740 Duel in the Air

    It might sound easy to modify Si Tuying's body, as if drinking the potions would solve everything. However, it was actually a complicated process. Everyone's body had different qualities and would require a different composition of potions. If Si Tuying drank the same potions that Jiang Fei did, she might be tragically hurt.

    "0541, body-scan!" Jiang Fei asked 0541 to thoroughly scan Si Tuying's body after getting her to stand up straight.

    Thereafter, 0541 started calculating the compositions of the potions for Si Tuying based on her body's qualities. Once the compositions were identified, 0541 would start producing the potions.

    0541 needed time to calculate the compositions as well as produce the potions. However, none of that required Jiang Fei's involvement. Therefore, Jiang Fei proceeded to have dinner with the three girls. After a while, Jiang Fei's parents finally returned home.

    Jiang Fei went into his own room after chatting with them for a bit. Si Tuying and Ariel were brought into Shang Guanqi's room again.

    After logging into the game, Jiang Fei realized there was not much for him to do. Although the Gnome Cannons had been shifted to the frontlines, they still needed to be tested. So, the battle would not start immediately. Also, Jiang Fei did not know who to approach for more quests. Therefore, he was not occupied with anything.

    After fighting in one of the Class Competition battles, Jiang Fei continued to accompany his ladies.

    While Jiang Fei was having a leisurely time, Han Tianyu was nearly working himself to death. Ever since they had declared war against the major rice-exporting country's fleet, they entered a state of preparations for war.

    Moreover, in order to intimidate the major rice-exporting country's fleet, and also to prevent the opponents from discovering the true strength of their battle aircraft, Han Tianyu had used the simplified blueprints from Jiang Fei to modify his aircraft.

    Jiang Fei had not given all of the blueprints to Han Tianyu mainly because Planet Namek's technology was far greater than Earth's. If Jiang Fei gave them all of the original blueprints, Han Tianyu's engineers would not even be able to understand them. It was a much better approach for 0541 to simplify the blueprints. 0541 even indicated where modifications could be made in the blueprints so that the engineers would not have to waste time to figure things out on their own.

    With pressure from Han Tianyu to work overtime, the engineers were able to make some minor modifications to the battle aircraft within a day.

    The next morning, three battle aircraft were dragged out of the aeroshed and parked quietly on a military runway along the east coast.

    Around eight o'clock in the morning, Han Tianyu received a call from the major rice-exporting country's fleet.

    "Han, do you regret this? Aren't you worried that we will destroy your battle aircraft before you have had a chance to even attack us?" The leader in charge of the major rice-exporting country's Pacific Ocean Seventh Fleet was the Commanding Officer.

    "Don't worry. We don't mind losing a few of our battle aircraft. Besides, we already produced over a hundred of them!" Han Tianyu bluffed. Although there were actually only thirty battle aircraft, and most of them were not even operational, Han Tianyu had blatantly told such a big lie.

    "Han, you seem to be very confident with your products," Robert said with a frown. Although he was not very bothered by China's so-called new battle aircraft, Han Tianyu's confidence worried him.

    "Of course, these aircraft were created based on our company's alien technology!" Han Tianyu revealed a little bit of information to confuse the opponents.

    "Han, stop blowing your own trumpet. Alien technology is no secret to us. Do you think only China has such technology?" Robert laughed. The major rice-exporting country was over a decade ahead of other countries in terms of their technological advancement. That was mostly attributed to their early discovery of alien technology and additional research.

    "Let's cut the crap. If you have no other objections, we can start the first duel!" Han Tianyu laughed.

    "Sure!" Robert nodded. He wanted to see how great China's new battle aircraft were.

    Thereafter, one of the modified Planet Namek's battle aircraft took off from China's airport. One of the major rice-exporting country's elite battle aircraft also took to the air in Tokyo.

    Although the major rice-exporting country's aircraft carrier was closer to China, their carrier aircraft' ammunition and petrol storage could not compare to the fighter jets'. Therefore, to ensure victory, the major rice-exporting country still used a fighter jet to fight against China's battle aircraft.

    The two battle aircraft headed into the duel zone. At the same time, both sides activated their radar systems to detect their opponent's position.

    The rules of the duel included that, during the first round, both sides could not offer any help to the battle aircraft. Therefore, both the major rice-exporting country and China's fleets turned off the active radars on their fleets. The battle aircraft from both parties would have to depend on their own radars to detect the enemy.

    "Eagle 1 has entered the fight zone. The radar has not detected anything. The opponent must not have entered the fight zone!" The major rice-exporting country's pilot started reporting his status.

    In the eyes of the major rice-exporting country's military, China's battle aircraft were rubbish. Therefore, they believed it was normal for their own battle aircraft to enter the fight zone first.

    "This is Falcon 1 requesting for permission to open fire!" In comparison to the major rice-exporting country's nervous pilot who was trying to locate his opponent, China's pilot was much more relaxed. As soon as the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft had taken to the air, his radar had already locked onto the target. If China's pilot decided to fire the Light Cannon, the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft would have been destroyed before even leaving the airport.

    However, in order to let the show play on, and for it to be convincing, Han Tianyu did not allow the Light Cannon to be used. He ordered the pilot to enter the battle state at one-third of the battle aircraft's speed.

    As such, China's battle aircraft would indeed enter the fight zone later than the major rice-exporting country's. However, the battle aircraft made with Planet Namek's technology was able to ascend to a much higher altitude than the major rice-exporting country's aircraft.

    Although the two battle aircraft were about to fight, China's battle aircraft was actually over 2,000 meters above the major rice-exporting country's aircraft. For battle aircraft, 2,000 meters was a very short distance. However, due to the perfect invisibility effect of Planet Namek's battle aircraft, the major rice-exporting country's pilot still had no idea how close they were.

    "Dive! Destroy him!" Han Tianyu decided it was time to act and so he gave the command.

    "Falcon 1, affirmative!" The eyes of the Chinese pilot lit up with excitement. He had always dreamed of destroying a major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft. In the past, pilots like him had to use rusty flying technology and an advantage in numbers to fight against more advanced battle aircraft from the major rice-exporting country. However, today, China's battle aircraft were much stronger than their opponents'.

    Although the Planet Namek's battle aircraft was restricted to one-third of its flying speed, and was not as fast as the major rice-exporting country's aircraft, the latter's pilot who had not discovered his opponent was still akin to a prey as he maintained a slow patrolling speed. On top of that, China's battle aircraft was not very far away and also had the additional speed from diving.
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