760 Naval Warfare

    "Ladies and gentlemen, our vessel has arrived. Please line up and board the ship in an orderly fashion," said Jiang Fei after he managed to get everyone's attention.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, please take care of the young ones."

    "We hope that you could guide the students in battle."

    "Friend, please keep an eye on my precious student. She's a little stubborn, but I hope that you would forgive her if she offends you in any way."

    "Ahh. My girls are also a little naive. However, you don't need to be reserved with them. Punish them if you will! You can smack them in the butt if they refuse to obey! Hahahaha!"


    Those that were arranged to be in Jiang Fei's team were not just random boys and girls. They were among the best students from their respective sects. Unfortunately, there were more girls than boys. Out of fifty, more than thirty of them were girls! It was clear that the Sect leaders were still set to reel in Jiang Fei using the same old tactic!

    "Get on the vessel," said Jiang Fei as he shook his head, disappointed. There was nothing he could say about it. As long as they were obedient and acted on his orders, there would not be trouble. In time, he would have another 25 females joining his "guild". Having more girls under his care did not bother him anymore.

    The vessel that was assigned to Jiang Fei and the martial artists was a large submarine. It was not the submarine that Jiang Fei had made for them but the latest submarine that was made by China.

    The submarine that Jiang Fei had made for them was too small to fit in 700 people hence the military had dispatched the latest and largest submarine made. Using the submarine to transport soldiers was far more under the radar than using airplanes.

    Even though the submarine was designed and made by China, it had a rather developed diving technology. With the alien aircraft carrier sailing on the surface of the sea, the submarine was to be protected by the radar. All they needed to do was to sail away from them to avoid detection.

    Everyone took their time to board the submarine. Most of the older martial artist had taken the longest as they were not familiar with metal doors and walls. Moving around in tight spaces was not easy for them. However, all of them cooperated well since it was a war that was going to happen away from their lands.

    When everyone was on-board the submarine, it submerged into the sea. Everyone got comfortable in the cabin as they waited. When the sun touched the horizon and dusk had come about, one of the alien Interceptors was launched into the sky. This fighter jet was not the second batch of fighters that Jiang Fei had given. It was one of the three fighters that were used in the dogfight against the Americans.

    This particular fighter jet was modified. It had all its weapon systems stripped away and was equipped with three battery packs. This fighter jet role in the sky was to provide support to the submarine using its highly advanced radar detection system.

    Earth-based stealth technology was nothing but child's play to the alien aircraft. Its radar detection system was so advanced that no matter where the enemy came from, be it from the air, water, or even outer space, the radar would detect everything!

    "Dragon 1, be advised. There is a large fleet of surveillance drones located ten clicks away in your 0900 direction. Evasive maneuver advised. Please correct your course to 1300 direction," said the pilot of the aircraft as he had detected an incoming fleet of unmanned ships.

    "Dragon 1 received. Fire the bait!"

    Once the warning was received, the submarine, code name Dragon 1, fired out a small miniaturized submarine. It was unmanned and its only function was to emit signals that were similar to that of a submarine. Its main function was to draw away attention by baiting the enemy.

    Not long after the bait was launched, the American unmanned surveillance drones started their pursuit of the unidentified signal, drawing them away from the submarine that was carrying Jiang Fei and the other martial artists.

    The bait was fast and was able to outrun the chasing drones. However, to maintain the chase, the bait was controlled to slow down its speed in order to trick the drones that it could be captured!

    "Dragon 1, the surveillance drones and two battleships had taken the bait. You are clear to proceed with your current course."

    Through the constant feed of the aircraft radar, Dragon 1 was able to evade many more incoming Americans Navy as well as detection drones. The bait device was only used when evasion was impossible. After three hours of uninterrupted sailing, Dragon 1 had successfully reached close to Tokyo's shore.

    "Drop point reached. We are unable to proceed further due to shallow waters. Please prepare to disembark!" said the commander in chief of the submarine.

    "Thank you for the hard work, we shall take it from here," said Jiang Fei as he shook the captain's hand.

    "Godspeed to you as well! First mate, take control. Prepare for surfacing!"

    The captain of the submarine bowed at Jiang Fei before turning to the bridge. Even though the martial artists were all arrogant and looked down on normal humans, especially the younger generations, all of them kept quiet and respected the captain as he was serving the country.

    "Dragon 1! Dive! Dive! Dive! Do not surface! I repeat! Do not surface!" cried the pilot of the alien aircraft as soon as the captain was about to surface to ground level.

    "Be advised. One American submarine detected heading toward your position. At their current speed, they will be able to detect your position in less than 300 seconds. You've got to either destroy it or make a run for it! You have to make a decision and make it quick!" said the pilot.

    "What on the blaze..."

    The captain of the submarine was stunned. He was not authorized to fight as his only mission to was to transport all the martial artists to Japan! Although he could go against his mission to destroy an enemy vessel, there would definitely be consequences to it. If he gave up the mission right now, he would have to return to China with all passengers on board. It would be stupid since they were practically at Japan's doorsteps!

    "Captain, allow me to solve this problem," said Jiang Fei as he tapped the captain's shoulder.

    "You could? How?" said the captain nervously.

    "Relax, I am a martial artist. The sea level means nothing to me," said Jiang Fei as he patted the captain on his shoulder and left.

    "0541, barrier please?" said Jiang Fei to 0541.

    Jiang Fei exited the submarine via the torpedo hatch as they were still underwater. A barrier was erected by 0541 to help Jiang Fei move easily in the water and to counteract the massive water pressure.

    0541's barrier was perfect as it had also created a cloaking effect which completely masked Jiang Fei's presence. Jiang Fei swam across the seabed for a while and arrived at the side of the American's submarine.

    "Here's a little warning," said Jiang Fei as he stabbed the side of the submarine with the Chengying Sword, imbued with Metal power derived from Origin Force.

    Once the sword was stabbed through and a small 5-centimeter long opening was created, the water pressure in that level did the rest of the damage. The small opening immediately caved in quickly, widening it to at least two meters before it stopped.
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