730 A Free Forbidden Spell

    Hua Mulan leaped forward and slammed her sword into the ground. Her sword cracked the earth with a powerful blast and exploded with a wide and powerful shockwave that was supposed to blast away enemies. But instead, all of the Special Force squad players that were close to Jiang Fei were killed instantly.

    Not long after, another pillar of light flashed in. However, after the light dissipated, no one came out.

    "What's going on?"

    "What was that? Isn't that some sort of powerful summoning skill?"

    "There's no one coming out of the light!"

    "They're NPC bosses! Group 57 to 66, get the warriors and tanks to hold down the boss!!" Tutu roared as everyone in the Light Faction was panicking.

    Even though Tutu had been focusing on PvP fights, that did not mean he was bad in boss fights. Even though he was not prepared for it, he was still able to come up with a strategy at the very last minute.

    "Group 103 to ---!"

    Before Tutu could finish his words, he dropped to the ground, as he had taken a large amount of damage.


    When it happened, a beautiful figure flashed behind Tutu's' fallen body. She was Sylphy, the Assassin of the Church that Jiang Fei had rescued. With the Light Essence Shard, Sylphy had upgraded from Intermediate Overlord to High Overlord. Each step she took was silent. Her Stealth skill was so powerful that no Stealth Detection skill could detect her presence.

    Once Tutu was killed, Sylphy turned to the rest of the guild masters and smiled before disappearing into nothingness as if she was just a figment of imagination.

    "This is bad! Bad! We have a boss on our tail! Where are our members?! Get someone to defend us!"

    "Tanks! Healers! Come and resurrect Tutu!"

    "Make haste!"


    Every time Sylphy made an appearance, someone would die. It took her less than a split second to kill a single player and all in all, she had taken less than thirty seconds to kill every single guild masters that were with Tutu. Sylphy had become so strong that she had killed those Level 70 fully geared players like they were nothing but trash monsters. Those that had witnessed the culling of their leader ran instantly without even trying to help them.

    Now that Tutu and other guild masters were killed, the command system of the Light Faction army had fallen. Sylphy acted on Jiang Fei's command and prevented anyone from approaching Tutu and the other killed guild masters. That was why the Priests were unable to successfully revive Tutu and the others.

    Soon, pillars of blue light flashed and the Head Priestess Chris appeared, followed by the other Naga Priestess.

    "Master, what can we do you for?" asked Chris as she looked at Jiang Fei with longing eyes.

    "Please help me save my friends over there!" said Jiang Fei he pointed in Billy Boy's direction.

    "Please allow me," said Mirage as she ran toward Billy Boy. As she ran, she was chanting a spell and the moment she was close to Billy Boy, the spell chanting was finished.

    Grand Tsunami!

    Just as Billy Boy was going to be killed himself, Mirage came in to save the day with a powerful Forbidden Spell!

    Including the Head Priestess, there were more than forty Naga Priestesses that "worshipped" Jiang Fei. All of them were at least Lower Overlord tier. Having a Forbidden Spell was only normal for them.

    Having survived Hua Mulan's powerful skill, the Light Faction had thought that the worst was over. Little did they know that there was more where that came from!

    "What the hell is this? How do we fight these?" exclaimed Omen Skies as he was able to escape the death sentence from Sylphy. Just as he was about to craft a strategy to fight against her, more than ten more NPCs appeared to help Jiang Fei and was even able to cast Forbidden Spells!

    "I'm going to f*cking make a complain to the developers! What the f*ck is this? This is blatant hacking! It's already overpowering when he is able to summon one boss! Now, that's more than fifty of them! What the hell is this?!" cried Omen Skies as he gave up even trying to take control of the army.

    "We will help our sisters!"

    "Leave this to us!"

    "Master, we will do our best!"

    With a leader to lead the Priestess, the other Priestess followed Mirage into fighting. Everyone wanted Jiang Fei's attention hence they proactively tried to help him without waiting for instructions.

    "Grand Tsunami!"

    "Flash Flood!"

    "Earth Submission!"


    More and more Forbidden Spells were cast around the entrance of the highlands. The spells were targeting not only the Light Faction players but also the Bandits from the Neutral Faction. They were all trying their best to attract Jiang Fei's attention by simply killing all that they deemed as enemies.

    "Divine Forbidden Spell--The Great Flood!" roared the Head Priestess. When everyone was trying their best to earn Jiang Fei's affection, the Head Priestess felt left behind and attempted to do it her own way.

    Crack... Crack...

    As soon as Chris was finished with the Divine Forbidden Spell, the earth beneath the area, of which hundreds of thousands of Bandits and the Light Faction army stood on, cracked. With a violent shake, the earth cracked wider and further before crashing deep into the earth.

    "An earthquake?"

    "What the hell is this?"

    "I-I think there's water coming up!"

    "There's water! Water is coming up!"


    A few seconds later, the enemies were crying and shouting in fear. Not more than five seconds later, the screaming stopped and the result of the Divine Forbidden Spell was so devastating that even Jiang Fei was left agaped.

    All the other Naga Priestess had released water type Forbidden Spell but most of them were just... spells. After the spells were over, the water would disappear, leaving no trace but death. Chris's Divine Forbidden Spell was different, her spell left behind a permanent effect that would even change the terrain. At the center of all the mess, a large lake was formed.

    "My god... is this the power of the strongest Overlord tier?" wondered Jiang Fei to himself.

    In no more than two minutes after the arrival of Jiang Fei's personal army, more than a million soldiers and 200,000 Bandits were killed by Jiang Fei's forces. While everyone else was relieved and happy, the Naga Priestesses were not too pleased since they were not able to kill as many as the Head Priestess could.

    "Damn! I'd thought that those NPCs were just... NPCs! How did the guild master recruit them?"

    "I'd like to know that too. Here I thought that those Naga NPCs were only for quests!"

    "When and where did the guild master keep those chicks!"

    "Who cares about that? The guild master is just that strong!"

    "Man... I wish I could gather that many chicks for myself... "


    Once the threat was eliminated, players of the Empyreal Dragon started to chat to relieve the stress of war. Most of the female NPCs that was with Jiang Fei were not strangers to the players of Empyreal Dragon. Hua Mulan and the rest of the troops were always roaming about in the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    Most importantly, no one actually knew that those NPCs could pack a punch. Everyone had always thought that Jiang Fei had placed the NPCs in the fortress to fill up the empty space!

    "Guild master, what else are you hiding from us?" asked Billy Boy when he and Jiang Fei was alone.

    "Hahaha... That's for me to know and for you to wait," said Jiang Fei as he laughed.
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