774 Grudges

    The Rainbow Longsword Sect was in a position between mortal danger and possibly just normal danger. At that moment, they were facing an enemy with five times their soldier count. The chance of them walking away alive was zero. However, they were not really in mortal danger. They were still able to fight as they had yet lost a single member to the Mutants. Even with 1,000 Mutants attacking, the martial artists were still able to make their stand. It would take some time before one made a mistake which would cause a chain reaction for the downfall of the entire sect.

    The Mutants were pouring in with everything they have got but they were not making any progress at annihilating them! The martial artists were doing a good job at defending themselves well! Especially the Rainbow Longsword Sect. They were able to completely hold the Mutants from pushing forward with their secret art, the Halo Sword Formation.

    The Halo Sword formation is the ultimate secret art of the Rainbow Longsword Sect. It involves 81 fighters, arranged in a 9x9 formation, which would spread out large like a net. The skill was so powerful that once deployed, even a Pinnacle stage of Level 4 martial artist would be killed. The sword formation was so mystical that not even the best martial artist could unravel the secret of this multi-user skill. It was said that the martial artists had to draw out the natural energy from the heavens and the earth. Naturally, the Mutants had no way of understanding it.

    The formation had successfully stopped anyone from approaching the martial artists and had killed those who had tried. Several Level 4 Mutants had already fallen to the martial artists as they had severely underestimated their prowess.

    The rest of the martial artists gathered close but not too close to the swordmasters to take down a few enemies that had tried to circumvent their formation.

    Even though there was no way the Mutants could break through the sword formation, Ganyang Zhenren was still desperate for help. Him, being the swordmaster of his disciples, knew that his disciples had not perfected the skill. Not only that, they were mostly Level 3 swordmasters. Even though they were drawing power from natural energy, and were still able to hold back over a thousand Mutants, the disciples themselves would eventually fall due to the lack of qi. Once they were tired out, the Halo Sword formation would be broken.

    Without the protection of this ultimate sword technique, they would not be able to hold back the attacks from a thousand Mutants. Once the enemy was given a chance to attack, the martial artists would not be able to defend themselves.

    "Press on the attack!"

    "Where is Alpha team? Use energy attacks!"

    "Dumbfu*cks! The enemy's reinforcements are coming! We need to kill them off right now! All these Chinese dogs must die!" cried Walker with rage. He was the leader of this team of Mutants. He was also Lincoln's eldest son, the Vice-President of the Mutant Brotherhood.

    Walker was so hateful towards China and its martial artists mainly because of Jiang Fei. During the war against the Bio-Humans of Japan, Jiang Fei had encountered the Frost Prince, Gid, Walker's twin brother!

    Unfortunately for Gid, he had encountered Jiang Fei at his first mission. The man was a spoiled brat that had been pampered since birth. He was arrogant, egoistic, and self-grandiose. However, no matter how one flaunted one's family background, it would mean absolutely nothing to Jiang Fei. It took only a single slice to kill Gid.

    During that period, the Mutants had only just acquired information about Japan's Bio-Enhancement technology. They had yet to master the technology to apply the upgrade to themselves and could not avenge their fallen family member.

    Today, they had enhanced themselves to reach the Pinnacle stage of Level 4. Walker brought in an army of his own kind to trample upon the martial artists. He would have his revenge against the martial artists! Against Jiang Fei!

    Countless of elemental attacks were bombarded on the martial artists. Fortunately, every projectile that was thrown at their direction was deflected away with the powerful Halo Sword formation. Although they were all safe from the attacks, all 81 members of the sect were extremely tired.

    They were only able to last this long because of their sheer willpower. Their qi had dropped to the bottom of the barrel.

    "Brother Bai! Where are you?! We are going to fall!' cried Ganyang Zhenren. Most of the Level 4 fighters were only able to support them by the side while the weaker disciples were trying their best to maintain the Halo Sword formation. At this point, they were basically running on fumes!

    Ganyang Zhenren could only wish that he had more Level 4 fighters! All full 81 Level 4 swordmaster to perform the Halo Sword formation. But it was all but a dream... If he had 81 Level 4 swordmasters, they would not even need the formation to kill all 1,000 Mutants!

    "Master... I'm... I'm done for... Sorry..."


    After holding on for 30 minutes, one of the 81 disciples had fallen to the ground after coughing out a mouthful of blood.

    "NO!" Ganyang Zhenren cried with horror. He was worried about his disciples but he was more concerned about the sword formation!

    The skill required an exact number of disciples to perform. If one of them fell, the entire formation would not work!

    "Heh! They're open! Finish them now!" Walker roared loudly.

    "Dammit all! Retreat! Everyone! Retreat!" cried Ganyang Zhenren.

    All the disciples that were performing the Halo Sword formation stopped and ran towards Ganyang Zhenren. The fallen disciple was saved during the commotion and was placed dead in the center of the entire martial artists to be protected. The poor lad had used up all the qi in him and the result was severe internal damage.

    The martial artists had lost their greatest offensive attack and was now forced to be in the defense. The ones standing in the front to face the Mutants head-on were the Level 4 fighters, including Ganming Zhenren. The ones in the back were the disciples. There were only 60 to 70 of them left.

    "Defend! Defend with all you've got! Our reinforcement is coming!" cried Ganyang Zhenren. Their only last hope was Bai Wanli!

    The disciples were placed in behind the Level 4 fighters as they were all mostly the disciples of the Rainbow Longsword Sect. They were all tired out and was running out of qi at that moment. Every one of them was so wasted that they could barely lift their swords any longer. Besides them, the other sect's Level 3 disciples were also in a hard spot. They could fight, but not as competent as the other sect's disciple. The task of keeping everyone alive fell upon the Level 4 fighters.

    With that thought in mind, Ganming Zhenren decided to fight till his last breath. The disciples that were at the brink of collapsing were his best students. The future of the sect! If they were allowed to die there, the Rainbow Longsword Sect would be decimated!

    The other sect leaders were thinking of the same thing. Even though they were of small sects with names that were not remembered by all, the hope to preserve the sect was still embedded in everyone's mind. They could not, and would not allow their sect to fall! Hence, until Bai Wanli arrived with reinforcements, they would defend their disciples with their own life if they had to.

    "Kill them all! Leave none alive!" Walker roared. Once the Halo Sword formation was down, the Mutants were finally able to get close to the martial artists to attack. Every one of them held all sorts of grudges against the martial artist. Some were personal, like Walker, while others were just bloodthirsty.

    One by one, the Mutants that were closer to the front lines started to morph into beasts. Those that had ranged attacks were positioned far behind the front lines. Unlike martial artists, these Mutants did not have a variety of attack patterns.
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