763 Bai

    As soon as the Pentagon had arrived at a decision, Han Tianyu's spies that were placed inside the Pentagon relayed information back to China. Similarly, as soon as Han Tianyu obtained the intel, he contacted Jiang Fei.

    "Alright. You should take control now. When the time is right, start with Phase two!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Will do," said Han Tianyu before he hung up and got busy.

    Jiang Fei looked up into the sky and saw the sun coming up from the horizon. Due to 0541's camouflage barrier, none of Jiang Fei's group members were spotted. On the other hand, all other sects that went their own ways were spotted easily.

    They were infiltrating the Mutant's frontal military base. It was only natural that the site would be heavily secured and placed under tight surveillance. With powerful optical satellites and high-speed surveillance drones patrolling around, they were able to detect even the slightest movement, down to the cats and dogs. How could they miss such a large group of martial artists coming from the sea and into their lands?

    The martial artists were a relic of the past. Due to their lack of interaction to the outside world, those fools did not know the true power of satellites and surveillance drones. Their mistake was to enter the forest, thinking that they could escape human sight. It was better for them if they had tried to infiltrate the public and blend in with the crowd. Although most of the country was destroyed, there were still many parts of the archipelago that were still unscratched from the recent war. Even though the Chinese and Japanese citizens had different core values, they shared similar appearances. Finding and detecting them in a massive crowd would be harder!

    Alas, a frog in the well will not know of the ocean. They had chosen to hide in the forest like their forefathers did and got themselves discovered by the enemy.

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    "The Mutant's Naval force should be rattled by now..." said Jiang Fei to himself as he began to strategize his next move. It was part of his plan to "allow" the other martial artists get caught. There was nothing Jiang Fei could do. If they had chosen to follow Jiang Fei, they would not have been discovered. Sadly, due to their arrogance and pride, the other martial artists would not cooperate with the military men, or what they would refer to as normal humans. Jiang Fei had to include that factor in his plans. Their role was not revealed to anyone as it was not... nice. Jiang Fei had used them as bait to lure out the Mutants!

    Just as expected, the Mutant's Naval forces had detected more than hundred of people hiding in the forest. At first, they did not pay attention to them since there were cases where the locals headed into the forest to scavenge for food. However, the Mutants followed protocol and zoomed into the picture, only to find martial artists carrying weapons. Weapons aside, the presence of martial artists in Japanese lands was a good enough reason to be alert.

    As soon as the situation escalated, the Naval fleet quickly relayed that information to the Mutant Brotherhood.

    However, the information did not reach the ears of the higher members of the Mutant Brotherhood. The reason was simple. The other members of Mutants Brotherhood had only just exited the Pentagon. It was early in the morning in Japan, but it was close to midnight in America. The meeting had taken place in the evening and through the night.

    Once the meeting was over, the core members of the Mutant Brotherhood had started preparations for war. Hence, the news of martial artists appearing in Japan was placed secondary.

    Once the Pentagon had approved of declaring war with China, the Mutant's Naval fleet moved in closer. The fleet that was in the Pacific Ocean sailed across Japanese's waters and very close to China's border. Meanwhile, the fleet in the Atlantic Ocean moved on further and passed through the Indian Ocean and into the Southern Ocean.

    The Mutants had moved their troops, showing the world that they were ready to bring the rain. However, they did not know what they were expecting!

    Jiang Fei lingered in the same exact spot until nightfall. Concurrently, it was 9am in America. The Mutants had declared war on China on the basis that China had used alien technology to produce weapons of mass destruction. Their "actions" were deemed as dangerous to the world order and must be rectified. As such, the Mutants, with the backing of the American government, demanded that China publicly release information about the 17 top secret military bases that were conducting the illicit experiments involving alien tech. China must also allow other nations to investigate their military bases!

    As a response, China blatantly denied the claims. Han Tianyu aside, even the officers in the command building would not sit by and allow other nations to humiliate them to such extent! To allow other nationals to come in and investigate their military bases was akin to a man being stripped butt-naked for an inspection! Not even Singapore would allow their nation to be humiliated!

    Once the denial to the claims was made public, the Mutants declared a forced entry into their nation. They were only doing it in the name of global security! Even though it was a flat out lie.

    A Forced Entry into a nation was no different from a declaration of war. Han Tianyu only had one thing to say about this.

    "Come, if you've got the balls!"

    At the same time, Han Tianyu instructed his spies in America to reveal another "leaked" information-the discovery of an alien biological laboratory in Japan!

    When it came to Japanese Bio-Human experiments, everyone recognized that such technology could only originate from an alien source. However, not even the Americans could discover the whereabouts.

    However, one cannot accuse the Mutants of being incompetent since Jiang Fei had taken the lab with him! Not even the Japanese themselves could find it! Much less the Mutants!

    However, when Han Tianyu leaked that information about the discovery of an alien remnant, it immediately garnered the attention of the Mutant Brotherhood. At the same time, the information about discovering martial artists in Japan finally came to the surface.

    When the Mutants had digested the two information, they immediately acknowledge the fact that the alien remnant was in Japan. What followed next was a huge commotion within the Brotherhood.

    Japan was known for its Bio-Human experiments and everyone knew that the Japanese had only managed to scratch the surface of the alien tech. The Bio-Human tech that the Mutants had obtained from the Japanese were war loot. As such, their understanding in Bio-Human experiments was worse than the Japanese.

    When the Mutants heard that there was an alien remnant in Japan, everyone got agitated. That was because they knew that only by obtaining the alien remnant, they could unlock the secrets of making Level 5 Metahuman!

    Level 5 Metahuman, or as 0541 would call Omega-level beings, represented the epitome of power. It had been said that Level 5 Metahumans were able to live much longer than normal humans do. Although they could not achieve immortality, the mere prospect of living longer was more than enough to entice a certain few individuals.

    Once the information was verified, the high ranking members of the Mutant Brotherhood immediately stopped all war procedures. Instead of preparing their weapons, the naval fleet was only allowed to sail closer to China!

    With repeated requests, the Mutant Brotherhood was given the authority to command the fleet in the Pacific Ocean. The fleet that was now in the Southern Ocean was told to standby. The fleet in the Pacific Ocean was given the order to assist the Mutants in defeating the martial artists in Japan and to take the alien remnant for themselves!

    The follow-up action made by the Mutants and the naval fleet was moving according to Han Tianyu's prediction.

    What Han Tianyu wanted to do was to buy time. The newly obtained weapons were yet to be mastered even though they had formed a special naval force for it. They would need more time to get used to the technology. Besides that, he had been specifically requested by Jiang Fei to buy time for himself for some unknown reason.
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