in her right hand. Then, the three of them instantly disappeared from the place.

    "Ah?!" The worker who handed the phone to Han Tianyu was so shocked that he fell to the ground. Three people suddenly vanished into thin air. How was an ordinary human being like him supposed to accept it?

    Regardless of how frightened that worker was, Jiang Fei and the others appeared on a barren hill in the northwest of China the very next second. Ariel had never been to China's northwestern border, so she was not able to get to the exact location. However, teleporting together with two other people was still easy for someone with Level 5 power.

    "I..." At this time, Han Tianyu was extremely shocked. Although he did not know where they were at, the sudden teleportation was already enough to shock him.

    "0541, project a three-dimensional map!" Jiang Fei ordered in his heart.

    "Swoosh!" A three-dimensional map was projected from the mysterious ring. At the same time, Jiang Fei said to Han Tianyu, "Brother Yu, where are the vampires?"

    "We're already at the northwestern border?" Han Tianyu looked at the map. A large blue dot above marked their current location.

    Han Tianyu was shocked that they actually traveled a few thousand miles in a second. Fortunately, he knew how to remain calm and still managed to point out to Jiang Fei the location of the secret prison which held the vampires.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei gestured Ariel. The next second, Ariel held onto the both of them again and teleported.

    This time, the three of them directly appeared near the entrance of the prison. When they arrived at the gate, they did not have to use any special means in order to enter because Han Tianyu was around.

    "Boss, weren't you at capital just now?" The staff here was shocked when he saw Han Tianyu.

    "How long have you been working for me?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "Four years!" The staff replied.

    "You've worked for me for four years and you still don't know that you shouldn't ask about some things?" Han Tianyu asked coldly.

    "Sorry, boss! It's my bad!" The staff quickly lowered his head and did not even dare to look at Han Tianyu anymore.

    "Bring me to the vampire!" Han Tianyu said.

    "Yes, boss!" There were other staff members who led them toward the infirmary.

    "Is that vampire still alive?" Jiang Fei asked.

    The staff did not immediately answer after hearing Jiang Fei's question. Instead, he looked at Han Tianyu. Only when Han Tianyu nodded, the staff said, "He's still alive, but it's hard to say how long he'll last."

    "It's fine as long as he's still breathing!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    Soon, they arrived at the infirmary in the prison. Jiang Fei saw the vampire, or rather, he saw a part of the vampire...

    It was hard to tell how heavily injured this vampire was because this guy only had half of his body left. His arms and legs have not only disappeared, but there was also a huge hole in his stomach and his internal organs were missing. If it was not because vampires had great vitality, this vampire would have been dead by now. There would even be flies flying around his body.

    "Give this to him!" Jiang Fei took an Evil Purging Pill and two Grand Restore Pills out from the ring.

    "I..." The doctor responsible for caring for this vampire looked at Han Tianyu.

    "Do as he says!" Han Tianyu nodded.

    "Okay!" The doctor took the pills from Jiang Fei's hands. He did not even have to open the vampire's mouth, because half of this vampire's face had been beaten to a pulp. The doctor threw the pills directly into the hole above the vampire's cheek.

    The Evil Purging Pill instantly disappeared into the vampire's body. The vampire's body glowed with a faint light. Finally, some yellow-black liquid flowed out along the vampire's wounds.

    "Give him the two red ones too!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Mmm!" The doctor then threw the two Grand Restore Pills into the vampire's cheek.

    In fact, after the yellow-black liquid flowed out, the vampire's wounds began to heal. The vampires originally had superb vitality. Their self-recovery speed was very fast. Without any interruption, he would have fully recovered in a few days time.

    Now, however, with the help of Jiang Fei's pills, the vampire's recovery speed became faster. In less than half an hour, all his wounds had healed. Even his internal organs and his limbs had grown back.

    The regrowing of his limbs had nothing to do with Jiang Fei's pills. It was due to the self-recovery abilities of the vampire himself. Jiang Fei's Grand Restore Pills only speeded up the process.

    "Ah..." After a long groan, the vampire finally woke up.

    "I hope I can get some information from him!!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Previously, he had already sensed this vampire's strength. This was a peak Level 4 vampire and he was quite powerful. It was likely that he had gone through an extremely rough battle to end up like this. Jiang Fei hoped to get some information about the Holy Grail from him!

    "This place is..." It seemed like the vampire who just woke up was not very clear-headed.

    "Black hair, black eyes... Chinese people. I managed to flee to China?" The vampire muttered to himself.

    "Yes, you're safe now!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Thank you! Thank you so much!" The vampire said in broken Chinese.

    "Okay, you can speak English, we can understand you!" Jiang Fei could not stand the vampire's strange accent.

    After a few simple questions, Jiang Fei led the topic to the issue he was the most concerned about.

    "Do you know the whereabouts of Countess Beatrice and the Holy Grail?" Jiang Fei asked the vampire.
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