731 The Faction’s War Flag

    When the Priest had all the fallen players revived, Billy Boy consolidated everyone. With 55,000 players in hand, Billy Boy joined Happy Drunk and his soldiers in picking up dropped equipment that were scattered everywhere on the battlefield.

    Out of the mountains of trash equipment, there was still plenty of strong equipment that was ignored by Empyreal Dragon but was treasured by Happy Drunk and his men.

    Unfortunately, many of the stronger equipment, dropped by the Bandits of the Neutral Faction were lost for good. Chris Divine Forbidden Spell was so strong that the changes to the terrain had submerged a good deal of the land into the earth. It was still possible to retrieve that equipment but the only person that was capable of doing so was Jiang Fei. No one else had a special tool that allowed them to dive and breath underwater.

    After looting the treasures of war, the convoy proceeded with the journey with over fifty Overlord tier babes to protect them. There was nothing to worry about. Unless the Divine Light God came down to Earth and stopped the convoy himself, it was practically smooth sailing from there onward.

    Although it was a long and boring journey, the convoy was finally delivered to the front lines.

    "Wonderful! With these cannons, we will be able to decimate the enemies with ease!" said Frizt who was in charge of receiving the goods.

    "It is only our responsibility to respond to needs!" said Jiang Fei.

    "For the King!" Frizt saluted as he tapped his left chest with his fist.

    "For the King!" Jiang Fei repeated the same salute to Frizt. Even though Frizt was basically a general in the front lines, fighting for the Shadow Faction, their true fealty lay with the Nephilim King!

    "Ding! Quest Completed!"

    Once the quest was completed, it was time to reap the rewards.

    A total of 50,000 players, including Jiang Fei, had instantly gained two Levels.

    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 90! You are now qualified to take on the Tier Challenge! You may seek out the Leader of your Race to accept the Tier Challenge quest!"


    Jiang Fei was thrown. He had heard of Title Challenge quest but never Tier Challenge quest. After pondering on it for a while, he finally realized what Tier meant to a player.

    Before Level 90, all players were considered the same. It did not matter having more or less combat power. Once a player reached Level 90, they would be given an option to accept a Tier Challenge quest. Like an NPC, they would be able to upgrade their tier from Normal to Elite and then to Advanced Elite, Leader, Lord, and the four stages of Overlord; Lower, Intermediate, High, and Pinnacle Overlord. Once players themselves had reached the final stage of an Overlord, they would need to gain levels up to Level 99 before accepting another quest that would allow them to partake in a Celestial Challenge quest.

    Now that he had understood the quest description, he understood the troubles that came with it.

    "Who the f*ck is my race leader?" Jiang Fei asked himself as he crossed his arms.

    Long ago, when Jiang Fei was still a normal Nephilim, he would just need to talk to the Nephilim King to accept the Tier Challenge quest. Now, he had become something else after defeating the Evil God Solan. He was now a Covet Nephilim, a different race to the normal Nephilim. Jiang Fei had frankly thought that he was the only Covet Nephilim in the entire game. That would only mean that there was no leader that he could talk to.

    Annoyed and stumped, Jiang Fei decided to put the Tier Challenge quest aside and check on the other rewards from escorting the convoy.

    Emblem of the Shadow's Glory (Accessory, Legendary)

    Strength: +120

    Vitality: +120

    Agility: +120

    Intelligence: +120

    Spirit: +120

    Equip: Grants Shadow Magic Attribute to all of your physical attacks.

    Equip: Grants Shadow Physical Attribute to all of your magic attacks.

    Equip: Grants an additional Barrier effect to your healing skills on a target. Barrier absorbs damage equal to 50% of healing amount.

    Equip: Gains 100 points of Light Attribute Magic Resistance.

    Equip: Grants the skill, Shadow Blessing. Purge all debuff on you and gain Debuff Immunity for the next five seconds. Five minutes cooldown time.

    Note: Shadow Blessing can be used at any moment.

    All 50,000 players, including Jiang Fei, had received this accessory. As the stats on the accessory were universal, all class and players were able to fully enjoy the benefits of the accessory.

    Without thinking twice, Jiang Fei decided to swap out the Charm of Evasion he had with the Emblem of Shadow's Glory. Even though having 100% evasion rate for five seconds was great and all but it was only a Level 40 equipment that was obsolete. In this case, the importance of having Debuff Immunity was far more important to Jiang Fei. He had learned the existence of Gremlim Potion and realized that it would be useless if he had a powerful recovery effect that could be nullified by a simple Heal Block.

    As the leader of the entire expedition, Jiang Fei had received one additional reward.

    Faction War Flag (Military Flag, Legendary)

    Use: Deploys a Faction Military Flag with 1,000,000 Health Points. Increases 50% Attack Power, Defense, and Health Points to all allies of the Shadow Faction within 3,000 meters. Effects last for fifteen minutes or until the flag is destroyed.

    Usage Count: 5/5

    Note: Can only be used in Faction Region. Ineffective in the Underground Realm and Skypiea.

    "Guild master, what is that?" asked Billy Boy as he noticed Jiang Fei was holding a flag in his hands.

    "It's something called a Military Flag," said Jiang Fei as he posted the properties of the flag into the guild chat.

    "Oh! This is good," said Billy Boy as his eyes glittered with greed. Compared to the Emblem, the flag was considered a better reward! 3,000 meters buff range was more than enough to cover the entire battlefield.

    "Is that so? Here, take it," said Jiang Fei as he simply dropped the flag in Billy Boy's hands. Jiang Fei had no use for the flag since he rarely participated in PvP warfare. The flag would be better off with Billy Boy since Jiang Fei had his personal soldiers with him.

    "Thank you very much. I promise that I'll make good use of it!" said Billy Boy gratefully. In comparison, the flag was a chef's knife and Billy Boy was the cook while Jiang Fei was just a mechanic. A tool in different hands would make a difference.

    Once the quest was over, the Empyreal Dragon members returned to their fortress to celebrate. Even though only 50,000 players had received the rewards, the other 50,000 players that had missed out on the system reward were compensated luxuriously by the guild's manager, Rosette Rose.

    Jiang Fei went on his own way instead of joining the guild members. He had spent far too much time on the PvP Championship, as well as the convoy. Those times that he had missed spending with the girls of his harem had to be paid back, especially when the girls had come to him on their own accord.

    It was a coincidence since he needed to cultivate their feelings as Jiang Fei needed to bring them into the real world. After making many war weaponry for Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei would still have plenty of Energy Crystals for himself!

    All the extra Energy Crystals were not sufficient enough to revive Isabella. Instead of trying to get more energy at the moment, Jiang Fei needed help to fight against the incoming threat that was the Mutants. He needed the girls; he needed their artificial souls to make Level 4 Bio-Humans!
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