756 Delivery of Weapons

    Jiang Fei was not very interested in what was going on at the neutral area. After flirting with the group of girls for the rest of the day, Jiang Fei automatically logged off when the game froze.

    Having had breakfast with his parents, Jiang Fei was ready to go out. After all, today was the day that he and Han Tianyu had agreed on for the delivery of the weapons.

    "Mom, I'm going out. If I don't come back by noon, I won't be back for the day." Jiang Fei informed his mother first.

    "Ah? You're going out again? It's not safe outside, can you not run around?" When Jiang Fei's mother heard that Jiang Fei was going to leave the house again, she immediately became anxious.

    Although everything in China was still normal, the people had heard some rumors. They knew that the Americans were probably going to declare war on China. Although it had not reached a point where everyone was scared, they was still somewhat worried. After all, everyone knew how strong America was. Even though the Chinese people have never feared any invaders, war could only bring pain and suffering.

    "Don't worry, I won't go too far. I'll definitely come back before evening!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Oh! Then you be careful!" When Jiang Fei's mother heard that Jiang Fei would come back at night, she was instantly relieved. After all, her son would not be able to go somewhere too far in a day, so he naturally would not encounter any danger.

    "Sister, please take care of the house and Xiao Ying!" Jiang Fei said to Shang Guanqi, who was now the chief bodyguard of Jiang Fei's house and Si Tuying's martial arts instructor.

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    "Don't worry!" Shang Guanqi nodded.

    "Xiao Ying, if there's anything you don't understand, you can ask sister Shang. We're all family, so you're more than welcome to do so." Jiang Fei talked to Si Tuying last.

    "Okay, okay, you're so naggy!" Si Tuying scrunched her cute little nose, then said to Ariel, "You have to keep this guy in check, Ariel. Don't let him flirt with other girls anymore!"

    "Hehe..." Ariel laughed and did not say anything. In her opinion, there were already countless girls around Jiang Fei, so it would not even matter if he had another one or two more.

    "Okay, let's go!" Jiang Fei pretty much dashed out of the house, because Si Tuying's words pierced straight into his heart.

    In actuality, he had been avoiding the issue of him having more and more girls around him. Before this, these girls were mainly in the game, so Jiang Fei could use the excuse that they were virtual and that they did not really exist to deceive himself. Now, however, 0541 would be bringing these girls into reality sooner or later, so he would definitely be surrounded by them.

    Jiang Fei had not actually thought about how he should face so many girls. Regardless of how much experience he had, Jiang Fei was still a shut-in in nature and had been one for more than ten years. He was still weak deep down inside, so given the choise, he would still choose to run away when bothered by something troublesome like this. This was especially true when it came to emotional problems. As long as there was another way out, he would not take the initiative and face the problem.

    A good example was with Isabella and Ariel's case. If it were not for the fact that these two girls had died for him, Jiang Fei would probably not have accepted them yet.

    It was the same now. Although Jiang Fei knew that there would be more and more Bio-Human girls around him, he was still not willing to consider how to deal with it. Before he reached the final step, he wanted to drag it as long as he could.

    "Brother Yu, find an absolutely safe dock and remove all the workers!" Jiang Fei called Han Tianyu after he left his house.

    "No problem!" Han Tianyu basically did not sleep last night, because today was the day that those super weapons would be handed over. He was so excited he could not fall asleep!

    After the two agreed on a place, Jiang Fei arrived at the roof of Manda Square. At that moment, Han Tianyu was already waiting for him in front of the helicopter.

    "I've arranged everything, let's go!" Han Tianyu smiled at Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded, then boarded the helicopter with Ariel.

    After the helicopter took off, it went straight to the military airport in the suburbs. After they changed the helicopter into a military transport aircraft and flew for an hour, they arrived at a hidden military port on the coast of the South China Sea.

    "The people here have all been evacuated!" Han Tianyu said after confirming it once again.

    "Is that true?" Jiang Fei looked at Ariel. It was not that he did not trust Han Tianyu. He was just afraid that the military would leave some spies. He did not want his secret to be known by the military.

    "Mmm! They're all gone!" Ariel said after closing her eyes and feeling it.

    "Disable all the electronic facilities too!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Okay!" Ariel's hands flashed with an electric spark. Following that, an electromagnetic storm swept through the entire military port. All the electronic devices were instantly disabled. This time, as Ariel used less power, only a small number of these electronic facilities were destroyed. Most of them were just disabled, not completely destroyed.

    "0541, shield the surroundings!" Jiang Fei said to 0541 in his heart. Although the surrounding electronic facilities had been destroyed, satellites could still photograph this area.

    "Your wish is my command, captain!" 0541 replied, then a huge holographic barrier was projected. From the outside, this military port looked perfectly normal. Nobody on the outside could see what they were doing inside.

    "Come on! Take the equipment!" Jiang Fei walked to a berth, then waved.


    As a white light flashed, a thirty-meter long submarine appeared on the berth of the port.

    To be honest, a thirty-meter long submarine was nothing compared to the submarines on earth. Even China had its own submarine which was more than a hundred meters long and had a displacement of about ten thousand tons of water.

    However, when it came to combat power, this little submarine was definitely better than the submarines on earth. Even the most advanced submarine in America was no match for it!

    This submarine could sink to a depth of five thousand meters underwater, about ten times that of the submarines on earth. Moreover, it was almost completely immune to the anti-submarine devices on earth. Neither the radars nor the sonar systems could capture its signal. In terms of earth technology, this submarine was definitely a perfect stealth ghost ship!

    When this was paired with planet Namek's super-radar and photon torpedo, basically any ship in the waters was its prey!

    Subsequently, Jiang Fei walked to another empty berth, then waved and brought out an aircraft carrier. The shape of this aircraft carrier was similar to the aircraft carriers on earth. In addition to the thirty fighter jets that Jiang Fei promised to give Han Tianyu, there were also powerful directed-energy light beam weapons!

    Finally, Jiang Fei arrived at the airport and put down a giant fighter jet. The fighter jet had a triangular wing structure. The length of its wings was two hundred meters and it had a wingspan of two hundred and twenty meters. It was equipped with four plasma jet engines, and it could overcome earth's gravity and enter outer space purely by relying on its own powers!

    In addition to the directed-energy light beam weapons, the best thing about this aircraft carrier was that it could release a large number of hummingbird drones. These drones were only the size of a shoebox, but they had high-frequency laser weapons that could destroy fighter jets and normal missiles. In planet Namek, these kind of aircraft were used as bodyguards for the planet. Their main opponents were the enemy's small space warships and landing crafts!
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