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    "What the hell?" cried Jiang Fei as he realized that he had just been debuffed.

    Heal Block was a skill that would completely stop a player from regaining health points by any means. This debuff would render even the greatest healing mechanism useless. Even though the debuff duration was short, Jiang Fei could not survive being attacked by several thousand of them.

    "I would die if things go on like this," said Jiang Fei to himself.

    Righteous Fury!

    This skill dealt over 370,000 damage to all enemies within ten meters. All the tanks and warriors that were attacking him were instantly killed. At the same time, the skill granted Jiang Fei a short, ten seconds debuff immunity effect, allowing him to move forward even though Charge was used against him.

    "It's time to stop being the hunted and become the hunter!" Jiang Fei roared. Jiang Fei ran across the field at high speed whilst attacking. Arrows rained in a straight line as Jiang Fei ran. Naturally, the first person he killed was the bugger that had used the potion on him.

    Jiang Fei's speed was fast. So fast that the Special Force squad could not even land an attack. Many of the ranged attackers could not even lock onto his character to cast their skills!

    "Stop him! Stun him! Do whatever you can to slow him down!" said Tutu in the alliance chat channel. All the commanders and leaders that were around Jiang Fei quickly changed their attack strategy.

    "Hunters, use Bind! Magicians, use Frostbite!"

    All the enemy players started to throw out skills that would render Jiang Fei immobile. However, Jiang Fei was still in his debuff immunity state. All their skills would be useless against him.

    "Use AoE skills..." said Tutu in the alliance channel.

    "B-But that would kill our own allies!" said one of the soldiers.

    "I won't repeat this again. Obey me, or I'll walk," said Tutu.

    "Yes, sir!"

    Tutu was growing impatient at the likes of those who would even question his authority. All the guild masters had already informed their members about always obeying Tutu's command. They had thought that the death of Omen Skies was the result of not obeying his command. They did not know that it was Jiang Fei's doing because of Billy Boy realizing that it was a bait.

    In the next second, everyone changed their attack pattern once more. This time, massive explosions were cast. Once the order to use AoE skill was decreed, everyone did not hesitate to use their AoE skills even though it meant killing their own teammates.

    Due to the effects of Infatuations, Jiang Fei had gained high movement speed. That allowed him to basically dodge every range attacker's attacks and skills. However, large AoE skills were still able to inflict damage to him. The most common large AoE skills would have friendly-fire effects, meaning that the skill would deal damage to both enemies and allies alike. Even though this would result in the death of many of their own allies, Jiang Fei was taking damage!

    Even though it was wasteful, it was effective. Jiang Fei was taking more hits than he had expected to and with the Heal Block still active, he was dying fast.

    Each skill that was cast could only deal so much damage to him but when a thousand magicians cast AoE skills simultaneously, it would be painful! At this point, Jiang Fei was left with less than 50% health points.

    "What else can I do?" wondered Jiang Fei to himself.

    The debuff immunity skill was about to expire and if it did, he would be vulnerable to stuns and knockback effect! With quick thinking, Jiang Fei activated the skill that came with the Holy tier Ring, the Mermaid's Revenge, the Angel of Revenge.

    "Tsk. I should have killed more Naga Overlord tier bosses!" said Jiang Fei to himself. Ever since he had obtained the ring, he had rarely used the Angel of Revenge skill. The skill was not as convenient as the Lifesteal Demon form nor as powerful as the Battle Force. However, the one thing that this transformation skill had that the others did not was the debuff immunity status effect.

    Even after transforming, Jiang Fei had forgotten that the threat of damage was still there. Without any methods left in hand, Jiang Fei decided to try and go for the kill.

    There were still many more tanks and warriors protecting Dragon Phoenix. If he wanted to kill Dragon Phoenix, he would have to first deal with the annoying tanks and warriors! Just as he had arrived close to Dragon Phoenix, the AoE skills that were constantly aimed at him, landed at the same spot.

    The Special Squad that was tasked to attack Jiang Fei were elite players from many guilds of the Light Faction. Their attack power was not something ordinary. Their attacks were powerful enough to allow them to actually deal some if not much damage to Jiang Fei even though Level Suppression was in effect. Hence, their attacks landed on their own allies, the damage dealt to them was lethal!

    In less than three seconds, hundreds of tanks and warriors that were supposed to be guarding Dragon Phoenix had died due to friendly fire!

    "Heh. Thanks for the assistance!" cried Jiang Fei as he charged in for the kill.


    It only took Jiang Fei a single shot to kill the poor Dragon Phoenix as he was without the protection of Mana Barrier.

    Once Dragon Phoenix was killed, the magic in the air calmed down and the Forbidden Spell was stopped. The reason Dragon Phoenix did not have Mana Barrier active was due to the lack of mana points. Little Rain had the support of potions which Jiang Fei had made for him that would greatly increase the maximum mana points. That allowed him to have enough mana to cast two Forbidden Spells! Dragon Phoenix had just enough mana points to cast one Forbidden Spell.

    Now that the threat of Forbidden Spell was removed, Jiang Fei would have to deal with the threat of death by normal attacks! He was still not able to heal and the attacks were still fired at him relentlessly.

    "Ignore Dragon Phoenix, aim for Verdure Glider!" cried Tutu as he smiled. From his point of view, everything was according to plan. Jiang Fei would surely be killed in this war. It did not matter if Dragon Phoenix died, or even he had failed to destroy the cannons, all that mattered to him was to kill Jiang Fei!

    "Mr. Tutu, scouts have found an army approaching!" said one of the guild masters then.

    "Mhm. That should be reinforcement from The Aristocrats. It's fine. Leave them be. This highlands is perfect to stop them without us interfering! Continue as planned, they cannot do anything to us!" said Tutu.

    "Did you anticipate this? Such brilliance! As expected of a great strategist!"

    Every guild masters were happy then, their money was well spent hiring this superior strategist!

    "Mhm. It's time to cast the net!" said Tutu before he turned around to nod at a player.

    The player then took out a flare gun and fired into the air.

    "What is that? Is it another plan of yours?" asked one of the guild masters. Everyone was stunned. They had never expected Tutu to have a plan of his own.

    "But of course. Anyone who had hired me would know that in the first collab, I would throw in a free bonus!" said Tutu.

    Concurrently, the reinforcement from The Aristocrats had joined forces with the reinforcement of Empyreal Dragon. The Shadow Faction now had over 350,000 players as reinforcement.

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    "It's time to get rich, folks!"


    Out of nowhere, a large army of 200,000 players came from behind the newly arrived reinforcements and surrounded them at the highland's entrance.
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