744 Keeping Doomsday for its Flesh

    Thereafter, Jiang Fei requested for Shang Guanqi's help to look after Si Tuying and also to protect his parents. After Jiang Fei's parents returned home, he talked to them for a while. The next morning, Jiang Fei left home with Ariel. They were both headed for Tokyo.

    With Ariel's presence, Jiang Fei no longer needed to travel with the Gigantic Sword. With instant teleportation, the two appeared in Tokyo in the blink of an eye.

    However, by then, Tokyo was already a piece of barren land with nothing but torn down buildings. Tokyo had been thoroughly destroyed by the major rice-exporting country's fleet.

    Tokyo was practically a non-existent city right now. The miserable citizens had all hid in rural areas. In order to survive, they needed to work for the major rice-exporting country's fleet in exchange for food and basic necessities.

    When the mutants and the Japanese started the war, most of Tokyo's males were already forced to accept modification. Therefore, most of the survivors of the war were women and children.

    Most of the survivors in Tokyo already faced a lack of food and water. They could not even ensure their own survival. But in order to make sure of their families', these Tokyo women had no choice but to offer their services to the soldiers from the major rice-exporting country in exchange for food.

    As the soldiers from the major rice-exporting country were occupants of Tokyo, they lived very comfortably. However, ever since the two defeats against China in the battle aircraft duel, their morale had been greatly affected. Since then, they had diverted their dissatisfaction toward the laborers in Tokyo.

    When Jiang Fei and Ariel arrived at Tokyo, they noticed a lot of the soldiers visiting the Tokyo refugees with cans of dog food. Clearly, they were looking for laborers in exchange for dog food.

    "That's so pitiful..." Ariel said, filled with empathy for the laborers.

    "The Japanese would not have experienced this if they had not tried to dominate the world with their Bio-Technology." Jiang Fei shook his head as he spoke.

    "Should we help them?" Ariel asked.

    "We won't be able to help all of them..." Jiang Fei shook his head. Although Tokyo had suffered massive losses from the war, there were at least tens of thousand survivors. Jiang Fei and Ariel alone would not be able to help everyone. Moreover, if they killed the major rice-exporting country's soldiers, their government would definitely cease all communications within the island. By then, these special trades would also be terminated and there might be even more casualties from the famine.

    To be honest, if Han Tianyu was there, he would have thought that Jiang Fei and Ariel were too concerned for their own good. In fact, even the citizens of Tokyo were not bothered by what was going on. Even the men who had survived encouraged their wives or sisters to become laborers.

    After all, this was not the first time something similar happened. Over a century ago, Tokyo was once bombed by North America and had experienced almost the same thing. However, things were not as bad before.

    After a hundred years of suppression, the Japanese decided to retaliate against their master after acquiring the Bio-Technology. The consequences were undeniably saddening. After taking the Bio-Technology away, the major rice-exporting country bombed Tokyo yet again and even took over their land completely. Now, the citizens of Tokyo would have to suffer their fate as slaves yet again.

    "Let's go. We're not here to fight." Jiang Fei pulled Ariel along and headed toward Apple Hill where Doomsday was located.

    As 0541 had a very precise locator, Jiang Fei and Ariel very easily found the entrance which Jiang Fei had destroyed previously.

    After entering the volcano, Jiang Fei found somewhere sheltered to retrieve his Earth Mover. The two of them stepped into it and started digging toward Doomsday.

    As Jiang Fei only destroyed the outer parts of the passage, the Earth Mover was able to dig its way into the tunnel very quickly. After keeping the Earth Mover away, Jiang Fei drew out his Zhanlu Sword.

    "Bring this with you. If it tries anything funny, hit him with this!" Jiang Fei handed the Zhanlu Sword over to Ariel.

    "Alright! I know what to do!" Ariel nodded.

    "Be careful. Don't hurt yourself!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Don't worry!" Ariel smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei.

    "Okay. Go ahead. Just get one of its tentacles. I'll be waiting for you here!" Jiang Fei did not plan to accompany Ariel into where Doomsday hid itself.

    Although Doomsday had entered a state of hibernation, it would definitely wake up when Ariel cut its flesh. Despite Ariel being much stronger, its Spirit Attack would still affect Jiang Fei. Even if 0541 could protect Jiang Fei, it would cost Jiang Fei energy which he was not willing to spare.

    "Okay!" Ariel answered as she walked down the tunnel with the Zhanlu Sword.

    Although the temperature was very high as they were very close to the earth's core, it did not affect Ariel who had Level 5 capabilities.

    After walking approximately twenty minutes, Ariel finally saw Doomsday.

    "Ah! That's gross!" Ariel covered her mouth as she stared at Doomsday with a disgusted expression.

    Although some time had passed, Doomsday's flesh still looked the same as before. Its pink flesh was still visible and its entire body looked like a giant piece of rotten meat. Most men would feel goosebumps from just looking at it, let alone women.

    "Hey! If you continue to pretend like you are sleeping, I am going to kill you!" Ariel shouted at Doomsday. Although they did not share a common language, Ariel was able to communicate with it through her Spirit energy.

    "Have you come to kill me?" Doomsday asked in a frightened tone. It had initially planned to pretend as if it was sleeping so that it could fight back once Ariel got close enough. However, it did not expect Ariel to have the ability to communicate with her Spirit energy. Since she had already seen through its pretense, it had no choice but to respond.

    "I am too lazy to do that. Give me one of your tentacles!" Ariel did not even want to get close to the disgusting fellow.

    "What are you trying to do?" Doomsday was stunned. It could tell that Ariel was also Level 5. However, it did not know why Ariel had come. If she was here to kill it, it would of course not diminish its own power by harming itself.

    "Cut the crap. I don't like staying here!" Ariel stared at Doomsday as she started transferring energy into the Zhanlu Sword.


    The Zhanlu Sword started ringing as odd energy waves emitted from it.

    "God... Godblade..." Doomsday was nearly in tears. It was too heavily injured to move. An expert at the equal level was already sufficient to end its life. Now that Ariel even had the Zhanlu Sword, it basically had zero chance of survival.

    "I only want one of your tentacles. Will you give it to me?" Ariel asked as she waved the Zhanlu Sword.

    "Yes!" Doomsday answered immediately.

    As a Level 5 expert could not be killed, it technically still had the right to bargain with Ariel. The worst that could happen was that it would get beaten up by Ariel. However, now that Ariel held the Zhanlu Sword in her hand, it was actually possible for Doomsday as a Level 5 expert to be killed. Therefore, with its life on the line, Doomsday had no choice but to surrender.
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