729 Help Comes

    "What is this?" asked the guild masters when they saw the sudden incoming 200,000 soldiers.

    "A bonus. Eighteen groups of Bandits of the Neutral Faction!" said Tutu as he smirked.

    If the territory between the Shadow and the Light Faction can be fought for by guilds, the Neutral Faction would be the land of the thieves. There was no rule in the City of Sinners. Morality was merely a word that brought no meaning to them. Even in the city itself, no one cared if someone was killed. It was truly the promised land of thieves and bandits.

    Even though they had their own piece of territory to play with, thieves and bandits play by their own rules. Large guilds formed within the City of Sinners would occasionally sneak into the Light Faction and rob the Profession players of their harvest.

    The victims would usually be members of smaller to mid-sized guilds. The number of players that they had was already below average. It was only natural that there would be very few to no guards at all to supervise the players that went out of the city to harvest or mine materials. When the bandits came, which they did, everyone that was out of the city area would be hunted and killed. Not only they would lose their lives, but they would also lose their equipment.

    When the unexpected reinforcement arrived to help the Light Faction, the guild master immediately frown with hatred. Even so, there was nothing that they could do. It was a "gift" from Tutu and they would have no choice but to accept it.

    Unlike other normal players in the Faction region, Bandits and Thieves did not have a specific territory to work with. The only way they could earn a living for their guild was to rob and steal from other players. All that was stolen would be put up in the auction house in the City of Sinners to be sold.

    The Bandits themselves knew that the players of Light and the Shadow Faction hated them but they were not at all affected by it. Everyone was strong. Even though each team had only over a few thousand of them, each team were so strong that they were masters in PvP fights. It was only natural since they had to fight other players for a living since robbing players was their way of living.

    Unbeknownst to many, players in the Neutral faction had been eyeing the Empyreal Dragon for a long time. There was no one in the game that was oblivious to the fact that Empyreal Dragon was powerful and rich. Not only did they possess a strategic fortress that was positioned close to many training grounds, but players also did not need to travel on foot to reach the main Shadow Faction Fortress. Their fortress and formation had only made the members of Empyreal Dragon safe from attacks. No ordinary Bandits would dare to attack them.

    Moreover, no Bandits would willingly work with each other. Everyone was trying to get the best of each other. Cheating and betrayal were only natural for players of their nature. Tutu had only proven himself to stand above all when he had actually managed to gather eighteen different groups of bandits to work together.

    "You've done something that no one has ever done. Well done."

    "Heh, I'd like to see Billy Boy recruit the Bandits of the City of Sinners."

    "Billy Boy is nothing. Look at Verdure Glider now, he is nothing but a little cat being trapped in a cage!"

    "From the looks of it, not only will Verdure Glider die, all of Empyreal Dragon and the Aristocrats will be wiped out! This is an absolute victory! Thanks to Mr. Tutu!"

    "Yes! It is all thanks to Mr. Tutu!"


    Everyone was already beyond jubilant. If there were champagnes nearby, those guild masters would have already started to celebrate their victory.

    "Heh," said Tutu. Although he had only nodded, he had failed to hide the smugness on his face.

    At this point, Verdure Glider had less than 25% of his Health Points left. It was only a matter of time before he was killed. Concurrently, the players that were defending the convoy were left with only less than 20,000. The reinforcement for the Empyreal Dragon was trapped outside the canyon. From Tutu's point of view, victory was at hand. There was nothing that Jiang Fei could do to save himself and the convoy.

    "It's time!" Tutu roared.

    A player who was standing behind him sent out a message to a certain player.

    "I see something! Hunters! Use Flash Grenade!" cried Seven Star Warrior when he noticed one of the traps that he had laid out in the ground earlier was sprung.

    Flash grenades were thrown out and once they detonate, silhouettes of Thieves and Bandits could be seen clearly.

    At that point, even though Seven Star Warrior had 10,000 player stationed here to fend off Bandits and Thieves, he was stunned when he saw who he was up against.

    There were more than 50,000 Bandits and Thieves. Even though they did not have any Healers or Tanks to defend them, with sheer numbers alone, they would be able to defeat all 10,000 players that Seven Star Warrior were leading.

    "I need backup right now!" cried Seven Star Warrior to Billy Boy.

    "Sh*t! I need backup here too!" Billy Boy replied. The pressure on Billy Boy was far greater than Seven Star Warrior. The number of players he had was down to only 20,000 players yet he was forced to use those men and women to deal with over 700,000 enemies.

    "This is game over..." Little Rain said to himself. It was the same thought that almost all players of Empyreal Dragon had.

    "Guild master, if you don't do something soon, we will all be killed," said Lady Casanova.

    As a woman, she had early detected something was off with Jiang Fei. Even when things seemed down, he was as calm as the sea as if he had something in his sleeves. She had detected this odd calmness in Jiang Fei when the convoy had entered the highland. Even when bad news kept on coming in, Jiang Fei was still as cool as a cucumber.

    Billy Boy and Seven Star Warrior were unable to detect the subtle calmness of Jiang Fei, not even until the entire convoy was almost being destructed! Lady Casanova had finally had it.

    Jiang Fei smirked when Lady Casanova called out to him.

    "I guess that's all you can do to stop me," said Jiang Fei to himself as he glared at Tutu from afar.

    "Now that you have used all your cards, it is time for me to show you mine!" said Jiang Fei as he shot a flare into the sky.

    "What is that? What is he doing?" said Omen Skies when he saw Jiang Fei used the flare signal.

    "Relax, even if they have more reinforcement, it is useless for him since they will be blocked in the entrance of the highland!" said Tutu. There were more than enough players to stop millions of players from coming into the highlands. Even if they could, it would take more than hours before they could reach the convoy.

    Out of a sudden, a golden pillar of light flashed in the sky next to Jiang Fei.

    To Tutu's surprise, the reinforcement that stepped out of the pillar of light was only a group of people. He had initially thought that the pillar of light was a skill that could summon an army. What appeared had disappointed him greatly as only more than ten people had come out of the light.

    "Blessing!" cried Nina as she cast a golden barrier to protect Jiang Fei. The barrier was a powerful barrier that granted Jiang Fei both damage and debuff immunity. Even with the Gremlin's Potion still in effect, no one around him was able to deal any more damage, not when the ex-Saint of the Light was protecting Jiang Fei!

    "Insolent fools! How dare you attack my master! You shall experience death a million times over! God of War's Skill-Army Breaker!"

    Hua Mulan had gained the status of Intermediate Overlord after absorbing all the Light Essence Shard that Jiang Fei had obtained. At that level, Hua Mulan had gained three God of War skills. Army Breaker was not, but close to being a Forbidden Spell. Jiang Fei had not expected Hua Mulan to use such a powerful flashy skill as soon as she appeared in the fight.
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