775 The Strength of Soaring Cloud Sec

    "Hold on for a bit more! Reinforcements are coming!" cried Ganyang Zhenren as he relentlessly parried attack after attack.

    "Heh! You talk an awful lot or an old man!" Walker roared as he appeared beside Ganyang Zhenren with a fist charged with fire.


    Within a fraction of a second, Walker punched Ganyang Zhenren in his chest. Before he did, Ganyang Zhenren had managed to manifest a little qi around his body to protect himself from attack. That tiny little protection was enough to dampen Walker's attack to make it non-lethal. Even so, he was sent flying for about two meters before he turned in midair and landed on his feet. Walker was the same level as he, the Pinnacle stage of Level 4.

    Ganyang Zhenren knew from that attack that the man had the same power level as he. It would be hard for him to actually kill him. Thankfully, the enemy would also find it hard to defeat him! With that thought in mind, Ganyang Zhenren had to draw the strongest enemy, which was him, to his side for a long as he could to buy as much time for the reinforcement to reach.

    Ganyang Zhenren ran sideways, away from his comrades to bait Walker away from them.

    "You dare!" Walker roared once again when he saw Ganyan Zhenren was running away from him.

    While Ganyang Zhenren was drawing Walker away from the other martial artists, he had to deal with the weaker Mutants along the way. At this point, after the fall of the Halo Sword formation, many of the weaker martial artists were killed in simultaneous attacks of more than three mutants.

    "Brother Bai... You have to make haste now. We might actually be annihilated when you arrive!" cried Ganyang Zhenren to himself as he saw the damage of his own people.

    While Bai Wanli was rushing as fast as he could towards the battle, Jiang Fei and his group had arrived in the Northeast of Japan, where according to 0541, the Xiankong Island sect and the others were.

    "0541, please find them!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Tracking... Location found," 0541 replied in the next second.

    "How are they?"

    "Currently, they were still resting. It appears that the Mutants had not yet attacked them," said 0541.

    "Huh? What?" Jiang Fei was thrown. It had been a long day yet it seemed that the Xiankong Island sect were fine!

    "I have determined the location of the Mutants. It seems that there are 1,500 Mutants hiding around the vicinity of the Xiankong Island sect and the others. I have deduced that they would only strike them during the night," said 0541.

    "I see!"

    Looks like the leader of that particular group of Mutants was smarter than the norm. Perhaps he foresaw that the martial artists could fight better in the day and would kill more Mutants. That was why he had decided to strike during the night with an ambush attack.

    "Are we going over there?" Ariel asked.

    "Yes. But there's no need to rush. The Mutants are taking their time and so shall we," said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei was fine by himself and so was Ariel and the other "NPC" girls. However, the rest of the martial artists were drenched in sweat after they had run for 5 hours straight. Every one of them was kneeling down trying to catch their breath.

    "Alright. Have a rest. If you can, eat some food. The fight will be at nightfall!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Huuuu... I'm so tired..."

    "I would kill for some ice-cold cola now..."


    Everyone fell to their bums as soon as Jiang Fei permitted them to rest. Even the girls themselves had started to complain.

    Jiang Fei took a quick glance at his group and found that besides Ariel and the other Bio-Humans girls, only 7 to 8 martial artists were only breathing rapidly while the others were basically panting like a dog.

    "Tch... Only 8 Level 4 guys... This might be tough..." said Jiang Fei to himself. The only people who were still able to run were the Level 4 fighters.

    To be fair, it was considered good to have at least 8 Level 4 fighters then since everyone in Jiang Fei's group was as young as him. All the sect and clan leaders had basically treated Jiang Fei as a babysitter. Those that were with him were young but they had the potential to be strong. They were only still weak because of the lack of training. Give them a few more years and they might be able to reach Level 4. Those that were really strong were brought along with the other sect and clan leaders.

    While Jiang Fei's group began to rest, Soaring Cloud Sect was finally attacked. They were crossing a huge valley when a large group of Mutants came from the hills and launched a surprise attack.

    "Do not panic! Brother Chen, take Brother Feng with you and teach those insolent Mutants a lesson!" said Ma Xuantong calmly.

    "Yes, sect leader!" said Chen Xuanming before rushing to the front.

    "Brother Feng! Gather a few capable fighters and come with me!" said Chen.

    In no time at all, Feng had gathered 13 Intermediate stage of Level 4 fighters with him and followed Chen to fight against the incoming groups of Mutants.

    Including Chen Xuanming, 14 fighters came together and performed two Seven Star Sword formation. The two groups split into different directions and flashed towards the enemy like lightning.

    Under the lead of Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi, the two groups dashed across the hills, leaving nothing but dismembered Mutants in their wake.

    "Stop them! Stop those swordsmen!"

    "We can't! They're too strong!"

    "Brother Bear is down! I repeat! Brother Bear is down!"

    "How is this possible! Brother Bear is an Advanced stage of Level 4 Mutant! How could he be so easily killed?"

    "They're not flinching! We are throwing everything we've got! But they're not even flinching!"


    Soaring Cloud Sect stood by the title of the number one sect in China. Just by sending in 14 Level 4 fighters, they had utterly destroyed the formation of the Mutants. Although the Seven Star Sword formation needed only seven fighters, their prowess was still on par with the Halo Sword formation of the Rainbow Longsword Sect!

    One of the most mystical skills for a martial artist to master was the ability to draw natural energy from heaven and earth. When a martial artist was able to master that skill, they only required to add in one-tenth of their own qi to bring out their original attack power. It was extremely useful since they could last ten times longer in battle. One could even increase their power tenfold if that person's body could withstand the aftereffects. When it came to this, it would be hard for the enemy to defeat them without truly understanding how natural energy worked. On one hand, they might be too strong to defeat and only a Level 5 master could overwhelm them with sheer brute force. Not even a Mutant at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 could fight them on the same level.

    "Sh*t!" Desir grunted. The group of Mutants that he had sent to deal with the Soaring Cloud Sect had over 2,000 Mutants. It was also the same as the group that he was personally leading. He had never thought that the first enemy would be this tough.

    Currently, the Mutant's casualties were not troubling but they were not the same as the Rainbow Longsword Clan. How many Mutants would Desir need to sacrifice in order to defeat those Intermediate stage of Level 4 martial artists? How long would it take for them to deplete their qi?

    "Retreat!" cried Desir as he bit down his pride and ordered the Mutants to stop attacking the Soaring Cloud Sect. The only opening they had was the surprise attack. Once the martial artists calmed down and regrouped, many Level 3 Mutants were slain with an organized attack by only 14 martial artists. Even an Advanced stage Level 4 Mutant was killed! It was a loss that Desir could not accept.

    "Brother Chen, come back and rest," said Ma Xuantong when he noticed the enemies had issued a retreating signal. He recalled the two groups that were killing so efficiently since the enemies still outnumbered them and they needed every bit of time to rest to regain their qi.
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