749 Special Training

    "Alright, in that case, let's do it this way!" Jiang Fei decided in his heart after listening to 0541's explanation.

    "Since you have decided, you should make use of the limited time to help these man-made souls evolve," 0541 suggested.

    "Oh, right. Why did you not mention Akatziris?" Jiang Fei suddenly remembered he had another lady around.

    "She's special. She's not suitable to be brought into the real world," 0541 said.

    "Special? What's special about her?" Jiang Fei asked, curious.

    "Sorry, captain. This has to do with Top Secret 7014. You do not have the right to ask about it at the moment," 0541 said blandly.

    "Screw me! Again?" Jiang Fei was stunned. 0541 had previously spoke about man-made souls in such a way. Jiang Fei had only acquired the rights to ask about Top Secret 093 after Isabella and Ariel had died and completed their evolution.

    "I am sorry, captain. I must follow the rules!" 0541 said.

    "Forget it!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Although he was very curious about Akatziris' secret, he did not want 0541 to go against the rules.

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    Jiang Fei knew that 0541 could only be a good Intelligent Assistance System if it followed the rules. If 0541 could go against the rules, Jiang Fei should be worried. After all, 0541 was the only fellow who had access to all of Jiang Fei's secrets and weaknesses.

    As 0541 was regulated by the rules of Planet Namek's Intelligent Assistance System, its programming would be terminated immediately if it went against the rules. Therefore, it must fulfill all its responsibilities to support Jiang Fei who was the captain. That was why Jiang Fei felt very secure about 0541.

    Seeing that he did not have any matches for the day, Jiang Fei went directly to the Demon Dragon Fortress after entering the game.

    At the Demon Dragon Fortress, the players from Empyreal Dragon did not seem to be bothered by Jiang Fei's presence. They would simply greet him if they saw him. After all, Jiang Fei rarely participated in guild events despite being the guild master. The guild's operations were mostly regulated by a few of the executive vice guild masters.

    However, Jiang Fei would occasionally bring some of them along to complete quests which rewarded them greatly. That was also why the guild members loved and respected Jiang Fei so much.

    After returning to the Demon Dragon Fortress, Jiang Fei went to the back of the Fortress. He had been meeting his women there for the past few days.

    "Husband, you have come!" Sylphy ran over immediately.

    "Eh! Where is Hua Mulan?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Hmph! Husband, you are biased. All you think about is Mulan. You do not even miss me..." Sylphy said as she tugged at Jiang Fei's arm.

    "Of course I miss you. Why else would I come over to you immediately?" Jiang Fei had become skilled at flirting with women after such a long period of training.

    "Tsk! You are such a sweet-talker!" Sylphy exclaimed. However, she could not hide what she felt as her facial expression showed how happy she truly was.

    "Master, were you looking for me?" Hua Mulan came over to Jiang Fei's side.

    "Yeah! I have some stuff to discuss with you!" Jiang Fei nodded. When he saw that the other ladies were arriving one after another, he decided to go right down to business. Otherwise, they would start disrupting the conversation and he would not be able to get his work done.

    "Ah Fei, why are you looking for Sister Mulan?" Nina asked with a warm smile. She was like Ariel in terms of being liked by all of the women around Jiang Fei.

    However, unlike Ariel who was like a little sister to everyone, Nina was the exact opposite. She was like the big sister who looked after everyone else. Therefore, she was the most respected person amongst the group of women.

    "Please choose twenty-five women from the Saint's Guard and make one of them the group leader," Jiang Fei said to Hua Mulan.

    "Alright!" After all, Hua Mulan was born into the military. She immediately went to work after receiving Jiang Fei's command.

    "Husband, are you in trouble? Do you need our help?" Sylphy asked.

    "I intend to bring them to my world to help me out!" Jiang Fei did not hide the truth from them.

    "What!? I want to go too!" Sylphy objected.

    "Master, bring us instead. We are much stronger than they are. We would be able to help you better!" The High Priestess Chris chipped in.

    "This has nothing to do with capabilities..." Jiang Fei shook his head. It did not matter how strong these ladies were in the game as their powers had no effect in the real world.

    Jiang Fei had chosen the souls of the Saint's Guard for a simple reason. The Naga Priestesses were excluded because they were Overlords and could therefore assist Jiang Fei in the game. However, the members of the Saint's Guard were only Level 80 Elites who could easily be destroyed on the battlefield. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to bring them into the real world.

    "Husband, we don't really understand what you mean..." Sylphy said with a pout.

    "Let's put it this way. I have come to this world with my soul inhabiting this body. Likewise, you will also have to use your soul to inhabit another body in my world. Therefore, your strengths and weaknesses would not make a difference there. Moreover, once you go, you will never be able to return!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "Oh! I see!" Sylphy and the rest nodded.

    "That's why I would rather those of you who are strong to remain in this world to help me out!" Jiang Fei laughed as he spoke.

    "Alright! As long as we can help you!" Sylphy nodded seriously.

    "Master, I have brought them over!" Hua Mulan was very efficient. Right then, over twenty of the women stood before Jiang Fei.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded as he looked at the female soldiers of the Saint's Guard.

    "Master, this is my vice commander Hong Yu. I believe she is capable of leading the team," Hua Mulan said as she pointed at the first female soldier on her right.

    "Great! I will need you all to follow me to complete some quests. Now, get ready. We will depart very soon!" Jiang Fei said to the female soldiers.

    "Yes! Master!" As these members of the Saint's Guard had become Jiang Fei's private army, they were completely obedient toward him.

    "In order for them to get used to my world, I need to give them some additional training. I won't be able to accompany the rest of you for a few days," Jiang Fei said apologetically to Nina and the other ladies.

    "What kind of training is that? Can we come along?" Sylphy asked suspiciously.

    "No!" Jiang Fei shook his head and said determinedly.

    As Jiang Fei's training was equivalent to deepening his relationship with these women, he could not possibly bring along the other group of women who would otherwise make things very complicated for him.
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