755 Actually Barbarous

    "That makes sense!" Poseidon's eyes lit up. As Jiang Fei said, the Dragon God Bennette Straz might go and help the Celestials because of the Moon God, but the Divine Light God would never help the Nagas because of the Dragon God. So, destroying the Nagas first was undoubtedly the best choice!

    "Currently, the Nagas are having a small scale battle with the Luminous Vatican, but both sides are pretty restrained. The casualties are not very heavy. How do you think we should attack?" Augustus asked. Originally, he only asked for Jiang Fei's opinion so he could thrust Jiang Fei into the limelight. Now, however, he was really asking for Jiang Fei's opinion.

    "Mmm! We definitely have to come up with a grandiose excuse. If we attack the Nagas for no reason, the Divine Light God will probably find it strange!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "What excuse is appropriate?" Poseidon asked.

    "Simple. Let the Beastmen women who had been bullied by the Naga hooligans stir up some trouble. When the situation gets bigger, we'll let the Dark Faction intervene first, then continue to push their buttons. When things get chaotic to the point where it can't be resolved anymore, we'll start fighting!" Jiang Fei said after contemplating.

    "Sounds good to me!" Poseidon nodded. If it were any other Race, it might actually be difficult to point out wrongdoings. However, the Naga hooligans had too many past misdeeds, one could find them everywhere!

    The male Nagas liked to befriend girls of other Races. Regardless of whether these girls were willing or not, the Nagas would still try to befriend them. Then, they would play around with these girls and leave without a trace. Therefore, many girls of various Races were victims. However, the Nagas were extremely powerful and especially unreasonable, so the girls from these weak Races could only swallow their words. Moreover, once they were pregnant, they would give birth to children who had Naga bloodline. This brought a lot of benefits, so the girls from these weak Races had no choice but to suffer silently.

    However, the Nagas were quite smart. They almost never play around with the girls of the five major Races, but there were some exceptions occasionally. For example, the mighty Dragon God who had an illegitimate child with the sister of the Divine Light God.

    Other smaller Nagas still did not have the guts to do such a thing. After all, if they played around in the territory of the other four major Races, the Naga Race would not be able to give them any support if they were being hunted down by the other Races.

    Races like Beastmen and Humans were inferior in strength and the girls from these Races were very beautiful. So, they had naturally become the targets of the Naga hooligans. As Humans were generally under the Light Faction (except for the players), most of the victims of the Dark Faction were Beastmen girls.

    "That's simple!" The Nephilim King Augustus nodded.

    As the leading Races of the Light and Dark Faction, the Celestials and Nephilims had the right to give orders to their subordinate Races. Moreover, they were seeking justice for the Beastmen girls this time. There was no reason for them to reject it.

    In fact, the Beastmen had asked the Nephilims to speak to the Nagas on their behalf a few times. However, because the Nephilims did not want to have a falling out with the Nagas, they just suppressed the situation and offered the Beastmen some benefits as compensation to comfort them.

    So, after the Nephilim King ordered it this time, the Beastmen were extremely enthusiastic. They wanted the Naga Race to account for their actions!

    Soon, all the Beastmen victims were gathered. The huge amount of victims shocked Jiang Fei! There were actually more than a hundred thousand Beastmen victims, ranging from very young to very old, every shape and size!

    "Damn... these lustful Nagas are actually barbarous!" Jiang Fei glanced at an old, toothless Beastmen lady and almost threw up. He could not believe that the Nagas could even bring themselves to do it to someone like her!

    After sending the victims toward the Naga territory to seek justice, Jiang Fei asked the Dark Faction to send some Orc and Specter soldiers who were capable of stirring up chaos. Their job was simple. They just had to try their best to provoke the Nagas. As long as the Nagas dared to attack them, the army of the Dark Faction would immediately arrive at the scene!

    Jiang Fei did not intend to participate in this matter personally. It was not that he did not want to go and kill the Nagas himself, but it was because time was precious and he could not afford to waste any.

    0541's creation of Bio-Humans had already begun. If he did not transfer the Artificial Soul immediately after the bodies were complete, these bodies would produce their own souls. If that happened, all of Jiang Fei's effort would go to waste. A group of disobedient Bio-Humans would be produced. This would bring him more trouble!

    Therefore, before 0541 completes the production of Bio-Humans, Jiang Fei had to get close enough to Hong Yu and the other girls to meet 0541's extraction standards.

    After returning to the Demon Dragon Fortress, Jiang Fei continued to flirt around with the girls. Meanwhile, things were getting hot in the Naga territory!

    As the Naga territory was in a neutral area, they had a border with both the Light and Dark Faction. Things were pretty chaotic on both sides. Many young Nagas could be seen gathered at the gates of the Light Faction, wanting to seek justice for their dead little master.

    On the opposite side, the Dark Faction was gathered at the border of the Naga territory, wanting to seek justice for the hundreds of thousands of female victims. The entire neutral camp was in absolute chaos.

    It was not just the NPCs who were chaotic, even the players had joined in. After all, there were always Quests at places with NPCs. The Naga NPCs would give out Quests on the Light Faction border, where players could obtain huge rewards if they killed all the Light Faction NPCs. The Dark Faction NPCs on the other side were the same. Players could kill Nagas to get huge rewards.

    Neutral players who were neither in the Dark nor Light Faction naturally had no stance. These players began to accept all the Quests that gave any rewards at all. After these players helped the Nagas to kill the Light Faction NPCs, they would run to the Dark Faction and help to kill the Nagas!

    When the Reputation of these players with the Nagas reduced until it almost reached Hostile, they would immediately run back to do Quests for the Nagas. When their Reputation increased again, they would go back and kill more Nagas. They cleared Quests on both sides and reaped the rewards of both!

    All the neutral players were suddenly having a great time. They were gaining a huge amount of Experience Points. Occasionally, if they were part of a large party that slaughtered a young Naga, they would get even more rewards!

    Although the Dragon God had doubts about the Dark Faction's unusual behavior, he did not think that the Nephilims had started to attack him. He just thought that the Beastmen girls had been too badly harmed by the Nagas, so the Dark Faction decided to come out and help them make some noise.

    In general, the Nagas suffered some losses, but these losses were not serious. Although the reproduction rate of the Nagas was very low, it did not mean that they had very little dragon eggs and young Nagas. It was just that many Nagas died at a young age, so there were not many adult Nagas. As a whole, losing some young Nagas who were still immature was not too big of a problem for the Naga Race.
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