747 An Inexplicable Situation

    "It's not a matter of whether the potion is precious or not. The key issue is that you are different from us. I can't guarantee that there won't be any side effects from drinking this potion..." Jiang Fei knew Shang Guanqi had misunderstood him and therefore tried to clarify the situation.

    "Different?" Shang Guanqi was obviously still confused.

    "I don't know if you have heard. Old man Hai had previously checked my body and said that my veins have been sealed and would not be able to practice martial arts. However, my master used potions to create an energy recycling system in my body. That's how I am able to have energy like you!" Jiang Fei said truthfully.

    "I see!" Shang Guanqi nodded. Although she could not prove that everything he said was true, Si Tuying was a living example before her. Therefore, Jiang Fei's explanation was very believable.

    Moreover, she had also spent a lot of time with Jiang Fei and knew that Jiang Fei was not a stingy person. He must have had concerns for her safety before deciding not to give her the potions.

    "If that's the case, forget about it." Although Shang Guanqi was a little disappointed, she was not too bothered. Her body quality was already pretty good. Although Level 5 was far out of reach for her, she could still reach Intermediate Level 4 over time. Therefore, she did not want to face unknown risks out of her own sense of urgency.

    "Could you please help Little Ying to take a shower? I will teach her a set of techniques in two days. However, I don't have time to practice with her. I'll need your help with that," Jiang Fei said to Shang Guanqi. As he already treated her as his own sister, he did not beat around the bush with his request.

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    "Alright. Go help mother out in the kitchen." Shang Guanqi nodded.

    "Be careful with her. She is completely exhausted!" Jiang Fei reminded yet again.

    "You're very annoying. Stop following me. Do you plan on taking a peek?" Shang Guanqi rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei.

    "Ehh..." Jiang Fei turned around speechlessly. He then shrugged and said in a soft voice, "That wouldn't be a bad idea!"

    Although Jiang Fei spoke very softly, Shang Guanqi was a Level 4 expert and the two were not very far apart. Therefore, Jiang Fei's words were clearly audible to her.

    "You little bastard!" Shang Guanqi mumbled as she walked into Jiang Fei's room to look after Si Tuying.

    "Husband, if you would like to see, I could sneak over at night..." Since Shang Guanqi heard Jiang Fei's soft voice, Ariel who was a Level 5 expert could as well. Therefore, when Jiang Fei's mother was not paying attention, Ariel quietly sneaked behind Jiang Fei and whispered into his ear.

    "Oh darn... My image of a being a gentleman is gone!" Jiang Fei shuddered. He did not dare to respond to Ariel. He then quickly pulled Ariel into the kitchen to help his mother out.

    Clearly, Jiang Fei had thought about what she said. As a hot-blooded young man, Jiang Fei had physical desires as any normal young man would. Therefore, he was definitely tempted by Ariel's suggestion.

    However, as a true geek, he did not have the guts. Firstly, he was still living with his parents. If his parents found out, he would not know how to explain himself. Jiang Fei's mother may be quite open-minded but his father was not.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had the key consideration of Isabella. She had not even been resurrected yet. If she found out that her man had lost his virginity to someone else, she might get very upset. Therefore, Jiang Fei convinced himself that he needed to keep his virginity.

    During dinner, Jiang Fei's parents noticed that Si Tuying was behaving abnormally. Jiang Fei's father would glance at Jiang Fei occasionally while his mother's gaze shifted between him and Si Tuying. Si Tuying blushed the whole time and barely ate anything.

    Whilst cleaning up, Jiang Fei's mother whispered to him softly, "Little Fei, I know you are not a normal human. However, you still need to look after Si Tuying. Look at her. She seemed so exhausted. Why don't you be more gentle with her?"

    "Mother... It's not what you think..." Jiang Fei was close to tears. When he saw how Shang Guanqi had carried Si Tuying back to her room, Jiang Fei realized why his parents had looked at him with such odd expressions.

    "Alright. Your mother isn't an old-fashioned person. I will speak to your father about it. However, you need to stop torturing Little Ying. Go ahead. Spend more time with her!" Jiang Fei's mother spoke as she pushed him out of the kitchen.

    "It's really not what you think..." Jiang Fei felt as if he had been wrongly judged.

    Jiang Fei took a look around the house. Shang Guanqi and Si Tuying had already returned to their room. His father was still sitting quietly in the living room. Jiang Fei had not even clarified things with his mother. If he approached his father now, he might get scolded before he even said anything.

    "I should get out of their way!" Jiang Fei finally decided to sneak back into his room.

    Ariel had originally planned on going with Jiang Fei into his room. However, Jiang Fei saw his father's angry stare as they were about to enter his room and instead brought Ariel over to where the other ladies were instead.

    "Oh my god. I am in a truly inexplicable situation!" Jiang Fei sighed on his bed.

    "Oh, right. 0541, how is Si Tuying's martial arts technique coming along?" Jiang Fei suddenly recalled. After all, Si Tuying had already drank the potion. Once her body recovered, she would have Level 3 capabilities. It would only be appropriate if she knew some martial arts techniques as well.

    "I predict that it would be complete by noon the day after tomorrow!" 0541 answered.

    "What about the technological equipment?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "They'll be complete in two more days!" 0541 answered.

    "Alright, good! Good!" Jiang Fei nooded. Han Tianyu's tactic of delaying the war was working very well. The major rice-exporting country had taken eight days to complete two duels. By the time the third duel was over, Jiang Fei would be able to hand over the orders. Once the major rice-exporting country realized what was going on, China would have completed the preparations for war.

    "Captain, we should produce some Bio-Humans to expand your capabilities!" 0541 said.

    "How long does it take to produce one of the Bio-Humans?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "An Advanced Level 4 Bio-Human would require seven days whereas a Pinnacle Level 4 would require ten days. However, there are twenty-five incubation rooms in the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. Therefore, we could produce all twenty-five at the same time!" 0541 said.

    "If that's the case, produce twenty-four Advanced Level 4s and one Pinnacle Level 4," Jiang Fei said after some thought.

    "As you wish, captain!" 0541 immediately started carrying out Jiang Fei's command.
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