772 Being the Change

    In just one night, multiple sects had decided to change their way of thinking. With the Snow Mountain Sect and the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace leading the way, more than ten sects decided to work together. On the other hand, there were still a number of sects that decided to work alone, like the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    The night was calm and quiet. It was the last blanket of safety that the martial artists had before the sunrise. With adequate light, the American satellites and surveillance drones would be able to detect their position and reveal them to the Mutants.

    "Alright, the sun is coming up. Let's continue the hunt!" said Desir to his fellow Mutants. At this point, almost all Mutants and Desir realized that the one greatest weakness of the martial artists was their pride. The pitiful bunch of idiots would not even try to work with the military! That was the greatest ally that they could have! That was the difference between the martial artists and the Mutants, in terms of intelligence gathering.

    Thousands of Mutants began to form multiple smaller groups and spread out in different directions. Their purpose was to hunt down the sects that were wandering alone. That way, they would not even need a thousand men to defeat the separated ones.

    Desir's plan was to use the martial artists' pride against themselves. He wanted to weed them out one by one before they realized the importance of working together.

    As for the martial artists, they did not want to work together as conflicts existed between the sects. If they were working together, their first enemy might be one another instead of the Mutants. On the other hand, working alone would only be beneficial to the enemy! Hence, the separated sects had still formed a temporary alliance with one or two sects. That way, they could at least muster some attacking force when they needed to fight. The only sects that were going alone were the Soaring Cloud Sect and the Zhangle Clan.

    Soaring Cloud Sect was famous as they were the largest and strongest sect in China. To fault their superiority, they had sent over 150 members. They were so large that three different sects would need to get together to reach that number. Out of 150 members, 25 of them were elite Level 4 fighters. In terms of combat power, they were as strong as the Snow Mountain Sect and Aquamoon Heavenly Palace, and the other sects combined!

    Zhangle Clan was different. They were considered a second-rated sect that did not even have a Level 5 master in their ranks. The entire sect had only over 30 to 40 members while only 4 Level 4 fighter. Even so, they had refused to work with others!


    "Should we inform the little one first?" said Granny Jianghua when the coalition was formed.

    "I was actually thinking the same thing. He had relations with the military and he might have information that we don't!" said Bai Wanli. Right now, they were at a disadvantage. Yet, they could not find themselves working with normal humans! To do so would bring shame to the Martial Artists Alliance!

    A short discussion was held and they had agreed to inform Jiang Fei and only get enemy intel from him. They still would not work with the military directly.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, how are you doing over there?" said Bai Wanli.

    "I'm fine. I heard that you were attacked by the Mutants," said Jiang Fei.

    "Ugh... Brother Jiang Fei, this one is old, there's no need to beat around the bush," said Bai Wanli with a bitter laugh. He had already informed everyone through the public channel last night. Jiang Fei would surely have heard about last night's situation.

    "So it seems. What are you going to do now? Have you all agreed to my plan?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Hold that thought. I'm calling to ask about the Mutant's movement," said Granny Jinghua.

    "Their movement? Hold on a minute, I'll ask," said Jiang Fei before hanging up. He then immediately called Han Tianyu and requested for his help.

    Even though 0541's proximity radar range was large, to cover the entirety of Japan would consume too much power.

    Even though Han Tianyu was technically not involved in the naval fleet of China, he was directly involved in acquiring the new weapons that China had obtained from Jiang Fei. Hence, he still had some leeway in the military. At the very least, the three alien fighter jets were still in his possession. While the military had provided him with the nuclear-powered battery packs, the fighter jets were not used since they could not be used in combat. On the other hand, they were still extremely useful for intel gathering.

    Jamming the enemy's communication was the norm of war. The American army had managed to disrupt many of the surveillance systems that China had deployed. The only way to gather information was to use alien fighter jets. Currently, the military had not managed to train their pilots to master the alien fighter jets. In the end, the only way for Jiang Fei to gather information was to rely on the three fighter jets that Han Tianyu had.

    "Ah Fei, the Mutants have split into four groups. They are all heading towards four different groups of our own. From the looks of it, they seem to know how the martial artists move around!" said Han Tianyu after having his fighter jets roam the entire archipelago of Japan

    "Which groups are they targeting?"

    "The Soaring Cloud Sect, Zhangle Chan, the Xiankong Island Sect, and the Rainbow Longsword Sect," said Han Tianyu after a short pause.

    "Mhm. Thanks. Please continue observing them and inform me if something comes up," said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei thought for a while and called for the map of Japan which 0541 immediately projected onto the ground.

    Based on the map, the Soaring Cloud Sect was in the far south of Japan. The Xiankong Island Sect and the Valiant Veridian Sect were at the Northeast of Japan. Zhangle Chan was in the far North of Japan, on a small island alone.

    The Rainbow Longsword Sect was working together with three other sects with quite a number of people. Both Jiang Fei's group and the Rainbow Longsword Sect were roughly at the same position. Jiang Fei was at the center of Japan while the Rainbow Longsword Sect was closer to the sea.

    Jiang Fei eyed at the Snow Mountain Sect's position and found them hiding on a different island. Based on Han Tianyu's information, they were safe from any attacks.

    "Mr. Bai, your position is safe. There's no Mutant on the entire island," said Jiang Fei.

    "Mhm. Thank you very much."

    "Brother Bai, what are we going to do now?" Granny Jinghua asked.

    "Of course we should rest! Didn't you hear Jiang Fei say that there's no enemy on this island?" said an elder from another sect.

    "Stop," said Bai Wanli as he glared at the elder. Their purpose in Japan was to fight the Mutants and not play hide and seek with them! If they were hiding away from the enemy, they should just head back to China, sipping tea in their respective gazebo in their sects.

    "We are not here to hide from the enemy! Rest is a must but finding the enemy and crushing them is what we are here for!" said Bai Wanli.

    "He's right. Right now, we are perhaps the strongest group in this country. We have the manpower to destroy the enemy and we should start doing what we should be doing! We cannot allow the other sects to fall one by one! We might not need to save them but we should prevent their death!" said Granny Jinghua.
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