741 You Are Cheating

    "Come on! The first blood belongs to me!" the pilot steering the aircraft at a high speed exclaimed as his eyes glowed brightly. He was staring at his prey in front of him who was completely unaware of his presence.

    The distance of 2,000 meters took very little time for the battle aircraft which moved at an extremely high speed. Within two seconds, the gap between the two battle aircraft were reduced to less than 1,000 meters. Right then, China's pilot initiated the aircraft's firing bay.

    The firing bay was originally designed to be equipped with Phasic Missiles. However, Jiang Fei had excluded the Phasic Missiles as they required too much energy to produce. Creating one Phasic Missile might cost even more energy than creating an entire battle aircraft.

    Phasic Missiles were different from the guided missiles on earth. These items could jump through a short distance of space. Not only would traditional methods of blocking be futile, even energy shields would not be able to stop them.

    However, the Planet Namek's battle aircraft clearly were not equipped with Phasic Missiles. Despite that, Han Tianyu's engineers had added a pair of aero-cannons.

    After the firing bay's door was opened, the battle aircraft's invisibility effect was disrupted. The major rice-exporting country's radar on the battle aircraft was able to detect it immediately.

    "Oh my god! How did he do that?" Right then, the major rice-exporting country's pilot was shocked. The enemy's aircraft had appeared out of nowhere and was already right behind him. He could not even target his enemy if he wanted to.


    Before the major rice-exporting country's pilot even had time to react, China's battle aircraft opened fire.

    Two streams of bullets from the aero-cannons were fired and instantly destroyed the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft.


    The major rice-exporting country's pilot did not even have a chance to open fire. His battle aircraft had been blasted into two halves which immediately exploded.

    As the distance was too close, debris from the major rice-exporting country's aircraft even came into contact with the Chinese aircraft. However, the aircraft was protected by a weak barrier of energy shield.

    Planet Namek's expertise in energy weapons meant they did not leave out the defensive component of the battle aircraft. Although the nuclear energy supply was running low, it was still capable of defending against small bits of flying debris.

    Beep beep!

    However, as the energy shield was activated, the Chinese aircraft's internal alert started ringing. Energy was running low and the pilot had to return immediately.

    Fortunately, the battle had already ended. The Chinese pilot began the journey back to base with the glory of getting the first kill.

    "Eagle 1! What happened? Please answer!"

    "Eagle 1! Please answer!"


    Just as the major rice-exporting country's pilot cried out for god, his plane had already been attacked and destroyed promptly after. Therefore, regardless of how many times the fleet called for his response, he would not be able to reply to them.

    "Robert, I have good news for you! We have won the first round!" Han Tianyu laughed.

    "What?!" Although Robert was already mentally prepared for the news when he lost contact with the battle aircraft, he was still in disbelief when Han Tianyu announced his victory. The powerful major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft had actually lost in a one-on-one duel.

    "You are cheating!" This was Robert's immediate response.

    "You have to prove it. You may still have time to retrieve the black box now!" Han Tianyu smiled.

    "I don't need you to tell me that! If the black box proves that you are cheating, we will see each other on the battlefield!" Robert threatened. He then hung up disrespectfully.

    "He's speaking as if we couldn't possibly win without cheating." Jiang Fei laughed. The war was unavoidable. The duel was only meant to buy them more time.

    Very soon, the major rice-exporting country was able to retrieve the black box. They were also able to witness what the pilot had gone through.

    "An incredible invisibility effect?"

    "It was actually able to nullify our plane's radar. This is indeed a huge technological breakthrough!"

    "However, why did they use aero-cannons? Wouldn't it be safer to use guided missiles?"

    "I think their invisibility technique must have required them to get rid of all electromagnetic signals. As such, while we would face a challenge in locating them, they would also have to bear the cost of not using electromagnetic signals which meant they are unable to use guided missiles. That explains why they gave up on guided missiles!" One of the major rice-exporting country's officers explained.

    "That's right! Moreover, their battle aircraft does not have very high speed. It seems that China has yet to solve their engine's problem!" Another officer said.

    "If that's the case, it would be easy to make adjustments to our strategy. Firstly, we need a high-speed battle aircraft to be equipped with a target-locking radar. The battle aircraft does not need to be equipped with long-distance guided missiles. It will only require two normal missiles. Try to reduce the plane's weight so that its speed can be increased. As long as we maintain our distance after discovering China's battle aircraft, and avoid their aero-cannons, we will win for sure!" Robert said. He sounded unusually confident. It was almost as if he had thoroughly identified the Chinese aircraft's weaknesses.

    "Although we had lost a battle aircraft and a brave soldier, it's all worth it. If not for those sacrifices, we would not have been able to identify those weaknesses. Had we initiated the war directly, we would have lost even more!"

    "Hmph! The Chinese are too naive. Do they really think such invisibility effects would scare us and stop the war?"

    "That's right! As the final obstacle to our plan of world domination, the Chinese should be prepared to get their asses kicked!"

    The commanding officers from the major rice-exporting country's fleet seemed very confident as they began preparations for the second day of duels. Although the first round of duels had ended in an instant, they needed more time to make modifications for their second battle aircraft. After all, a duel was not a war. Under certain conditions, the major rice-exporting country would try to increase their likelihood of winning rather than trying to rush things through.

    Han Tianyu was very pleased with the major rice-exporting country's request to have one duel each day. His original objective was to buy himself time. He could not have been happier with the major rice-exporting country's willingness to cooperate.

    However, he still had to act the part. Han Tianyu started by objecting to the major rice-exporting country's request and calling them out for breaking the rules. He then insulted the major rice-exporting country for being cowardly. The major rice-exporting country did not show any sign of weakness either, and used various excuses to counter Han Tianyu's words. In fact, they even blamed China for cheating in the first round. They also refused to publicly reveal the black box's content on the basis of it being a military secret. All in all, the major rice-exporting country believed that they were the only ones who deserved absolute victory. If their opponents won, that must mean that their opponents had cheated.

    Han Tianyu and the Chinese military could only laugh at the major rice-exporting country's insults. Regardless of what they said, the battle would soon occur anyway. There was no point in arguing verbally. As soon as Jiang Fei handed over the complete set of weapons, Han Tianyu and the Chinese military would immediately teach the major rice-exporting country's fleet a lesson on how to be respectful.
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