752 Instant Kill

    There was another Early Warning aircraft which accompanied the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft. The Early Warning aircraft entered the fight zone in advance so that its strong radar and electronic system could provide reliable support to the battle aircraft.

    "Eagle 3, I have entered the designated area. For the time being, I have not discovered the Chinese battle aircraft or the Early Warning aircraft!" The major rice-exporting country's Early Warning aircraft's pilot was rather nervous as well. After all, the Chinese battle aircraft's invisibility effect was so perfect that even the battle aircraft's radar and the electronic explorer vessel could not detect it. Therefore, no one was certain that the Early Warning aircraft would be able to detect anything either.

    "Command center, this is Falcon 3. I have locked on to the target. Please advise!" On the contrary, China's pilot in the battle aircraft was much more relaxed. As soon as the aircraft took to the air, its radar immediately locked on to the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft and Early Warning aircraft through their signals.

    "Disregard the Early Warning aircraft. Destroy the battle aircraft and return!" The command center gave the order immediately.

    "Falcon 3, affirmative!" The Chinese pilot immediately started manipulating the weapon controls in the aircraft. He then placed his finger on the activation button.

    As the Planet Namek battle aircraft had already locked onto the two enemy battle aircraft, the pilot would be able to open fire after selecting his target.

    Unlike normal guided missiles, the first batch of battle aircraft Jiang Fei provided were Interceptor aircraft. They were used mainly for space defense against galactic vessels and Star Destroyers.

    Although normal battle vessels were not as large as Braveheart, they were still at least a few thousand meters in length. Star Destroyers were incredibly powerful as the name suggests. They were usually bigger than even the earth's aircraft carriers. Such vessels were capable of destroying a region as big as the entire Europe.

    In order to fight against such a powerful vessel, the Interceptor aircraft's Light Cannon was equally powerful. Basically, it had a shooting range of several thousand kilometers. In essence, as soon as the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft had taken to the sky, it was already within shooting range of China's battle aircraft.

    "Open fire!" After selecting the battle aircraft as his target, the Chinese pilot pressed on the red activate button.


    After half a second of charging, a blue beam of light fired from the Light Cannon which instantly destroyed the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft.

    "Oh no! There is high energy activity in front!" The major rice-exporting country's Early Warning aircraft noticed an oddity right as the Chinese battle aircraft opened fire. However, the warning came too late.

    Weapons which operated at the speed of light like the Light Cannon did not allow the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft to react in time. The battle aircraft was destroyed nearly as soon as the Early Warning aircraft discovered the abnormality.

    The Light Cannon's immense amount of energy instantly engulfed the entire battle aircraft. The pilot in the aircraft did not even have time to eject himself from the aircraft and was thus vaporized along with the battle aircraft.

    "How is this possible?!" The pilot in the Early Warning aircraft was stunned. China's technological advancement was far greater than they had imagined. There was definitely a huge gap between the two country's level of technology.

    "What happened?!" Robert shouted loudly in the encrypted communication channel.

    "Our battle aircraft has been destroyed!" The Early Warning aircraft pilot reported.

    "Did the Chinese battle aircraft attack in close range once again?" Robert asked.

    "No! The opponent had used a fixed Light Cannon weapon! The power is extraordinarily great!" Came the reply.

    "What?!" Robert was shocked. Although China's battle aircraft were powerful, they would not be very efficient if they only relied on normal cannons and collisions in battle.

    However, it would be a different story if they operated with long-range weapons. With the major rice-exporting country's radar completely useless in detecting their invisible opponents with fixed-target weapons, it would not be surprising if one of China's aircraft could take down a hundred of its opponents.

    "What do we do? What do we do?" Robert was beginning to panic.

    If China's battle techniques were truly so advanced, the major rice-exporting country would be fighting a losing battle if they initiated a war right now. Moreover, if the news of this discovery reached the government, it would not allow its soldiers to fight in a battle it was sure to lose in.

    On the other hand, if the war was terminated before it even began, Robert would have to bear the blame of losing two of the country's best pilots as the commander of the fleet. Moreover, he would have to bear the shame of losing to China. In the best case scenario, he would probably lose his job. In the worst case scenario, he might even become the scapegoat to appease the country's citizens.

    Although Robert was in a state of panic, he was still an experienced commander. His vigilance allowed him to discover some anomalies in the duel.

    Firstly, China's battle aircraft was far too powerful. If the major rice-exporting country had such a powerful weapon, they would not easily display it. Instead, they would use it as an element of surprise to defeat their opponent in war.

    However, the Chinese were strange. They had actually used such a strong weapon before the war even started. If the major rice-exporting country became intimidated by the weapon, the war might be terminated. Although terminating the war was a good option for China, it did not benefit them as much as actually defeating the major rice-exporting country in a full-blown war for world dominance.

    'Could the Chinese lack the confidence in winning the war?' Robert thought to himself.

    "However, how could they not have the confidence with such a powerful battle aircraft? Even if we used nuclear bombs, we would not be able to get past these Interceptor aircraft. Could this type of battle aircraft have some unknown weakness?" Robert felt that he was getting closer to the truth as he continued his analysis.

    "What could this weakness be?" Although Robert had his suspicions, he could not quite put a finger on what exactly the weakness was.

    "I have no choice but to report this to my superiors. I'll let the middle-men investigate this!" Robert finally shook his head in resignation.


    At the same time, China's victorious battle aircraft had returned to the base. As it had opened fire from a great distance, and it was not too far away from the airport, it was able to land safely despite the large amount of energy it expended from the attack.

    "Alright! It's time for the spies to play 007's part in this show!" Han Tianyu said as he checked the time. The three duels had been completed. It all depended on how good the major rice-exporting country's spies were and how fast Jiang Fei was able to produce the equipment he needed.

    That night, Jiang Fei received Han Tianyu's report for what happened in the day. He found out the three duels had all been completed. Although Han Tianyu did not tell Jiang Fei to hurry up, Jiang Fei knew how urgently he needed those equipment.

    After all, the weapons could not be used immediately after they were acquired. The battle vessels and aircraft would need to be operated by humans. Regardless of how advanced Planet Namek's technology was, some time was still needed for the army to get used to operating those equipment.

    "Alright! Send someone to pick up the equipment tomorrow!" Jiang Fei said after much thought. Since the equipment were already completed, he could hand them over at any time.
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