726 Like a Moth to Flame

    Under the command of his guild master, Dragon Phoenix obeyed Tutu and went away to make his preparations. He was asked to stand on top of the small hill to cast the Forbidden Spell. The hill was very small, so small that almost anyone could spot him easily. However, it did not matter as it was all by design.

    "Alright, go ahead," said Tutu with a sinister smile. To him, the lives of the players meant nothing to him. From his perspective, everyone was a chess piece to him to move around. Each step he took was purposeful to make the infamous Verdure Glider and Billy Boy to fall for his tricks!

    "Tsk. Like hell I'll listen to you in the future!" said Dragon Phoenix disgruntledly before starting to cast the Forbidden Spell.


    "Oh no! Commander, someone is casting a Forbidden Spell!" cried Little Rain. Just as Dragon Phoenix started chanting the first word in his spell, Little Rain was able to feel the magical aura in the air.

    "Is that so?" asked Jiang Fei before turning to the surrounding hills. Jiang Fei had expected the enemy to have a Forbidden Spellcaster. The only thing that he was thinking then was why didn't they cast it earlier.

    "Leave it to me. I'll make a hole in his head!" said Jiang Fei before leaving the front lines and hiding amongst the crowd of players.

    "I have spotted him!" announced Jiang Fei as he lifted his bow and prepared to charge.

    "WAIT!" Billy Boy cried.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Don't shoot him! Shoot the guy in the golden helmet!" said Billy Boy as he pointed somewhere far away.

    "Hmm. Alright, I'll listen to you, commander!" said Jiang Fei as he charged his bow.

    Jiang Fei pulled the string of his bow and the arrow that was nock on the bow glowed with intense golden light.


    Jiang Fei released the bow and a golden ray of light flashed across the hills.

    "Now!" said Tutu who had his eyes on Jiang Fei at all time.

    A Knight that was hiding behind the hills emerged out and cast a spell on Dragon Phoenix.

    It was planned that when Dragon Phoenix cast the Forbidden Spell, Jiang Fei would then use his sniping skill to kill him. It was merely a trick to bait Jiang Fei to use his skill! The skill that the Knight had used on Dragon Phoenix was an Invulnerable spell.

    However, Billy Boy had seen through Tutu's plan. He had fallen for his scheme once and allowed the convoy to enter the highlands before checking it. It was a shame for him and he would never allow himself to fall for his trickeries again. That was why when he noticed something odd when a Forbidden Spellcaster stood out openly without even trying to hide.

    The light ray blasted straight toward the Light Faction side. Unexpectedly, the arrow was not aimed at Dragon Phoenix but at the gathering of the guild masters.


    It was an instant kill. The person who was killed was Omen Sky the guild master of Radiant!

    "F*ck!" Tutu gasped. He had never expected Jiang Fei to aim at anyone else but Dragon Phoenix. There was nothing he could do about it. The arrow was flying at light speed. Even if he had noticed the draw of his bow, there was nothing he could do to stop it!





    The arrow did not stop there as it traveled in a straight line and killed everyone in its way before hitting its final target. Although Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage effect had worn out, the skill Dusk's Bow still had twenty times the Attack Power boost. The damage was so high and anyone who was in the way of the arrow was killed instantly.

    Even though Omen Skies was the guild master of the strongest guild in the Light Faction, adorned in equipment of the strongest tier, he did not have the Cauldron of Vitality. There was no one besides the holder of the Cauldron of Vitality who could withstand that attack from Jiang Fei.

    Once Omen Skies was defeated, everyone in the Light Faction was shocked while Empyreal Dragon cheered for Jiang Fei's kill shot.

    "Revive him, please. There's work to be done here," said Tutu as he laughed. Killing Omen Skies was nothing. Killing over a thousand players instantly was nothing as well. That shot meant absolutely nothing! Omen Skies was instantly revived and his equipment that was dropped to the ground were left untouched. Jiang Fei's shot meant absolutely, unequivocally, nothing!

    "Heh! So much for dying!" said Tutu to Omen Skies as he returned to his feet.

    "Sheesh. What was that about? Is it just for the fun of it?" said Omen Skies as he brushed it off as nothing. Even though he said it that way, being killed without even knowing it was not a good feeling.

    "Nevermind that. Your death meant a lot to me. He had only shown his hands! And it is time for us to catch the mouse!" said Tutu as he laughed maniacally.

    "Well then. Let's get going," said Omen Skies. If there was a chance for him to kill Jiang Fei, he would gladly take up that offer. He would be willing to die and lose all his equipment ten times over if it meant the death of Jiang Fei!

    "Mobilize the special force. It's time to hunt!" said Tutu as he smiled.

    "Don't disappoint me Verdure Glider! I will take revenge for killing me!" said Omen Skies to himself as he stared at Jiang Fei.


    "Guild masters, it's all up to you now. You cannot let the magician finish his chants!" said Billy Boy. Their current fighting force was left with 30,000 players. If that Forbidden Spell was cast, it was game over.

    "Leave it to me," said Jiang Fei as he summoned the Evol. Skygliding Dragon.

    He had already used Dusk's Bow once and would need to wait for six hours before he could use it again. He would need to fight in close proximity to stop that magician.

    "Haha! In the moments of desperation, I am now the hero that will charge behind the enemy lines to take out their commander! How cool is that?" said Jiang Fei with a laugh before flying off.


    "There he comes! Special forces! Time to work for a living!" cried Tutu when he spotted Jiang Fei getting on his dragon mount. Everyone was nervous as they knew from the way he spoke, Tutu was excited.

    To hunt and kill Verdure Glider was the dream of every player in the Light Faction. The name Verdure Glider had long become infamous amongst the Light Faction. To them, Jiang Fei was much like a boss himself! A boss who would drop luxurious rewards! On the other hand, he was also hated for committing crimes that were against the Light Faction's Church.

    Tutu's original plan was to bait Jiang Fei into using his sniping skill. The Knight will protect Dragon Phoenix with his skill to nullify that damage and draw in Jiang Fei closer! Even though that plan did not work out the way Tutu wanted it, the result was still the same! Dragon Phoenix was still chanting the Forbidden Spell and Jiang Fei had fallen for the bait when he had decided to fly toward him! Like a moth to a flame!
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