765 Sisters In Arms

    When the girls came to, they realized that their appearance was different from what they had before. Jiang Fei had explained to them that they would have their soul moved into a new body. Hence, everyone was not surprised at their new look. For better or worse, Jiang Fei had also made them extremely beautiful.

    "Where is sister Hong Yu?"

    "Now that you mentioned it... I don't see her around?"

    "What happened to her?"

    It did not take them long to notice that their leader, Hong Yu, was missing.

    "Hong Yu's body requires more time. Don't worry, she will be with us in just two more days," said Jiang Fei.

    "My Lord. How could you treat us so..."

    "Gees... My Lord wanted Hong Yu alone to himself... What about us..."


    After everyone was dressed in combat attire, the girls started to crowd together around Jiang Fei. Each one of them wanted time with Jiang Fei, to be closer to him. At first, Jiang Fei wanted to straighten the girls up but he could not help but enjoy being the center of attention whilst being crowded by a group of beautiful women!

    "Enough playing. Please listen to me. I assume that everyone here has some knowledge about my world, yea?" said Jiang Fei. Despite wanting to spend some time with the girls, there were other important matters to tend to at the moment.

    "Yes. I don't know how but I do know about the world!"

    "It's strange. I have never seen this place yet I understood where we are!"

    "It's so different!"

    "It's so strange yet so amazing at the same time!"


    When one girl started to talk, the others followed.

    "Calm down. I will talk about my world later. For now, I want everyone here to focus on understanding your new body. Feel the power that is in your body and know what you can do," said Jiang Fei.

    "Sir, yes sir!"

    Once Jiang Fei officially gave out an order, all the girls quieted down immediately like a well-disciplined army. Everyone closed their eyes and feel their body to understand it properly. At the same time, they focused on the information that was imprinted in their minds.

    The body was the result of the perfected cloning technique developed in Planet Namek, unlike the second-rated Bio-Human technology that the Japanese had tried to mimic. Not only did 0541 create the perfect human body for the girls, it had also imprinted a few martial skills and battle forms for them! Even though the martial skills given to the girls were only the basics, it was still a perfected form of a punching technique. That move was best suited to these girls since they were literally just born into this world.

    "Alright. Once you have gotten used to your new body, I want everyone here to practice your skills here. However, remember to keep your voice down to the minimum!" said Jiang Fei as soon as everyone was ready.

    "Sir, yes sir!"

    Everyone moved around and... basically started to exercise. They did push-ups, sit-ups, and other forms of exercise to understand how strong they were. Once they had understood how their body worked, they started practicing the martial arts that was given to them. They did it in a way that no one making noise since Jiang Fei had ordered them to keep the voice to the minimum.

    Jiang Fei sat down somewhere close to the girls until the sun had risen to the high skies. By then, the girls had started to sweat and somewhat mastered the skills that were given to them.

    "Gather up. Now that everyone has gotten used to their new body, I will now take you with me. We are about to meet a few... acquaintances of mine. Now, for the most crucial part. No matter who you are talking to, be sure to introduce yourself as a fellow student of mine. All of us learn from the same master and that makes us fellow students. Understood?" said Jiang Fei.

    "My lord... if you want to play it that way... I can be your elder sister..."

    "My lord... I don't mind playing the younger sister... if you want..."

    "I'd never thought that my lord actually likes role-playing..."


    "Please... stop..."

    Jiang Fei frowned. He never knew the girls well and had never expected them to be that playful!

    "My lord... I mean... brother, do we need to protect those acquaintances of yours?" said one of the girls.

    "Depends on the situation. If you can, you should. But never allow yourself to be in danger. Always prioritize your own safety!" said Jiang Fei after he thought about it. These girls were closer to him than to the members of the alliance. It would be better for them to behave slightly cold to the rest of them to not raise any suspicion.

    Jiang Fei returned to the group and appeared to everyone with 24 new beautiful girls with him. Everyone was wearing the same white uniform, making them look like a court of goddesses that had descended down to the Earth. To be fair, the uniform that 0541 had created for the girls were a little too, revealing, especially at their arms and legs. It could not be helped, it was designed for optimal movement. At least the chest area was well-covered.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, who are these people?" cried Yang Qing like an angry kitten having its tail stepped on. The rest of the martial artists could only stare with disbelief.

    "These are my sisters. They have been sent here by my master," said Jiang Fei.

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    "I see..."

    "No wonder the great Jiang Fei had never batted an eye at the other girls of the alliance."

    "Sh*t! What kind of sect is that? I want in!"

    "Brother Jiang Fei's got it all! The best of everything there is! Man, I wish I could be in his place."


    When Jiang Fei had declared that these 24 goddesses were from his "sect", the boys felt extreme jealous. At the same time, one odd little rumor about him was debunked immediately.

    It was known that every other sect had deliberately tried to buy into Jiang Fei's good side by using the pretty woman tactic. Some of these girls were genuinely interested in Jiang Fei, while others were blindly following orders from above to use sex-appeal to court Jiang Fei. While everyone tried their best to charm Jiang Fei, none of them succeeded.

    It was then Jiang Fei had "declared" that he had a proper girlfriend during one of the meetings. If he had not done that, most of the elders in the alliance would have reached a similar conclusion-Jiang Fei was into dudes!

    When Jiang Fei brought in the 24 "goddesses", everyone immediately understood why did Jiang Fei had never wanted to look at the other girls in the alliance. He did not need to since every girl in the sect was more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the alliance! Jiang Fei had already seen everything when the alliance could not!

    The guys had every right to be jealous of Jiang Fei, especially since the man had everything the others did not.

    Firstly, Jiang Fei had a Level 5 or even a Level 6 master that no one in the alliance could even reach. After that, the fact that he had 2 or even 3 Level 5 masters in his sect made him a powerful entity!

    That aside, Jiang Fei himself was strong! Being only 18 years old, he was so strong that he had achieved the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 and defeated Ma Xuantong in a fight! Who would not be jealous of him? And then Jiang Fei basically came out of the woods with goddesses in his arms, the guys could literally bash their own head in for not being in the same sect as him!

    While the guys were having "the time of their lives", the girls were all only admiring the beauty of the "goddesses" and wondered if they could befriend them. Although they did envy Jiang Fei of his luck, they were not as worked up as the guys did.
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