718 Incoming

    The pillars of flames had incinerated the NPC soldiers, killing them so fast that they could not even feel anything.

    Little Rain's Level was already high enough that his damage was not suppressed. With so many powerful equipments and the skill's own ten times power output, instantly killing the Level 70 NPC soldiers was only expected. It would only be weird if he was not able to.

    After the skill was cast, only less than 2,000 soldiers remained. Jiang Fei took his time to slowly kill them all one by one. Only when Jiang Fei reported again after killing every single NPC soldier, Seven Star Warrior and Billy Boy relieved the players that were guarding the convoy and returned to the normal formation.

    "More incoming! Do not get too comfy just yet!" said Jiang Fei as he returned to the sky. If the first wave of enemies was defeated, the next one will arrive soon. As Jiang Fei predicted, not long after the convoy had made a slight advancement, another pillar of light blasted down from the sky and 40,000 more soldiers appeared to attack.

    "Little Rain, how's your mana?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Enough for only one more. After that, I'll be emptied," said Little Rain who was busy taking in as many mana potions as humanly possible. Despite having a large mana pool, restoring mana was not as easy as restoring Health.

    "If only I can pass the Cauldron of Spirit to him!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Unfortunately, the Cauldrons were character locked items. Only through death could he give the Cauldron to Little Rain.

    While it was a tempting idea, Jiang Fei could not afford to die. Even though dying in the Faction map would not cause experience points to drop and even equipment that was dropped on death could be recollected easily, Jiang Fei's death would mean the death of Akatziris. Due to the contract with her, if Jiang Fei died, so would Akatziris. Unlike Jiang Fei, Akatziris' death was permanent. Even though she was not as close as how Isabella was to Jiang Fei, he did not want to sacrifice Akatziris just because he wanted to give the Cauldron of Spirit to Little Rain.

    "Let loose, we'll worry about your mana later," said Jiang Fei. Alone, Jiang Fei's killing speed was too slow. If he had let even one of the NPC soldiers get pass him, it would cause a chain effect. Like a broken dam, more and more NPCs soldiers would break pass his defense line and move toward the convoy. That would still be fine but what if players decided to join the NPC soldiers in attacking?

    "Alright," said Little Rain as he started to chant. Billy Boy quickly organized the same defensive formation around Little Rain to protect him. In a few minutes, almost all 40,000 soldiers were killed while Jiang Fei flew from the skies to clear the strays.

    "Little Rain, what is the ETA for the next Forbidden Spell?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "In about half an hour," said Little Rain as he was already chugging down mana potions.

    Jiang Fei frowned. He would have to start thinking of another method to clear the NPC soldiers. Thirty minutes to stall, it should not be a lot of trouble...

    Ten minutes after the second wave, the atmosphere was silent. It was so quiet that Jiang Fei could not help but feel extremely worried.

    Just as Jiang Fei wanted to fly further into the distance, a flash of white light came in and 40,000 NPC soldiers spawned.

    "All magicians, except Little Rain, to the front. Hunters and other bow users follow up. Everyone else, hold your position!" cried Jiang Fei as he took the frontmost position far ahead of the absolute defense line.

    While he was stalling the NPC soldiers from advancing, Billy Boy and Seven Star Warrior had started to work and organize the players around the convoy to form a defensive formation.

    "Tanks, form two lines in the front. Healers stay behind them. Thieves and Bandits, roam around, kill fast and kill many. Make sure to keep an eye out for players from the Light Faction. Everyone else, stay frosty!"

    "Melee DPS players, stay in formation. Protect the convoy from any incoming players."

    Jiang Fei was pleased to see how Billy Boy and Seven Star Warrior were working extremely well together. Concurrently, he was shooting arrows as fast as he could but he was not able to kill fast enough to make a difference. Even though he did not want to, he had to withdraw step by step.

    By the time the NPC soldiers had entered the magician's attacking range, Billy Boy had initiated the attack.

    "Magicians! AoE skills! Bow users, shoot down as many as you can! Do not waste your skills on the front. Let the guild master take them down! Focus on the back!" cried Billy Boy.

    Spells were released into the sky, like fireworks, before turning into a powerful explosion that killed the enemies in large areas. At the same time, all archers were releasing as many arrows as they could. As they were required to shoot the targets at the back, the archers had to aim their arrows high up in the sky to avoid killing the enemies in the front. At that point, the arrows in the air had formed a blanket so thick that it covered the sky. There was no need to aim, any arrows that were shot would surely hit an enemy!

    It was an orchestra of destruction. Arrows and spells were whistling through the air as they fell and killed the enemies. At this point, the NPC soldiers were already facing off the tanks. To support and protect the attacks behind them, the tanks would have to face the soldiers without killing them in order to prevent them from moving forward. Rows of healers were constantly healing and casting buffs to hold the tanks in place. As long as they were alive, no NPC soldiers would pass the barricade!

    "Hold on for a little longer!" cried Jiang Fei when he noticed more than half of the NPC army were already killed.

    However, just as he could finally have room to breathe, he heard the sound of a blade piercing through flesh coming from behind him.


    "Stealth! There's someone here!"

    "Be advised, players from the Light Faction are killing the tanks in the front line!"


    Due to the tight defensive formation created by Billy Boy and Seven Star Warrior, no players were able to sneak into the convoy. The only way to infiltrate the convoy was to kill the tanks that were blocking their way one by one until there was an entry.

    In that instant, as many as 500 players were killed. Even though Empyreal Dragon had armed their players extremely well, they were not able to withstand a combo attack from five players simultaneously.

    "Don't panic! Hunters! Flash Bang!" cried Billy Boy. He was the Captain of the PvP warfare. He would know just how to counter stealth assault!

    Pew! Bang!

    Arrows with explosives were fired onto the ground and with a bright flash of light, silhouettes of stealth players could be seen. Now, the tanks had something to do. Instead of blindly lifting their shields up, they could down swing their swords and axes to kill the players! Seven Star Warrior started to pick out several strong players and lead them to the front to finish off the enemy players one by one. In no time at all, almost all stealth players that were detected were killed, leaving only NPC soldiers. Although they were able to kill many Empyreal Dragon players, they were not able to make an impact on the defense of the convoy. Players that were downed were quickly replaced by tanks in the back line.

    "Priest, revive the dead! Everyone else, keep pushing forward! Players are starting to attack soon!" cried Billy Boy. Even though the enemy Bandits and Assassins had taken down several of their tanks, it did not pose much of a trouble to the defense line as there were enough Priests to go around reviving players. However, if stealth players were starting to appear, that meant that there would be an army of players coming to attack soon.
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