757 War Preparations

    "Well, that's all of them. Here are the instructions on how to use them. You can arrange for people to come and pick them up now," Jiang Fei said to Han Tianyu with a smile.

    "Alright! As long as our people master these weapons, America's fleet will no longer pose a threat!" Han Tianyu said excitedly.

    "I'll remind you again, there's limited energy in these equipments. If you use then recklessly, they won't last long." Jiang Fei added.

    As they were equipment used to fight against warships in outer space, the weapons on these fighter jets and aircraft carriers were very powerful. Although Jiang Fei made 0541 weaken the strength of the weapons during modification, they still consumed a lot of energy.

    However, Jiang Fei only had a total of more than a thousand and a hundred blocks of energy. He could not afford to allocate too much energy to these weapons, so he could only cut corners. Moreover, Jiang Fei did not want to contribute too much in helping the military get stronger. After all, the military planned to destroy the Martial Arts Alliance. Jiang Fei did not want the military to turn around and use his weapons on him after they defeated America.

    "Mmm! I got it!" Han Tianyu nodded. He now worked for Jiang Fei. Naturally, he had to consider what was in Jiang Fei's best interests, so he did not ask much about the lack of energy in these equipments.

    "My job is done. You and the military can deal with the rest!" After Jiang Fei left a set of holographic projection devices to shield these super weapons, he made Ariel teleport them away.

    After Jiang Fei returned to Manda Square, Han Tianyu still had a lot of things to do. First, he had to report the successful delivery of weapons to the military's high-ranked officials. Second, he had to raise the security and secrecy level of this military port. These products of planet Namek had to be kept absolutely confidential. They definitely could not be revealed before the war broke out!

    After Jiang Fei went home, he no longer cared about the military-related matter anymore. He had already done everything he could anyway. The rest were not under his control.

    "They've been delivered? Awesome! We'll send people there to pick them up immediately!" Fan Yao was very happy after receiving Han Tianyu's news.

    "My people are already on the way," Han Tianyu said.

    "Send your people back. The people of the South China Sea fleet will pick these alien weapons up. If there's nothing else, you should go back to the capital for now!" Fan Yao's sounded a little annoyed.

    "Yes! General Fan!" Han Tianyu did not say much, but his heart fell. Previously, his mercenary group had always been in charge of testing all untested weapons. This time, however, Fan Yao actually let regular army people handle these equipment. Moreover, Fan Yao asked him to leave this place. This showed that the military no longer trusted him!

    After hanging up, Han Tianyu's mind began to spin. Although he was loyal to Jiang Fei, it did not mean that he had betrayed the army and the country.

    As Jiang Fei had never expressed any intentions of going against the country, Han Tianyu always considered himself as the representative for the military. Now, however, Fan Yao was actually throwing him aside like he was garbage. He could not accept it.

    "Forget it, I still can't accept reality!" Han Tianyu shook his head in a self-deprecating manner. Jiang Fei already knew that the country was planning to destroy the Martial Arts Alliance. How could Jiang Fei not notice it? Han Tianyu was just hoping that they could reconcile before they started fighting.

    Unfortunately, however, arrogance had seeped into the Martial Arts Alliance's bones. They did not bother to deal with the country. When faced against a group of martial artists who were this arrogant, how could the country be rest assured? If they had the power, even people in Han Tianyu's position would think of killing these martial artists, let alone the rulers of the country who were ordinary people that the martial artists looked down upon.

    Since the military was already suspicious of him and he was loyal to Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu quickly got himself together. Then, he took the military transport aircraft and returned to the city where Jiang Fei was at. He did not go to the capital according to Fan Yao's instructions because he understood that Fan Yao was not looking for him at all. Fan Yao was just looking for an excuse to make him go away!

    When Han Tianyu reported to the high-ranked officials, the commander of the Pacific Ocean fleet, Robert, was also busy.

    Three defeats out of three wars and the loss of two pilots had brought him a lot of trouble. There was a lot of public uproar. Generally, the people felt that it was Robert's misjudgment which led to America's embarrassment. So, they kept asking for Robert to step down.

    During this time, Robert's main task was to persuade the Congress. He had to convince the Congress that China just looked strong but was actually really weak, and that they had to attack China immediately! Only through war could he maintain his status and avoid being punished!

    At this time, the opinions within the United States Congress were not uniform. Some people were still afraid of China's magical fighter jets. Therefore, they advocated suspending the war and strengthening espionage.

    The others felt that they should start the battle immediately, and that the war should mainly involve members of the Mutant Brotherhood!

    Unlike the China Martial Arts Alliance, members of the Mutant Brotherhood had a considerable number of seats within the United States Congress, so they were directly involved with the ruling of the country.

    The Mutants supported the immediate start of the war for a very simple reason. They had heard about China's plans in relation to the Supreme Androids. As they had already started production, it meant that there were new Supreme Androids being produced in China every day. These Supreme Androids that were comparable to Metahumans posed a big threat. Hence, they strongly wanted the war against China to begin now so that they could destroy the Supreme Androids before China gained more combat power!

    As he had the full support of the Mutants, Robert's plan for an immediate war prevailed within the Congress. If the vote was passed, the war would start immediately.

    While America was preparing to vote, the China Martial Arts Alliance was focused on making war preparations. As these arrogant martial artists had no connections with the ordinary people and the country, they naturally did not discuss anything with military. They just prepared for the upcoming war entirely on their own.

    The disciples of various sects had now been recalled to their respective bases and were not allowed to leave. They were required to stay in their respective bases and practise hard. As soon as Jiang Fei's orders came, these martial artists would head straight toward the battlefield in Japan and fight the Mutant Brotherhood to death!

    Unlike ordinary people, these martial artists were not that scared of war. After all, as they were Metahumans, their daily life was all about fighting. This was just a battle that was more intense.

    All parties were making final preparations for the upcoming war. Jiang Fei was the one who had the most free time. At that moment, Jiang Fei was only busy in the game. His main goal was to get closer to Hong Yu and the other girls, so that twenty-five Bio-Human warriors could be born according to schedule!
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