723 Enemy’s Descend

    Ten minutes passed like an eternity when they were waiting for their enemies to arrive. In this case, the Empyreal Dragon was waiting for the enemies as well as their allies.

    "Here they come!" cried the Hunters and Rangers who had the skill Eagle Eye. That skill allowed them to be able to detect any movement from far away.

    Everyone turned their heads in the direction where the Hunters and Rangers were pointing at and saw a cloud of dust. From that distance, only a large group of soldiers could create such a dust storm.

    The problem was that the distance was too far. No one could see if they were friend or foe.

    While everyone was breaking down in nervousness, Jiang Fei was calm and composed. It was as if he did not care whether the soldiers that were charging toward them were friend or foe. On the other hand, everyone could see that Lady Casanova was growing restless by the second.

    Jiang Fei noticed her sudden change of reaction and messaged her directly.

    "I could see from your reaction that you know that those soldiers are not our reinforcement," said Jiang Fei.

    "Sigh! That's right!" said Lady Casanova as she sighed heavily. Even though she had joined the group, she was not part of the original 50,000 player party. She was part of the reinforcement party. Since she was part of the other party, she could easily see their position through the mini-map. Based on their position, it was impossible that the incoming soldiers were her party members.

    Jiang Fei nodded quietly and leaped to the front.

    "Swords up! It's time to fight!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Huh? What's going on? Are they the enemy?"

    Everyone turned to stare at Lady Casanova for an answer.

    "I... I'm not sure. But they are not members of Empyreal Dragon!" Lady Casanova answered.

    "Battle formation!" cried Billy Boy without wasting any more time.

    "Two lines! Warriors on the front, Healers at the back! Everyone else, do the same thing we always do in a bottleneck formation!"


    It was instant. Both Billy Boy and Seven Star Warrior got busy trying to organize their formation. Billy Boy took the rear while Seven Star Warrior took the front. Billy Boy had formed a line defense with 40,000 members while Seven Star Warrior took only 10,000 players to stand in front to guard the convoy against stealth players.

    Seconds pass and the dust storm became wider and wider. In no time at all, everyone could see the emblem of the Light Faction, adorned on the equipment of the enemy.

    "How many of them," asked Jiang Fei.

    "Estimating about 1,700,000 players!" said Billy Boy after he had consulted the Rangers and Hunters.

    "Heh, not bad. Seems to me that this time, we might have bigger trouble than the previous 300,000," said Jiang Fei with a smile.

    The fact that the total players in the Light Faction were lesser than those in the Shadow Faction had only made the Light Faction slightly weaker than the Shadow Faction. Even so, the total number of players in the Light Faction accounted to over eight million. There were too many pug players, small guilds, fewer mid-sized guilds, and even lesser large guilds. The first 300,000 players that Jiang Fei had faced were only weaker, noob players. Strong, more competent players were in large guilds. A competent guild master would not just jump on the bandwagon when it came to completing an important quest. They would naturally have formed a strategy. To make things worse, they have close to two million soldiers now! Yet, the real threat lay in the minds of the guild masters.

    "Tsk. If I have 50,000 more players in my command, I am sure to defeat them!" said Billy Boy.

    "Yeah.. yeah... There's no need to worry about that anymore. Even if you could defeat all 1,700,000 players, there will be more of them coming!" said Lady Casanova.

    "B*tch, please. You spent all your time in dungeons fighting mindless monsters with predictable skills and attack move set. You wouldn't know anything about PvP battles! Those pug players would never be as competent as us! Without a smart commander to steer the fight, they will lose to us even if they have a million players! All we need is something to boost our players' morale and we can strike hard and fast. Those pug players don't have the guts to stay in the battlefield!" said Billy Boy.

    "Oooh! So, you're competent, huh? Well I'll see you after this!" said Lady Casanova as she looked at him as if she was looking at trash. She was never the kind of girl that would shrink away from a man. When Billy Boy had only retorted a little, she would immediately snarled back! If they were in real life, she would have already charged at him for even trying to talk back to her!

    "Heh!" Jiang Fei chuckled at the two. He knew that they were not really at each other's throats. They were just putting on a show to elevate the tension that was in the air.

    Even though Empyreal Dragon had only just defeated 300,000 players with only a small 50,000 army, they were still nervous at the incoming million players. There was still one more unknown group of players waiting in front of them. Leave them be and Empyreal Dragon overall morale would drop to the extreme. Fortunately, due to Billy Boy and Lady Casanova's comical acts, everyone laughed and the atmosphere got less tense.

    While everyone had their laughs, they were calmed and composed. Concurrently, the enemy had already entered the highlands and was close to them.

    "1,709,000 blokes... This might not be good. Heh," Jiang Fei scoffed.

    "Guild master! We only need to hold on for five minutes! Reinforcement will arrive in just five minutes!" cried Lady Casanova.

    "Five minutes? That's great!" Jiang Fei roared and gave her a thumbs up.

    "Pui! Let me see that face of yours! I'd like to see the enemy who had forced me into desperation!" said Billy Boy to himself whilst scanning every enemy's face to find the commander.


    As soon as they were in range, the enemies roared with vigor and launched their attack.

    As mentioned, the army of 1,700,000 players consisted of players that were considered as professional. Many of the large guilds had formed a temporary alliance before they came. Their objective was different from what everyone had thought. They did not care about the cannons! Twenty cannons would only provide roughly four billion experience points. After dividing, everyone would get roughly two million experience points, which was not a small amount. These guild masters would not be swayed by such mediocre experience points. They would only strike if all twenty cannons would provide enough experience points to grant everyone a Level. Wasting their effort for just a measly two million experience points was never worth it.

    They had one goal, a long term goal that would affect the future of the Light and Shadow Faction. They needed to kill Jiang Fei! They wanted to kill him. Not just once, not twice, but as many times as they could.

    The name Verdure Glider was imprinted in every player's memory in the Shadow Faction. Both factions recognized that Verdure Glider was the spiritual leader of the Shadow Faction. Everyone looked up to him. If the Light Faction could defeat him, the morale of the Shadow Faction would drop! That would only lead to the downfall of the Shadow Faction.

    The War between the Light and the Shadow had almost reached its climax. Many of the guild masters of the Light Faction were efficient in gathering information. The one thing they knew would happen was the drop of the morale of the Shadow Faction soldiers if Verdure Glider, their great idol, was killed.

    There was one other reason. Jiang Fei had defeated Freewill and Broken Dreams and taken their Cauldron of the Ancient Kingdom. Freewill was kind enough to keep quiet about the Cauldrons but Broken Dreams was not. After losing the Cauldron of Spirit, Broken Dream had sold the information for good money.

    Now, almost everyone, including the guild masters of the Light Faction knew about the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom. Everyone wanted that Cauldron for themselves and today was the only chance they could do so as they knew that Jiang Fei could not leave the convoy.

    If they missed this chance, there was no telling when they could defeat Jiang Fei when he had a flying mount that could fly at breakneck speed!
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