748 How to Choose a Girl

    After arranging things with 0541, Jiang Fei entered the game.

    Unlike the past few days during which Jiang Fei had a leisurely time in the game, he was now assigned with a special task.

    0541 had started work in the Bio-Factory. In seven to ten days, the first batch of Bio-Humans would be produced. However, if souls were not transferred to those Bio-Humans immediately, new souls would form within them. If that happened, the Bio-Humans would be out of control like how Phoenix was.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei's primary objective in the game today was to select the man-made souls he needed.

    Although there were many ladies around Jiang Fei, none of them were as developed as Ariel and Isabella. Despite many of them having reached the Infatuated state with Jiang Fei, they lacked love and willingness to sacrifice and could not be considered humans yet.

    However, according to 0541, these ladies were highly advanced artificial souls despite not being perfect man-made souls. China's military was able to start producing Supreme Androids because they lowered the standards for usage and not because they had found a way to create perfect man-made souls.

    At the moment, the man-made souls that the Chinese military used were not as advanced as the ladies around Jiang Fei and were far more inferior to Isabella and Ariel. However, they were sufficient to be used to operate the androids in battle. China could not afford to look into the details due to pressure from the major rice-exporting country and the impending war.

    According to 0541's categorization, the only perfect souls amongst Jiang Fei's ladies were Ariel and Isabella, followed by Sylphy, Hua Mulan, and Saint of the Light Nina. The Naga Priestesses were classified as Level 3 followed by members of the Saint's Guard and finally the female Yetis.

    Among these ladies, as Ariel and Isabella had already reached the perfect level, they were basically identical to normal humans. Sylphy, Hua Mulan, and Nina had also spent a lot of time with Jiang Fei and therefore had very high evolution levels.

    As Jiang Fei had killed the Evil God Solan, he won over the hearts of the Naga Priestesses. Although Jiang Fei spent the least amount of time with these female Nagas, they had evolved very quickly due to their Infatuated and Admire states toward Jiang Fei.

    Although the female Yetis had also reached the Infatuated state with Jiang Fei, they were created with very little intelligence. So, despite the state they were in with Jiang Fei, they could not really think for themselves and therefore evolved the least.

    Hence, members of the Saint's Guard were classified as having a higher level than the female Yetis despite only reaching the Admire state with Jiang Fei.

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    "0541, how should I select the first batch of souls?" Jiang Fei was feeling conflicted.

    "I suggest you choose some Naga Priestesses as the first batch of souls. Of course, you could also choose from the Saint's Guard. There would not be too much of a difference between these two options," 0541 answered.

    "What's the reason for that?" Jiang Fei asked as 0541 had a completely different answer from himself, though they did agree that the female Yetis would be excluded due to their lack of intelligence.

    Despite that, 0541 had chosen the lowest leveled females apart from the female Yetis which differed from Jiang Fei's thoughts.

    "Captain, I have given you the suggestion based on the best plan I could come up with. The reason being..." 0541 started explaining.

    According to 0541, it was very difficult to achieve a perfect soul. Each soul that had a probability of developing into a perfect level was very precious. Based on current circumstances, Nina and Sylphy were most likely to evolve into perfect souls, followed by Hua Mulan. As for the rest of the ladies, they had very little chance of achieving perfection.

    Therefore, 0541 did not want Jiang Fei to bring the three of them to the real world immediately. If he did, their evolution would end prematurely.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei would need perfect souls to create Level 5 Bio-Humans in the future. If he were to use the three best options right now, he would not be able to create Level 5 experts even if he found the engine room in the future.

    Based on 0541's opinion, evolving a perfect soul was even more difficult than finding the engine room. Jiang Fei was able to acquire Ariel and Isabella who both had perfect souls entirely due to his luck.

    "If that's the case..." Jiang Fei nodded. Based on what 0541 said, he should not bring Hua Mulan and the rest out too soon as it would harm both the women and himself.

    "What about the Naga Priestesses and the Saint's Guard? Didn't you say that the Naga Priestesses had a higher level?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "That's very hard to explain. I'll show you the data," 0541 said as it displayed a table for Jiang Fei.

    According to the combined data, Ariel and Isabella each had 10,000 points, which meant full scores. Sylphy was next with 7,000 points while Nina had 6,000 points and Hua Mulan had close to 5,000 points.

    Hua Mulan had the least amount of points as she was created to be a female commander. Therefore, her logical thoughts dominated her emotional ones which explained why her level of evolution was the lowest.

    Apart from these three women who were at Level 2, the first Level 3 was Mirage who had a score of 450 points. The High Priestess had 400 points while a few of the other priestesses had around 200 points. The rest of them only had around 100 points which differed greatly from the other Level 2 females. That was why 0541 said these people were virtually hopeless in reaching perfection.

    As for the Level 4 members of the Saint's Guard, each of them had around 10 points, however they were considered close to the Level 3 females. According to 0541, if Jiang Fei spent time to develop relationships with them, their overall figures would surpass the other group of women.
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