727 Dangerous Situation

    Both Jiang Fei and Billy Boy knew that the opponents had already set up a trap for Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei still needed to attack. The trap was perfect as the opponent had used a Forbidden Spellcaster as bait. There was no way that Jiang Fei could ignore that.

    Unlike anyone else, Jiang Fei was confident of himself. Even though he knew that he was blatantly walking into the enemy's trap, he was not afraid.

    Flying on his Skygliding Dragon took Jiang Fei less than ten seconds to be in range with Dragon Phoenix. Just as he was about to draw his bow, a cute little girl came out from behind Dragon Phoenix!

    The cute little girl was adorable. She wore a crystal crown on her head and had a pair of white feathered wings behind her. She looked like one of that a petite little cupid. The only thing that was missing was the heart-shaped arrowhead and a short bow.

    The truth was far from what it seemed. The girl was a special rare beast race, a swan type beast race. Along with her special race, she had an ability that was extremely rare, Aeriel Dominion.

    Aeriel Dominion: Once activated, all flying mounts within 100 meters will be forcefully unsummoned. Flying Mounts skills will be silenced and for the next ten minutes. Only the user can use flying mounts.

    "Big Brother Verdure Glider! Please come down!" cried the little girl.

    "Big brother is busy at the moment, I will be with you in a moment!" said Jiang Fei as he could not help but smile at her. He drew his bow and aimed at Dragon Phoenix.

    "No! I want you to get down now!" cried the little girl as she started stomping the ground. If it was not for the fact that he was in a battle right then, Jiang Fei might have stopped to listen to the girl's request.

    Right that moment, an invisible barrier was erected. Just as Jiang Fei was about to release the arrow, the Skygliding Dragon beneath him vanished without a trace!

    "What the f******!"

    Without his mount, Jiang Fei started to fall from the sky.

    Divine Shield!

    Without hesitation, Jiang Fei activated his invulnerability skill before he fell. Even though he was not too high above the ground, falling from that altitude would still kill him instantly since he was wearing heavy armor!

    Fall Damage was determined by one's health point percentage. Even with a million health points, Jiang Fei would still die from falling. The armor he was wearing also factors into the fall damage. Cloth armor would suffer the least amount of damage but only fatal if the player fell from an altitude higher than twenty-five meters. Plate Armor player would die if they were higher than fifteen meters. Jiang Fei's armor was Chain Armor and he was at least thirty meters above ground level. Falling from that altitude would kill him.


    The barrier around Jiang Fei absorbed the fall damage the moment he hit the ground.

    Just as he thought he was out of danger, more than five Purging skills were blasted at him, forcefully purging the Invulnerability that he had cast.

    The enemy wanted to cast Purge when he was midair but his falling speed was too fast to time it properly. They did not have time to practice this move, resulting in poor execution.

    "Kill him!"

    "He's vulnerable now!"


    Before Jiang Fei could even realize what was going on, swarms of players had charged at him from all directions.

    "Big brother. This place is so dangerous. I'll take my leave. Bye bye! Hehehehe," the little girl giggled before she left the place.

    "Sheesh. One can never trust even the sweetest looking girl!" said Jiang Fei to himself. He had never thought that he would even fall for such an obvious trap!

    Even though he had fallen to such a state, he had not forgotten his main task! He needed to kill that magician before he could finish chanting his Forbidden Spell!

    Right now, over a hundred tank players had surrounded Dragon Phoenix to protect him. Without Dusk's Bow penetration type skill, Jiang Fei would have to kill all the tanks standing in between before he could reach Dragon Phoenix.

    "Charge! Now!" cried the leader of the Special Force squad.





    All the tanks that were lined up against Jiang Fei used Charge on him, stunning him for one second before another Charge came to stun him again!


    While the tanks were tasked solely on stunning Jiang Fei, the other attacks behind the tanks started to attack. Unfortunately for them, Jiang Fei's immense Defense stat made their attacks seem like small scratches!

    "He's too strong!"

    "Debuffs! Cast debuffs!" cried Tutu from the top of the hill as he had expected Jiang Fei to be strong.


    Defense Break!

    Ignore Defense!

    Damage Amplification!

    An array of debuffs was cast on Jiang Fei. It took more than several tries to actually inflict Jiang Fei with the debuff due to the high-level gaps between him and the enemy. However, there were more than a hundred magicians then. Eventually, one would be able to successfully inflict a debuff on him!

    It took some time but Jiang Fei was inflicted with various kind of debuffs.





    Even with debuffs on Jiang Fei, the Special Force squad had only able to deal less than twenty damage per hit. Even so, one could not underestimate the efforts of over a hundred players then.

    Combining melee and ranged attackers, there were more than several thousands of players attacking at the same time. Jiang Fei was taking more than 60,000 damage per second! However, with the Cauldron of Spirit in hand, Jiang Fei's Health Regeneration speed had instantly restore Jiang Fei's health.

    "Heh. Cauldron of Spirit huh? No worries. I have expected this!" said Tutu with a sinister smile. He had known this information from Broken Dream.

    "This is getting out of hand," said Jiang Fei to himself. Even though his life was not at stake, being stunned constantly had rendered Jiang Fei motionless for some time now. To make things worse, each time the enemy used Charge, he would be knocked away, increasing the distance between Jiang Fei and Dragon Phoenix.

    "Heh. Being strong is useless if you're not using your head!" said Tutu as he laughed at Jiang Fei.

    "Mr. Tutu is so smart! Not even the almighty Verdure Glider could fend off your strategy!"

    "I've never thought that Mr. Tutu would be this great!"

    "Enough talking. It is time to end this little party!" said Tutu as he called someone to his side.

    He then whispered something to him and sent him away.

    The player took his time and moved around the crowd and came right behind Jiang Fei!

    Right then, Jiang Fei was too busy focusing on the rampant tanks stunning him at every possible moment. He did not realize that there was someone sneaking up behind him. Even if he did, there was nothing he could do.

    "Hoho! Verdure Glider, the man who was deemed as the strongest player in Dawn Break. Have you ever thought that you would fall like this?" said the player behind him as he threw a bottle of potion at him!


    The battle smashed onto Jiang Fei's armor and smeared a thick purplish liquid all over his body!

    "Ding! You have been inflicted by Gremlin's Potion Effect!"

    Gremlin's Potion: Unable to recovery Health!
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