767 Ambush

    "0541, locate that signal!" said Jiang Fei with a sudden outburst.

    "Captain, it is as you predicted, the enemy is detected by the Azure Cloud Clan!" said 0541.

    "Mhm. Very well," said Jiang Fei as he calmed down and closed his eyes. It was a battle that he need not interfere.

    Even though the enemies were going all out, Jiang Fei did not want to lend a hand. He wanted the martial artists to know the pain of being too arrogant. He wanted them to learn from their mistakes even though it might cause some lives. Even so, Jiang Fei had gotten used to the fact that death was inevitable in a fight. It was a stance that he took after he had matured since the time when he was a young naive boy.

    While Jiang Fei chose to cross his arms, the other sects, the Snow Mountain Sect, and the Redsands Clan decided to lend a hand. However, even though they appeared to be helping, their true motives were to have the kills themselves!

    From the martial artists' perspectives, the Mutants' strength was stagnant. Even though they knew that a Mutant could get more power through Bio-Human technology, martial artists were not interested and did not care about them. From their point of view, someone who gained power through external methods could never defeat a person who did it through self-training.

    Hence, when the other two sects heard that the Azure Cloud Clan had found the enemy, they jumped to their feet like a hungry cat and charged towards their direction. Once more, they had displayed arrogance that Jiang Fei did not expect. Jiang Fei could tell that the martial artists were treating this war like a hunting game.

    Unfortunately for the martial artists, the prey that they were hunting was actually the predator. They had already baited the martial artists into forming a tight formation. The next step was to throw in the net and reel them in all at once with a single clean sweep.

    "Are they gathered together yet?"

    "There's no news about it yet. But I think they would catch the bait."

    "In that case, let's keep it low. Do not blow our cover just yet."

    "Relax, the bait is thrown. The Chinese are known to be really competitive with each other. I'm sure that they would never realize that it was a trap!"

    "I sure hope that is the case..."

    Besides Azure Cloud Clan, the Redsands Clan and the Snow Mountain Sect were all running towards their direction. Those big shots martial artists were oblivious to what was waiting for them. The only thing that was in their minds was the fear of losing to the other sects.

    "Make haste, everyone! We cannot allow the Azure Cloud Clan to take all the credit!"

    "Clan leader, we've got it! We, the Redsands, are much stronger than the Azure Cloud! We will have all the kills!"

    "Quick! Quick! Quick!"

    "Oh no! The Snow Mountain Sect are here!"

    "Sheesh! I've always hated Bai Wanli and his merry little runts! Ignore them!"

    "Yes! Clan leader!"


    "Sect leader, do we need to be quicker than the Redsands? They are already far ahead," said one of the disciples of the Snow Mountain Sect.

    "No need. Patience is a virtue. Maintain our current speed," said Bai Wanli. As he ran along with the other students, Bai Wanli contacted Jiang Fei privately through the communicator.

    "Is there anything I can help you with, Sect Leader Bai?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Thank you for the offer. I'm only calling in to ask about your master's reinforcement," said Bai Wanli as he chuckled like an old man.

    "Yes. My master had sent in about 20 junior sisters," said Jiang Fei.

    "Are they all Level 4 fighters?" Bai Wanli asked astonishingly. He had thought that Jiang Fei's reinforcement would all be his seniors. Bai Wanli would never have guessed that they were all younger than Jiang Fei. If they were all, as Jiang Fei said, Level 4 fighters, the man called Zhuge Shanzhen must be formidable indeed!

    "Yes, they are. Every one of them is as strong as a Level 4," said Jiang Fei proudly.

    "That's great news. I do wish to have afternoon tea with your great master. Perhaps you could help me arrange that?" said Bai Wanli. It took him a lot of courage to even ask for a meeting with Jiang Fei's master. He was itching to know such a master since he was able to train so many young Level 4 fighters!

    "I'll get back to you..."

    Bai Wanli was a little frustrated with Jiang Fei's reply. Get back to him? When would that be? That was not even a solid answer!

    "Right, we are currently en route to fight the incoming Mutants. How do you see it?" said Bai Wanli as he quickly changed the topic of conversation.

    "Know this. The good ones would not be here, those that are here are not the good ones. All I can say is, be careful of tricks," said Jiang Fei. Even though he had not met Bai Wanli more than he could remember, it was still best to give him a little hint of what was going to happen since he had asked for advice. It was then up to Bai Wanli himself to decipher what Jiang Fei was saying.

    "Thank you for the guidance," said Bai Wanli before he hung up.

    "Master, what did Jiang say?" said Bai Wanjian.

    "He told us to be careful of tricks... I... What do you make of it?" Bai Wanli frowned.

    "I don't know what that means but I think we should consider what Jiang Fei's words meant," said Bai Wanjian.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Do you remember the war against the Bio-Humans of Japan?" said Bai Wanjian.

    "Of course!" Bai Wanli answered immediately. Even though he did not participate in the war, he did remember everything his disciples had told him.

    While Zhao Ganming and Old Hai's group were badly injured, Jiang Fei's group was the only group that did not lose a single member. The main reason Zhao Ganming and Old Hai's group sustained so much losses was due to an enemy ambush. Jiang Fei had never gotten himself caught by them! In fact, Jiang Fei was able to out-maneuver the Bio-Humans and prevent himself from being ambushed.

    "I think that little brat might have someone feeding him information. Perhaps even information from the normal humans!" said Bai Wanjian.

    "That could be it," said Bai Wanli. They knew that they were looking down on normal humans but they could not deny that the technology developed by normal humans were greater than martial artists' perception.

    "What do we do now?" asked another elder of the Snow Mountain Sect.

    "We should slow down and let the others strike first. This mission doesn't ask for contribution but survival and the enemy's defeat," said Bai Wanli after he had thought it through. Because of his smart thinking, Snow Mountain Sect was able to escape from certain doom.

    "Have they bought the bait?" said Desir to another middle-aged woman next to him. As one of the higher ups of the Mutant Brotherhood, he was granted the privilege to lead the Mutants in this war.

    "Sir, the martial artists have split up into two groups. One group of over 70 fighters are coming in our way and another group of over 50 fighters are behind them. The latter is much slower though," said the woman. She was only an Intermediate Level 3 Mutant but her ability was special. She could conjure a point of vision from anywhere close to her and spectate or spy on anything, much like a miniature satellite.
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