758 Met the Standards

    Although Han Tianyu had been abandoned by the military, he was still important as he was the bridge between the military and the Martial Arts Alliance. Therefore, the military still treated Han Tianyu pretty nicely.

    However, after all this, Han Tianyu had already given up on the them. After telling Jiang Fei everything, he returned to Manda Square and started his full-time role as an adviser.

    Jiang Fei accepted the fact that the military had crowded out Han Tianyu. He had expected that to happen. Even so, he was surprised at how quickly they did it. However, since Han Tianyu had already been guarding him for such a long time, it would be weird if the military and the country had no doubts about Han Tianyu.

    Han Tianyu's return was not a bad thing for Jiang Fei. After all, Jiang Fei knew himself very well. He was a little clever, but when it came to strategizing and looking at the overall situation, he was a lot worse than those who were experienced in this field. If Han Tianyu was by his side, he would not be inferior to those people.

    Although Han Tianyu did not have the chance to handle the alien weapons, his intelligence network still existed so he was quite familiar with both the domestic and foreign news. Through Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei could also understand some things that he would have otherwise never known about.

    For example, the United States Congress had already entered the voting stage for the declaration of war against China, and because of the intervention of the Mutants, the passing rate of this vote was very high!

    As the war was about to begin, Jiang Fei and the country were on the same page with regards to one thing. That was, to try not to let the war come into China's territory. Although the military had obtained some of the weapons of planet Namek, they were still quite powerless against the attacks of the Metahumans.

    After all, even though these weapons could kill most Metahumans, it was like using anti-aircraft guns on a mosquito. It was not only an overkill, but it was also difficult to hit flexible high-leveled Metahumans.

    If they allowed these Mutants to come into the Chinese territory, they could definitely cause as much damage as nuclear bombs!

    Therefore, Jiang Fei and the military quickly reached an agreement. The military was responsible for sending the martial artists to Japan, where they would create opportunities to fight against the Mutants!

    Jiang Fei did not care how the military was going to do this. He communicated with the Martial Arts Alliance. Previously, the Martial Arts Alliance had reached an agreement with Jiang Fei. They were not willing to cooperate with the military, so after they entered Japan, they would split up with Jiang Fei. However, these old martial artists had also prepared a backup plan. Although they were going to split up, they sent the most elite disciples in their sects to Jiang Fei, so that the teachings of their sects could continue onto the next generations no matter what!

    In the previous battle with Japan, the soldiers led by both old man Hai and Zhao Ganming suffered casualties. Only Jiang Fei managed to bring all his members back unscathed. So, these old guys were all very convinced of Jiang Fei's abilities. Moreover, Jiang Fei had promised to bring another fifty Level 4 masters as reinforcements, so the heads of these sects believed that it was the safest and best choice to hand their elite disciples over to Jiang Fei!

    After everything was arranged, Jiang Fei relaxed once again. Over the next three days, Jiang Fei spent his time leisurely. During the day, he accompanied Si Tuying as she learned martial arts. In the evening, he would accompany Hong Yu and the other girls and flirt around with them. Time passed by really quickly!

    However, Jiang Fei did not get nothing out of the past few days. Si Tuying was quite talented, so she learned very quickly. With Shang Guanqi's guidance and help, Si Tuying basically had some combat power now. Although she had no chance of winning if she went up against a martial artist of the same level, she was already good enough to bully some Level 1 or 2 martial artists or Metahumans.

    Si Tuying's talent was just a little surprise to Jiang Fei, but the fact that Hong Yu and the other girls had finally met 0541's extraction standards was extremely great news!

    As he spent so much time with these girls, Jiang Fei grew closer to them very quickly. At this time, 0541's monitoring of the data of these girls showed that they had fully met the standards. They were also truly in love with Jiang Fei.

    "All of you, come over here!" Jiang Fei who received 0541's notice called Hong Yu and the other girls to come to him in the game.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Master, do you need something?"

    "Master, where are we going to play today?"


    Although these sisters still addressed him the same way, they sounded way more casual now. It no longer gave off the feeling that they were subordinates. It seemed more like a relationship between a boss and his little secretary that he liked to flirt around with.

    "Remember what I told you before?" Jiang Fei put the topic on the right track.

    "You've told us a lot of things, you even praised sister Hong Yu and said she was pretty yesterday!" A female soldier smiled and said.

    "Be serious! I'm talking about you girls coming to my world to help me!" Jiang Fei said, annoyed. After he grew closer to these girls, they stopped restraining themselves and even teased him occasionally.

    "Master, can we leave now?" Hong Yu's eyes lit up as she asked. Before this, Jiang Fei had mentioned this to them, but he said that he wanted to let them go through special training. These days, however, they had only been playing around and having fun. They had not even trained yet.

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Master, how do we get to your world?" A female soldier asked.

    "I'll handle it, but you girls have to suffer in the process. You'll have to stay in a dark space for one or two days!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Oh! Don't worry, master. Darkness and loneliness are nothing to us!" Hong Yu took the lead and said. Even though they were all girls, they were born into military families. A little suffering was nothing to them.

    "Hong Yu, you might have to stay in the dark a little longer than the rest," Jiang Fei said to Hong Yu. As Hong Yu's body was at Pinnacle stage Level 4, the production time was a few days longer than the other girls.

    "No problem! As long as I can help you, master, I can go through any pain!" Hong Yu said with a serious face.

    "It's the same for us!" The other girls also said in unison.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded with satisfaction, then accompanied the girls for one last day.

    When Jiang Fei left the game, he gave an order to 0541. "Extract the data stream!"

    "Yes! Captain!" After replying, 0541 extracted the consciousness of the girls from the game, then saved each of them separately. After two days, when the Bio-Humans were complete, they could be transplanted into the Bio-Human bodies. Of course, Hong Yu's resurrection would take more time.

    After eating breakfast, Jiang Fei received a call from Han Tianyu.

    "Ah Fei, it's almost time. You can inform the people of the Martial Arts Alliance!" Han Tianyu said on the phone.

    "Mmm! Got it!" Jiang Fei nodded.
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