737 Lie Down


    Everyone present was actually smart and alert. As they were all worried about Jiang Fei's safety and also the Alliance's destruction, their thoughts were obstructed. Now that Yang Po had mentioned it, they suddenly realized that she was right.

    In the beginning, Ma Xuantong was indeed the one who spoke against Jiang Fei. However, he barely spoke after that. Jiang Fei was the one who kept pushing Ma Xuantong. Now that they had thought about it, it seemed like Jiang Fei was the one provoking Ma Xuantong to fight him.

    Although Jiang Fei was a very inexperienced youth in the eyes of the sect leaders, none of them thought of him as a fool. Since Jiang Fei dared to provoke Ma Xuantong, he must have believed in his own capabilities.

    "If he has the confidence to challenge Senior Ma, what kind of capabilities does he have? Pinnacle Level 4? But he's still so young!" Mao Gongsui exclaimed.

    "So what? Haven't you seen the senior he brought the last time? She was already a Level 5 expert!" Lu Gongdan said.

    "That's different. Phoenix is still a part of the mutants. She is different from martial artists like us!" Mao Gongsui shook his head.

    "Just watch. We'll find out once they start fighting!" Ding Tianqing stopped the argument.

    At the same time, Jiang Fei and Ma Xuantong began their fight.

    Ma Xuantong had thought that Jiang Fei would be defeated as soon as he attacked. However, Jiang Fei was able to easily dodge his gust of wind. In fact, once he got close, Jiang Fei struck him with a perfectly angled and high-speed kick.

    "You're pretty good. No wonder you are so arrogant!" Ma Xuantong snorted. Although Jiang Fei had dodged his attack, Ma Xuantong still did not perceive Jiang Fei to be as strong as he was.

    When Ma Xuantong saw Jiang Fei's kick approaching, he did not try to dodge it. Instead, Ma Xuantong used his hand to grab Jiang Fei's leg with the intention of locking his movement.

    Dragon Claw!

    This was Ma Xuantong's famed technique. All his strength was concentrated in his hand and could be controlled at will. If he used less effort, he would be able to paralyze his opponent. If he used more effort, he would be able to break an expert's leg completely.

    Ma Xuantong's technique was pretty strong. If used against his own disciples or opponents much weaker than him, he would be able to defeat his opponent without hurting him. However, if Jiang Fei continued to speak rudely, he would not mind breaking Jiang Fei's leg.

    Although Ma Xuantong's plan sounded well in his head, he had underestimated Jiang Fei's capabilities. From the beginning, Ma Xuantong had treated Jiang Fei as a youth with lesser capabilities and not his true opponent.

    Therefore, when Ma Xuantong's Dragon Claw came into contact with Jiang Fei's Thunder Gale Kick Technique which used 80% of Jiang Fei's strength, a bright light flashed from Jiang Fei's leg.

    Jiang Fei's Origin Force combined the strength of China's Inner Qi technique as well as the various special attributes of the Western mutant abilities. Right then, the Origin Force exerted by Jiang Fei was thunder-based. A strong electric current coursed through Ma Xuantong's arm which suddenly felt paralyzed. Then, Jiang Fei's kick landed on Ma Xuantong's palm.


    As a soft sound was heard, minor cracks appeared on Ma Xuantong's palm and arm. Ma Xuantong's face turned red as he felt the intense pain in his body.

    "You deserve to die!" Ma Xuantong's eyes turned red as his right arm fell on his side. He held his left hand to Jiang Fei's throat like a sword. He was planning to kill Jiang Fei with a single blow.

    Ma Xuantong had changed from feeling embarrassed to feeling angry.

    Being defeated by a youngster in front of so many martial arts peers made Ma Xuantong feel extremely insulted.

    Although his reason for losing was mainly caused by his underestimation of his opponent, it was still a defeat. Rage and embarrassment filled Ma Xuantong's mind instantly and caused him to lose his rationality.

    Jiang Fei smiled when he saw Ma Xuantong's extended hand. Ma Xuantong had already lost his rationality. Therefore, his attacks were disoriented. Jiang Fei easily dodged Ma Xuantong's next attack by tilting his body to one side and then gripped Ma Xuantong's wrist with his right hand.

    "Hmph! Lie down!" Jiang Fei snorted. He repeated the exact words Ma Xuantong had spoken earlier.

    As Jiang Fei pulled backward, he stuck his leg out to trip Ma Xuantong who then fell to the ground. Although Ma Xuantong was not hurt from the fall, he looked even more upset. Jiang Fei's first attack brought Ma Xuantong a lot of pain while his second attack brought Ma Xuantong a lot of shame.

    "Young kid! I want you dead!" Ma Xuantong jumped up from the ground immediately. A strong energy began emitting from his body.

    "Oh no! Ma Xuantong is going all out!" People standing around were in a state of shock and fear.

    "Everyone, get behind me!" Ding Tianqing gathered his disciples behind him. With a Pinnacle Level 4 expert losing his temper, the Green Willow Heights was in grave danger of falling apart.


    Ma Xuantong drew his sword out from behind him. He also suppressed the injury on his arm with his Inner Qi ability.

    "Have you given up on your fists and legs? Are we fighting with swords now?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Die, young kid!" Ma Xuantong lashed out with his sword which emitted a three-feet long beam of light.


    Jiang Fei also drew out his Chengying Sword from behind him. After all, they were both at the same level. Jiang Fei did not dare to fight with his bare hands.

    Although Jiang Fei wanted to teach Ma Xuantong a lesson, he did not want to accidentally kill the Soaring Cloud Sect's leader. Therefore, he merely retrieved his Chengying Sword instead of the Zhanlu Sword. After all, if Jiang Fei killed Ma Xuantong, the Soaring Cloud Sect would go all out to fight against Jiang Fei. By then, China would be in a mess and the mutants would benefit from the situation.



    As Ma Xuantong waved his sword around, beams of light were emitted. Some of them were blocked by Jiang Fei's Chengying Sword. However, a few of them collided against the plants in the Green Willow Heights and caused major explosions.

    "What did I do to deserve this?!" Ding Tianqing exclaimed bitterly. Jiang Fei and Ma Xuantong's fight was tearing his home apart. It was very bad luck indeed.

    Ding Tianqing was feeling very concerned. Not only was his house being torn apart, he would also have to occasionally block the beams of light from Ma Xuantong's sword on behalf of his disciples. Otherwise, he might lose more than just his house.

    "Based on how the fight is going, Jiang Fei seems to really have Pinnacle Level 4 capabilities!" Bai Wanli sighed. Mao Gongsui and Lu Gongdan kept their mouths shut. Although both of them were in their late forties, they had only achieved Intermediate Level 4. They had no right to judge Jiang Fei at all.

    "Why do I feel that Senior Ma would lose?" Grandmother Yuehua suddenly commented.

    "Would Senior Ma lose? That's not possible!" Bai Wanli exclaimed. Right then, Ma Xuantong was putting a lot of pressure on Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei had strong capabilities, his sword-wielding techniques could still not rival Ma Xuantong's.
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