734 The Martial Art Alliance’s Motive

    After Han Tianyu left, Jiang Fei decided not to stay in the capital. Firstly, Jiang Fei did not know anyone else here. Secondly, he had an inkling that people were spying on him all the time.

    Although the military did not assign anyone to spy on Jiang Fei directly so as not to upset him, they restaffed workers in the hotel that Jiang Fei was staying at. All of the members of staff were special agents. Although they did not spy on Jiang Fei very apparently, they paid attention to his every move.

    However, just as Jiang Fei was about to leave with Ariel, a guest had arrived.

    "You are very well-informed!" Jiang Fei said when he saw that his guest was Bai Zongwei who had gone through some rough times with Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe, how have you been, senior Jiang?" Bai Zongwei bowed at Jiang Fei respectfully. Although he was a few years older than Jiang Fei, he was much weaker than Jiang Fei.

    "Is there a reason why you have come?" Jiang Fei asked as he invited Bai Zongwei into his room.

    "They would like to meet you!" Bai Zongwei pointed at the top of his head. It was clear that he was referring to the high-ranked individuals in the Martial Art Alliance.

    "Hmm... Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. After all, he was not occupied with anything else. It was a good time to visit the Martial Art Alliance. Since the great war was about to begin, he would need the Martial Art Alliance to cooperate as they were the main force fighting against the mutants.

    "Thank you, senior Jiang!" Bai Zongwei was very happy when he received Jiang Fei's positive response.

    "When do we begin our journey?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "If it is convenient for you, we can leave immediately!" Bai Zongwei answered.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded as he called out to Ariel in the bedroom, "Ariel, we are leaving now!"

    "I'm coming!" Ariel answered and very quickly came to Jiang Fei's side.

    "Ehh... Who is this?" Bai Zongwei clearly did not know who Ariel was.

    "She's my junior." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Oh! Oh!" Bai Zongwei glanced at Jiang Fei. However, he did not ask any further. As Bai Zongwei was also a young master in one of the bigger sects, he was very much aware of circumstances like this. In his opinion, it was normal for a capable man to be surrounded by multiple women.

    "Mr. Jiang, are you heading out?" The bell-boy asked when Jiang Fei and the others left the hotel.

    "Yeah. Tell Commander Fan that I have some matters to attend to and will be leaving now. Thank him for his hospitality on my behalf." Jiang Fei nodded. As these special agents did not purposefully hide their identity, Jiang Fei was able to pass his message on without any hindrance.

    "Senior Jiang, are you working with the military?" Bai Zongwei asked when they got into the car. Bai Zongwei seemed to be somewhat unhappy.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. He could tell what went on in the minds of these martial artists. They think of themselves as superior to normal humans and therefore undermined the human government as well. Therefore, it was not a surprise that the government wanted to get rid of them.

    "What good could come from working with those normal humans? Isn't it still up to martial artists like us to fight against the mutants?" Bai Zongwei did not seem to notice Jiang Fei's look of annoyance. Perhaps Bai Zongwei had gotten used to belittling normal humans and since he thought of Jiang Fei as one of the metahumans, he did not feel the need to hide his true feelings about the matter.

    "My parents are normal humans too!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. He was getting increasingly annoyed with the arrogance of these martial artists. Although they were very respectful toward Jiang Fei, they did not realize that Jiang Fei still looked at himself as a normal human as he had only acquired his abilities not too long ago. Therefore, Jiang Fei still got upset when the martial artists talked about normal humans negatively.

    "I'm sorry, senior Jiang, I didn't mean to offend you intentionally..." Bai Zongwei apologized immediately when he realized Jiang Fei was angered by his words.

    In the world of metahumans, a person's capability carried the most weight. Jiang Fei had managed to acquire Level 4 capabilities at a very young age and also had a very mysterious master, and therefore deserved a lot of respect.

    "Where are we heading to?" As Jiang Fei was in a bad mood, he went straight to the point.

    "Green Willow Heights in the Baihua Mountain!" Bai Zongwei answered.

    Jiang Fei was no stranger to that place. This was where Han Tianyu's sect was located. As it was the closest place to the capital, the Martial Art Alliance's superiors decided that was the best location to meet Jiang Fei.

    After finding out that Jiang Fei had come to the capital, the Martial Art Alliance's superiors quickly rushed over to the Green Willow Heights. Now that the mutants were exerting a lot of pressure in the region, the Martial Art Alliance was also feeling very nervous. They all needed to expand their powers urgently. Therefore, they focused their attention on Jiang Fei and the Level 5 experts supporting him so that they could gain some benefits from them.

    As the Baihua Mountain was not very far away from the capital, Jiang Fei and the others arrived there in slightly over an hour.

    Although the place was not too far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was full of the peace and serenity of nature. Clearly, they had decided to establish Green Willow Heights there after very careful considerations.

    "We have arrived!" Bai Zongwei said as he got out of the car. He then swiftly opened the door on the other side for Jiang Fei.

    "Let's go in!" Jiang Fei tugged Ariel along as he walked toward the building.

    After entering the first courtyard, Jiang Fei could see a large number of martial artists waiting for him at the second gate. He knew quite a few of them.

    "Jiang Fei, you have finally come!" Grandmother Yuehua from Aquamoon Heavenly Palace laughed when she saw Jiang Fei. Yang Po and Yang Qing stood behind her. However, the two of them did not look very happy when they saw that Jiang Fei had brought another chick along.

    "Haha, little brother Jiang, you have come at last. We have been waiting for you since the morning!" Bai Wanli from the Snow Mountain Sect laughed along.

    Apart from Grandmother Yuehua and Bai Wanli, Jiang Fei could also see Ma Xuantong who had a sour expression on his face. Although Jiang Fei had made peace with the Soaring Cloud Sect, Ma Xuantong was still upset with Jiang Fei's decision to bring Shang Guanqi home.

    Other than these three, Jiang Fei had not met the leaders from the other bigger sects. However, Jiang Fei could recognize a few of the aides standing behind these leaders. For example, Jiang Fei had previously met people like Zhao Ganming and Mao Gongsui.

    "Sorry to keep you all waiting..." Jiang Fei cupped his fists at everyone. After all, the leaders of these bigger sects had all greeted him at the second gate which was a great act of honor toward Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei did not want to take them for granted.

    "Haha, it's nothing. Don't listen to Old Bai. We had only just arrived!" Someone chipped in.

    "Come on, Jiang Fei. This is no place to talk. Let's discuss inside!" Ding Tianqing invited Jiang Fei inside as he was the host of the Green Willow Heights.

    After entering the hall, everyone sat down at their respective places. As Jiang Fei did not want to waste time bantering with these old folks, he went straight to the point. "Everyone, I have very limited time. Be upfront and tell me what you want!"
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