751 The Third Duel

    Jiang Fei picked up the hypnotized Si Tuying and placed her gently on the bed. He then brushed his fingers softly against the girl's face. Jiang Fei could not help but smile as he did so.

    Of course, he had only pure thoughts in his mind at the moment.

    After making sure Si Tuying was lying down comfortably, Jiang Fei retrieved the Mind Transferring Device from his spatial ring. He had asked Ariel to hypnotize Si Tuying because he wanted to spare the explanation of the advanced technology.

    After setting up the Mind Transferring Device on Si Tuying securely, Jiang Fei asked 0541 to start the transferring process.

    "As you wish, captain!" 0541 immediately activated the Mind Transferring Device.

    A large amount of information started entering Si Tuying's mind, including a set of martial arts techniques and two sets of martial arts skills. After approximately two hours, the memory transfer was completed. Jiang Fei took off the Mind Transferring Device and placed it back into his spatial ring.

    "Alright. Wake her up!" Jiang Fei said to Ariel.

    "Okay!" Ariel snapped her fingers as Si Tuying's eyelids started moving slightly.

    "Ehh?" Si Tuying was in a daze when she woke up. She then exclaimed all of a sudden, "Ahh! Bastard, you are unbelievable!"

    As she shouted, Si Tuying quickly examined her body and her clothes. However, she soon discovered that nothing had happened to her.

    "What is your filthy mind thinking about?" Jiang Fei said as he tapped lightly on Si Tuying's forehead.

    "Tsk... You are worse than a beast..." Si Tuying mumbled to herself. However, her face was flushed with embarrassment which made her look extraordinarily adorable.

    "Alright. Stop thinking about nonsense. Try exploring the new information in your mind," Jiang Fei said as he tickled Si Tuying's nose lovingly.

    "Oh!" Si Tuying suddenly realized there was a lot of new information in her brain. However, she could not comprehend all of it immediately.

    "What is all this? It's so messed up!" After approximately half an hour, Si Tuying was done reviewing the information in her mind. However, she still could not understand a lot of it.

    "These are all techniques and skills on how to use your new-found energy!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "Oh! But I still don't get it..." Si Tuying said with a pout.

    "You do not need to know exactly how the energy usage works. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with the process. Anyway, it does not matter if you understand it or not as it cannot be changed. As for the techniques and skills, you may ask for Shang Guanqi's help," Jiang Fei said as he laughed.

    Although these knowledge were all transferred into Si Tuying's mind, she was not as well-prepared as Jiang Fei was when he first acquired similar knowledge. Jiang Fei had at least learned a few simple martial arts secret techniques and received guidance from old man Hai and the Yang sisters before he had received the memory transfer.

    Therefore, it was normal that Si Tuying could barely understand any of the martial arts stuff. Although Jiang Fei knew how to use the techniques, he did not understand the theories behind them. There was no way he could teach Si Tuying on his own. Fortunately, Shang Guanqi who had a lot of knowledge and experience in martial arts was around. She understood martial arts techniques and skills with in-depth knowledge which made her the perfect tutor for Si Tuying.

    "Oh! Alright then!" Si Tuying nodded.

    "Lay down for a while. I will talk to Shang Guanqi." As Si Tuying had just received a large amount of information, she needed time to lie down and process the information. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to speak to Shang Guanqi on his own. He then walked out of the room.

    "Is it all done?" As soon as she heard Jiang Fei walk out of the room, Shang Guanqi came over.

    "Yeah. It's all done. Sister, I need your help with something." Jiang Fei laughed as he spoke.

    "What's that?" Shang Guanqi asked.

    "If you have time, please teach Si Tuying a few things about martial arts. She does not have any foundation at all. It would be very troublesome for her to learn on her own," Jiang Fei said frankly. As he treated Shang Guanqi as his own sister, he did not beat around the bush.

    "Aren't you worried that I might steal the techniques from her?" Shang Guanqi asked curiously. After all, she was aware of the forbidden act in the martial arts world.

    "What's there to be worried about? If you want to learn, I could give you the secret techniques directly." Jiang Fei laughed. He did not care about sects and such trivial things. If Shang Guanqi believed that 0541's specially designed techniques were helpful for her, Jiang Fei was more than happy to provide her with those techniques.

    "Hehe. Alright then. I'll teach Si Tuying about martial arts in my free time!" Shang Guanqi replied as she laughed.

    While Jiang Fei was transferring memory into Si Tuying's mind, the third duel between China and the major rice-exporting country had begun.

    This time, it was not because the major rice-exporting country had figured out how to fight against China's battle aircraft. Instead, it was because Robert could no longer handle the pressure from the government. After two consecutive failures, he still could not figure out the enemy's weaknesses. While it put Robert in a very difficult position, it also meant that he could potentially be fired.

    He was still allowed to stay on in his role because the major rice-exporting country was determined to go to war against China. Moreover, it was also a huge taboo for an army's commander to be changed right before a war. Otherwise, Robert would already have received his termination letter.

    Therefore, Robert was acutely aware that he could no longer prolong the wait. If he continued to waste time and resources of the military, the thirst for war would dissipate which might mean the war might not take place at all. If that were to happen, Robert would lose the chance of redeeming himself by winning the war. By then, his would be out of a job.

    Therefore, Robert decided in his heart that he must immediately take on the third duel. He could only hope that they won this time. However, Robert had very little hope for that to happen. After all, they were still unable to decipher the Chinese battle aircraft's attributes.

    If they lost again, Robert would claim that the Chinese had cheated. He would then highlight the fact that the major rice-exporting country had sacrificed their own pilots which would heighten the emotions in the country. As such, the government would be pressured to go to war immediately.

    As long as the war took place, Robert would be able to keep his role as the commander of the fleet until the end of the war. If they were to win the war, he would be able to redeem himself for his previous failures. Robert had not even considered the possibility that they might lose. After all, how could the major rice-exporting country's fleet lose in battle? Moreover, they had the support from the European Alliance's fleet. The Chinese could not possibly win unless they had help from aliens.

    As such, Robert decided to initiate the third duel without having figured out how to defeat the enemy's battle aircraft.

    Although China wanted to drag the period of duels, Han Tianyu naturally would not reject his request to begin the third duel immediately. After all, China had already bragged in the past that they had developed technologically advanced equipment. If they were to reject the request, their enemy might start suspecting otherwise.

    Thus, an overwhelmingly under-prepared battle aircraft from the major rice-exporting country took off from Tokyo and headed toward the fight zone. A Planet Namek aircraft from China also took to the air.
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