724 Competent Commander

    The inevitable battle ensued as players of the Light Faction came in to attack the convoy.

    In the highlands, moving across with a large convoy was slow and tough. Without a chance to escape or even move elsewhere, the battle was forced to take place in a small pathway. Even though the enemies were largely overnumbered, they were not able to show the prowess as a whole.

    Hence, their commander had improvised their attacks in waves. Each wave would have 50,000 players max. By doing so, they had significantly improved their battle prowess.

    "Seven Star Warrior, do not forget to guard the front!" warned Jiang Fei.

    "Don't worry about us! We will keep our eyes peeled!" said Seven Star Warrior. He was in charge of guarding the front while Billy Boy was taking the rear.

    The battle in the highlands was slow but steadily growing rowdier and violent. Melee fighters cross swords, healers repetitively trying to keep their tanks alive, and the range attackers were spamming all their AoE skills.

    "Rain, when is the Forbidden Spell coming?" asked Billy Boy.

    "Thirty minutes. At least!"

    Little Rain had already expended his trump card and had no other way to recover his mana but by madly consuming potions.

    "Guild master? Does your pet had any sort of Forbidden Spell?" asked Billy Boy. As he recalled, Jiang Fei's previous pet, Isabella, could change into a large black dragon and use her own Forbidden Spell to destroy the enemy.

    "I'd never check..." said Jiang Fei as he turned to Akatziris, only to see her shaking her head.

    Akatziris might be a high tier Nephilim NPC but she was considered to be one of the weaker ones in the Nephilim race. Being a Succubus, their latent talents were all used in their beauty and appearance. Her battle prowess was not as strong as Isabella. Compared to a one-on-one fight, she would be extreme useless in a multi-target fight.

    "We're doomed..."

    Billy Boy was growing anxious by the second. There were still over a million players waiting behind when they could not even defeat the first wave of 50,000 players.

    They were only able to survive the first 300,000 players due to Little Rain's Forbidden Spell. Furthermore, they were mindless players that were only coming to war without a commander. Even though they had a larger army, they would ultimately be defeated by Billy Boy and his well-coordinated soldiers.

    Empyreal Dragon's current enemies were large guilds that had made an alliance. They were strong, well-coordinated, and most of all, competent. Every player was well-equipped, not as good as Empyreal Dragon, but close enough. Like Empyreal Dragon, a well-managed guild would not mind losing their player's equipment since they would have already anticipated such a loss. Compensation for equipment was already considered compulsory. Players themselves would not have to fear death for their guild would have their backs.

    An army that did not fear death was an army that was scary. The threat to Empyreal Dragon was real, especially since they had more than thirty times the player count on their side. Since the start of the fight, Empyreal Dragon was being suppressed continuously. There was not even a split second of time to breath.

    "Guild master. Please do something. If this goes on, we will lose!" said Billy Boy anxiously. The enemies were too great. No matter how well-versed he was in the art of strategy, there was no way in getting out of this.

    "I see. Continue defending. I shall go on the front and take all of them by myself!" said Jiang Fei confidently.

    Lady Casanova had led the first charge to attack but was completely suppressed due to the enemies' sheer number. Quickly, she rejoined the remaining survivors at the back of the defensive line.

    "Time for me to show them what I can do," said Jiang Fei as he summoned the Evol. Skygliding Dragon!

    As soon as he was in the skies, Jiang Fei unloaded a rain of arrows down at the enemies.

    Once Ruthless Barrage was stacked to the max, Jiang Fei's Attack Power had broken past 250,000. With Level Suppression in effect, Jiang Fei was able to kill every single player, regardless of their class, with a single shot.

    Even so, Jiang Fei was not able to make much of a difference. Having to kill eight players per second was clearly fast, but not fast enough to save his convoy.


    Jiang Fei controlled the Skygliding Dragon and went lower and closer to the enemy.

    Flame Spit!

    Fire was spat out from the dragon's mouth and it extended so far ahead that Jiang Fei was able to kill players in a large area in front of the tanks of Empyreal Dragon.

    After evolving, the new Evol. Skygliding Dragon attacks did not have a cooldown effect. As easy as moving down weeds, Jiang Fei had only needed to fly over the enemies and use Flame Spit on them to kill everyone that was in his path.

    "Nice!" cried Little Rain.

    Jiang Fei had first killed all the enemies that were fighting the tanks. Once the enemies were reduced to ashes, the tanks and warriors could finally breathe for a moment. The healers and tanks were incredibly grateful for they could rest and recuperate even for only a few seconds.

    It was only a few seconds of leisure as the void that was made was immediately filled up with enemies that were pushing forward. Alas, even with his insane attack speed and the Skygliding Dragon, he was still unable to provide a lasting defense against the enemy.

    "Let's try one more time," said Jiang Fei to himself. He took off further behind and found a spot with the most densely packed players. As soon as he found it, he unsummoned the Skygliding Dragon and dropped amongst the enemies.

    Righteous Fury!

    370,000 damage was dealt to every single player ten meters around Jiang Fei. All of them were instantly killed by Jiang Fei's powerful AoE attack.

    "One more!"

    Luminous Judgment!





    It was an attack that covered a radius of 500 meters from Jiang Fei. The damage dealt was 50% of Jiang Fei's total Health Points and would continuously do so for ten seconds.

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    To be honest, Jiang Fei felt that it was a waste to use the skill right there and then. No one in the battlefield had more Health Points then Jiang Fei. Everyone within the 500 meter radius were killed in less than two seconds. The remaining eight seconds of the skill were wasted.

    Jiang Fei's attack was still considered as effective as he had used it in a place where the enemies were closely packed together. The skill, Luminous Judgment, had taken out more than 30,000 players. There were still 10,000 to 20,000 players that had only managed to escape the range of the skill.

    "No time to lose! Kill them all," cried Billy Boy as he directed his army to find and kill the remaining players. Time was of the essence and right then, they clearly had the advantage. Before their number could replenish, it was best to seize the moment and take out the remaining 20,000 players.

    Lady Casanova led a large squadron of players into the front to take out the still dazed players. They were thrown as they had not heard of anyone else beside Little Rain to have a skill of that magnitude. Before they could snap back to reality, Lady Casanova and her squad of players had arrived and sliced their heads off.

    "Not bad. I have underestimated them for a second there. Order the second wave to proceed," said a man after he had scoffed angrily. Judging the tone of his words, the man did not care about the death of all the players in the first wave of his attack.
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