764 Come Alive, My Ladies!

    Once the plan was deemed a success, China informed Han Tianyu and in turn, Han Tianyu informed Jiang Fei.

    "Thanks for the hard work. Get the military guys ready. They will need to fight soon," said Jiang Fei.

    "Good luck to you too," said Han Tianyu before hanging up.

    "Pay attention. I have just received news about the Mutants. They are currently on the move. Be warned, everyone's position have been discovered. Please make haste in changing your current location. All Sects are advised to cooperate with each other to prevent yourselves from being overwhelmed by the Mutants," said Jiang Fei as he announced in the other communication channel. Even though Jiang Fei was using them as bait, he could not just throw them aside once their role was over.


    "Hmph. A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!"

    "There's nothing to fear, Brother Jiang Fei. We would not lose to mere Mutants!"


    It was obvious the martial artists were not intimidated by the enemy. They had their confidence since when it comes to fights, the martial artists did have a better experience.

    Even so, Jiang Fei understood that this coming fight with the Mutants would not be as simple as with the Bio-Humans. After being enhanced, these Mutants would definitely be stronger. It was unknown to what extent but it was best to be cautious. Even though they lacked real combat experience, they could risk it in the fight since they had a larger army. The gap in strength could easily be filled with numbers.

    "What a pain..." Jiang Fei grunted as he stretched himself. He could not believe that at the very end, those martial artists would still behave arrogantly! Unless they received a beating, they would never learn!

    "Prepare yourself well. I estimate the battle will take place either tomorrow noon or night," said Jiang Fei as he got up to his feet.

    "I have nothing to fear!"

    "That's right. Brother Jiang Fei, let the Mutants come. We shall make them regret fighting with us!"

    "Hey, let's have a competition. Let's see who gets more kills!"


    As soon as Jiang Fei was done with his announcement, the boys started blabbering about their "fearlessness". Initially, they were all jealous of Jiang Fei since most of the girls were surrounding him. Hence, when an opportunity came, they grabbed it and made good use of it to impress the ladies...

    "A word of warning. There's a thin line between recklessness and bravery. Do not confuse the two. Rest, you'll not be having it once the war starts," said Jiang Fei. From the looks of it, Jiang Fei could see the Dunning-Kruger effect in action. He knew that the young lads had never experienced a life-threatening situation where they had to fight to survive. Although they might have combat experience from mock fights held in their training sessions, a real fight to the death was in their training. Only a few of them were involved in the previous bloodshed in Japan. Only those who participated kept quiet and listened to Jiang Fei's advice. The rest of the jokers were laughing about, making a fool of themselves.

    "Can I really depend on these idiots to fight?" Jiang Fei glared at these poor martial artists, who would surely get themselves killed in a fight.

    "0541, increase the range of the proximity sensor. Make sure to inform me if anyone is coming to our direction," said Jiang Fei to 0541. There was no need to save power at this point. It was better to waste power than to get ambushed.

    "Yes, sir," said 0541 before it expanded the radius of the proximity sensor range to 500 kilometers. Within that range, there would definitely be many targets detected. However, 0541 would only focus on targets that were directly coming towards Jiang Fei's direction.

    Once the range was set, Jiang Fei took his time and started to rest. As he said before, once the battle starts, there would not be time to rest.

    At the brink of light, the next day, Jiang Fei had everyone in his group to stay in the marshland while he left with Ariel.

    The reason why Jiang Fei wanted some alone time was to read the 24 Level 4 Bio-Humans that 0541 had produced. Once the artificial soul was made and inserted into the body, the girls could not remain inside the alternate space-time dimension of the ring.

    After Jiang Fei found himself a nice, abandoned land with no one around, he had 0541 to create a barrier to isolate this space from the outside world. After Ariel had made sure that no one was around sneaking to take a peak, Jiang Fei materialize 24 large incubation tanks.

    "Start the soul imprinting process," said Jiang Fei.

    "Yes, sir!"

    The incubation tanks started to make some noise and not long after, the liquid that was suspending the bodies started to create bubbles of air. A long needle protruded out from the inner walls of the incubation tanks and was inserted directly into the nape of the bodies.

    "Wow... Is this how I was born into this world?" said Ariel as she tried to peek into one of the incubation tanks.

    "Yes. In this world, I am only able to provide you with a body. Your soul remains the same."

    "That's so amazing! I've never known that humans were capable of such a feat," said Ariel.

    "Having a body is very inconvenient. If you get hurt, it takes time to heal. Worse of all, I cannot save your life if you die...Please, do not die..." said Jiang Fei worriedly. He knew that Ariel would surely risk her life to save his.

    Androids are more than capable of getting a new body if they got themselves destroyed, as long as the memory chip was left intact. These Bio-Humans that Jiang Fei had made were practically human. If they were killed, there was no way Jiang Fei could save them again. Unlike Androids, there was no way he could transplant one's brain into a new body!

    "Yes, dear. I will take great care of myself!" said Ariel with a smile. Unfortunately for Jiang Fei, he had failed to pick up an underlying message that was hidden. What she meant was: "Since humans are too fragile, I will make sure to protect you even if it cost my life!"

    At the same time, Jiang Fei was thinking of the same thing.

    'This time around, I will protect all of you!'

    Two hours later, the incubation machine stopped. The soul imprinting process was done.

    "Captain, they are all ready to be deployed!" said 0541.

    "Go ahead. Open it up," said Jiang Fei.


    The incubation tanks started to move. First, the bottom hatch opened to allow the incubation liquid to flow out. Oxygen was pumped into the tanks and in less than a few minutes, 24 naked girls walked out of the tanks, dazed and confused.

    "0541, clothes please!" said Jiang Fei immediately when the gas dispersed and revealed everything down to the forbidden region of a woman.

    Jiang Fei could not bring himself to help the girls at the moment. He then had Ariel to retrieve the clothes and let her dress the newborn girls.

    Even though it should be a paradise for Jiang Fei, it was just too much for a young man like Jiang Fei to take. He had thought that he could get used to seeing a girl naked after he had relieved Ariel for the first time. Right then, there were 24 beautiful, well-endowed girls looking at him. No matter how much Jiang Fei wanted to see, he could not bring himself to...

    "Sisters, please wear this first," said Ariel as she greeted the girls.

    "Is this world where the great lord resides?"

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    "Oh my god, you're so beautiful!"

    "You too! Your skin is so smooth! Wow... it's really wet down there."

    "Hey, where...mhm... don't touch me like that..."

    "Hehe. Yours is so pink. I like it!"

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