743 Receiving Modification

    "What exactly happened?" Robert was going mad.

    "Commander, I am not sure yet. We will have to wait for the pilot and the black box to be retrieved!" One of the officers said.

    "Whew..." Robert let out a long sigh. He knew there was no point in making a fuss or being worried. There was nothing they could do until the pilot and the black box were found.

    By the afternoon, both the pilot and the black box had been retrieved.

    "What happened?" Robert charged into the pilot's room. He did not even bother asking the pilot about his injuries. Instead, he was more concerned with how the Chinese battle aircraft had become so powerful.

    "I don't know. He was like a ghost that suddenly appeared behind me. He then started speeding up. It was insane. I didn't even have time to react before the aircraft was split into two halves!" The pilot looked equally dumbfounded.

    "Was the Chinese battle aircraft very fast?" Robert asked with a frown.

    "Very fast! Not the normal kind of fast. It had at least twice of our flying speed. It could go even faster with a speed booster!" The pilot said as he tried to recall what he saw.

    Soon enough, the black box had also been opened. The data recorded within proved the pilot's words to be true. The Chinese battle aircraft had appeared without a sign and suddenly increased its speed to cut the major rice-exporting country's aircraft wide open.

    "Incredible invisibility effect and amazing flying speed, but unarmed with long-distance gunpower? What kind of a freak plane is this?" Robert frowned.

    "Commander, what about tomorrow's duel?" An officer asked carefully.

    "Postpone it!" Robert said.

    "For how long?" The officer asked again.

    "Until we figure out a strategy!" Robert was getting impatient.

    If China's battle aircraft were truly strong, and if they really had at least a hundred of those aircraft like Han Tianyu had said, the major rice-exporting country would not have an upper-hand in the aerial battle. Without full control of the air, even the naval battle would be affected. If that were the case, the major rice-exporting country could forget about getting on land.

    While the major rice-exporting country's military scratched their heads to figure out a strategy, China started their verbal attacks. After all, China was happy with the delay. The longer the delay, the better.

    For the next few days, the major rice-exporting country was bombarded with Jiang Fei's plan of verbal abuse. However, Jiang Fei himself carried on with his life in a leisurely manner. After hearing from Han Tianyu about their progress, and the fact that the major rice-exporting country had withdrawn their naval fleet to a nearby dock, Jiang Fei was confident that they would reclaim the right to initiate in a few days.

    With the loss of the second duel, the major rice-exporting country became much quieter. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, picked up his pace at work. This time, he was occupied with work that was completely personal.

    Over the past few days, 0541 had already figured out the compositions required to design Si Tuying's potions and had promptly produced them.

    Right now, the two bottles of potions were in Jiang Fei's hands. The yellow potion was used to establish one's energy system. The other transparent potion was meant to establish one's energy regenerating system.

    "Come on, drink this first!" Jiang Fei said after calling Si Tuying into his room.

    "Will this potion give me powers?" Si Tuying asked curiously.

    "This is only one of them." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Is it bitter?" After receiving the potion from Jiang Fei, Si Tuying asked with a concerned tone.

    "Don't worry. This one has a fruity flavor!" Jiang Fei gave Si Tuying a reassuring look. He knew what it tasted like because he had also drunk it previously.

    "Oh!" Si Tuying immediately opened the bottle to drink the potion when she heard that it had a fruity flavor.

    "It tastes pretty good!" Si Tuying smiled at Jiang Fei. She then asked, "Am I like one of you now?"

    As she spoke, Si Tuying even stretched out her hands and legs. However, she could not feel anything different. She was doing exactly the same thing Jiang Fei did when he first drank the potion.

    "Hold on. It's not done yet!" Jiang Fei said as he passed Si Tuying the bottle of transparent liquid.

    "Is this a fruity flavor as well?" Si Tuying asked.

    "This tastes more like strong alcohol. It's a little intense. Drink it slowly!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Strong alcohol? That's nothing!" Si Tuying did not mind at all as she opened the bottle and drank it all down in a single gulp. As the daughter of the boss of a group of gangsters, she had plenty of experience in drinking.

    "Ehh..." Jiang Fei suddenly felt embarrassed for his old self for being such a weakling when she saw how well Si Tuying took it.

    "Wow! This tastes so good! It feels very warm!" Not only did Si Tuying not complain about the strong alcohol taste, she even gave compliments for its good flavor.

    "Alright, have a good rest while the energy is being established in your body. Don't move around too much. Your energy levels will be unstable. I don't want you to destroy my room!" Jiang Fei warned as he was well aware of the adjustment needed after acquiring so much energy.

    "Alright!" Si Tuying stood still and quietly when she heard Jiang Fei's words. She could feel bouts of energy moving around in her body which then concentrated near her abdomen. Finally, she could feel all the energy turning into a small vortex.

    "What level of capabilities do I have now?" Si Tuying asked curiously.

    "Beginner stage Level 2!" Jiang Fei answered. Si Tuying's newly established energy gave her the same capabilities as what Jiang Fei had when he first drank the potion.

    "Beginner stage Level 2? Does that mean I can defeat twenty to thirty special soldiers?" Si Tuying's eyes lit up. She had heard about this from Shang Guanqi.

    Si Tuying used to be weaker than even the special soldiers and could not possibly defeat one of them. However, she could now fight against at least twenty of them at once. Si Tuying was overjoyed by that fact.

    "Don't get too cocky. Having a higher level does not make you stronger. If your fighting techniques are not as strong, you will still be bullied!" Jiang Fei was worried Si Tuying might be too full of herself. Therefore, he gave her a fair warning to calm her down.

    "Oh! I will work hard to train myself!" Si Tuying nodded.

    "Oh yeah, 0541, could you give her some martial arts techniques?" Jiang Fei asked 0541. After all, the fastest way for Si Tuying to learn was to have the techniques transferred to her memory.

    "That won't be an issue. I will only need to set up a Mind Transferring Device!" 0541 answered.

    "Alright, go ahead. Also, design a special set of martial arts techniques for her!" Jiang Fei ordered.

    "As you wish, captain!" 0541 immediately started designing martial arts techniques in the spatial ring's data handling center.

    "Little Ying, try to be more gentle during this period. When you have time, learn some martial arts from Shang Guanqi. I will get some more potions from my master to increase your capabilities." Jiang Fei said to Si Tuying after making the necessary arrangements with 0541.
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