735 Jiang Fei’s Inheritance Revealed

    "Hehe, brother Jiang, you truly are blunt!" Ding Tianqing laughed and continued speaking, "To be honest, we have a very simple objective. We believe the mutants have ill intentions and would attack China very soon. We hope to work together to fight against these intruders. What do you think?"

    "I agree with that whole-heartedly!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Then... I wonder if you could let us know how much power do your master and your sect truly have?" Bai Wanli asked.

    At the same time, everyone focused on Jiang Fei. After all, this was the question they were all concerned with the most.

    "Hehe... This is what you want to ask..." Jiang Fei laughed as he looked around. Simultaneously, he was considering how to answer the question.

    Jiang Fei's so-called sect actually did not exist. However, he could not tell these people the truth. Without the backing of his fictitious sect, the Soaring Cloud Sect would be the first to go after Jiang Fei's head.

    "I am not in a position to tell you the details. However, if need be, my master will send fifty experts above Level 4 to participate in the war!" Jiang Fei said after a moment of contemplation. He had given the answer based on 0541's calculated forecasts.

    According to 0541's plan, if Jiang Fei used all of the Energy Crystals from Han Tianyu to create Level 4 Bio-Humans, he would be able to create as many as sixty of them. However, Jiang Fei needed to spare a few in case of emergency. Therefore, fifty Bio-Humans was a safe prediction.


    "Fifty Level 4 experts?"

    "How is that possible?"

    "Is that a bluff?"


    After Jiang Fei spoke, the entire hall became filled with chatter. Most of the audience present were martial artists from secondary sects. Everyone knew their own sect's capabilities very well. Even China's biggest sect, the Soaring Cloud Sect, had less than thirty Level 4 experts. However, Jiang Fei's mentioning of fifty of them made everyone wonder how many more of these experts were there in his sect.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had left out the fact that these Level 4 experts were all at the Advanced tier and not the Beginner tier. From 0541's point of view, creating Beginner Level 4 and Advanced Level 4 Bio-Humans required the same amount of energy. The only difference would be the Level 5 Bio-Sample used.

    However, now that Jiang Fei owned Doomsday like one of his poultry animals, he was not worried about lacking Bio-Samples. Therefore, there was no reason for Jiang Fei to waste the same amount of energy to create Beginner Level 4 Bio-Humans.

    If not for the fact that Pinnacle Level 4 Bio-Humans required much more energy, Jiang Fei would have been willing to create all fifty of them as Pinnacle Level 4 Bio-Humans.

    "Brother Jiang, are you for real?" Ding Tianqing asked.

    "Of course!" Jiang Fei nodded without hesitation.

    "In that case, once we enter the final stage of the war, how many Level 5 experts is your sect willing to offer? Will your master himself participate in the war?" Grandmother Yuehua asked.

    "Hmm... That's difficult..." Jiang Fei was caught off guard this time. If he could not find Braveheart's engine room, he would not even be able to resurrect Isabella, much less create other Level 5 Bio-Humans.

    "Why's that? Is your master unwilling to fight for China?" Ma Xuantong chipped in. He was already unhappy with Jiang Fei. Now that he had a chance to put Jiang Fei in a difficult position, he naturally would not let it pass.

    "Based on my master's personality, he would definitely not want to take part in the war. However, I may be able to convince a few of my seniors to take part!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at Ma Xuantong. Naturally, Jiang Fei was aware that Ma Xuantong was trying to harm his relationship with the Martial Art Alliance.

    "A few seniors?!" Everyone present was sharp-minded. They were able to pick up an important message from what Jiang Fei said.

    Previously, the members of the Martial Art Alliance were already aware that Jiang Fei had a Level 5 senior called Phoenix. Now that Jiang Fei mentioned a few other seniors, that meant he had more than one senior at Level 5.

    "How great is the power behind this young man?!" Ma Xuantong frowned. If Jiang Fei's supporting network was as strong as he mentioned, the Soaring Cloud Sect would be a difficult position if they continued to go against Jiang Fei.

    "Could the Zhuge Shanzhen truly be a legendary Level 6 expert?" Bai Wanli thought to himself. After all, training a Level 5 disciple was already an incredible achievement. If he was able to train a group of Level 5 disciples, that must mean that this fellow had much higher capabilities than Level 5.

    "No way! I can't let this young man off the hook. I must make him my son-in-law in the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace!" Grandmother Yuehua thought to herself as her eyes lit up. Although she had worked very hard to get the Yang sisters close to Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei's resistance had nearly caused her to give up completely.

    However, now that she realized Jiang Fei had such a strong background, Grandmother Yuehua was convinced she had to get Jiang Fei on her side.

    As she thought of this, Grandmother Yuehua could not stop herself from looking at her two disciples. Yang Po looked cold and distant without a trace of emotion while Yang Qing seemed a little upset. Clearly, Yang Qing was very jealous that Jiang Fei appeared to be very close to another girl.

    "I must plan this carefully!" Grandmother Yuehua nodded. She knew that forceful methods would not work on Jiang Fei. After getting to know Jiang Fei's background, no other force would dare to behave inappropriately toward Jiang Fei. However, it was not an easy feat to make Jiang Fei accept her two disciples.

    Jiang Fei was unaware that his mindless words had actually caused such an impact in the hearts of the sect leaders. Presently, he was thinking of how to convince the Martial Art Alliance to cooperate with the government. After all, they were fighting not only against the mutants, but the major rice-exporting country's fleet as well.

    "Brother Jiang, I wonder, what do you think of the fight against the mutants?" Bai Wanli asked.

    "My thoughts are to work with the government to fight against external invaders!" Jiang Fei answered immediately. He was glad that Bai Wanli had asked the question he was trying to address.

    "What could those normal humans possibly do? They are a bunch of trash!" Ma Xuantong said unhappily.

    "Look at yourself, b*stard. I should just let the government's android army annihilate your entire sect!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at Ma Xuantong. Of course, these were the words spoken only in Jiang Fei's heart. If he were to put it out there, these martial artists would undermine the government completely and put an end to their working relationship. By then, China would start fighting internally before the major rice-exporting country's fleet and the mutants even start attacking.

    "Alright then. In that case, can we please ask the Soaring Cloud Sect to get rid of the major rice-exporting country's fleet in the outer sea of China?" Jiang Fei glanced at Ma Xuantong as he spoke very calmly.
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