777 Captured Alive

    "Kill!" Bai Wanli and the others got down to business as soon as they arrived.

    When they saw the corpses of martial artists on the ground, Bai Wanli and the rest became very upset. Among the martial artists who had been killed by the mutants, some were friends, family members, and even lovers. The death of these loved ones immediately enraged Bai Wanli and the others.


    "You freaks should go to hell!"

    "Brothers, I have come to avenge you!"

    "Junior, I will make these monsters pay for what they've done!"


    With a vengeful spirit, Bai Wanli and the rest of his followers started charging toward the group of mutants led by Walker.

    "Kill them! I would like to see where you can run to!" Walker was still chasing after Ganyang Zhenren. He did not realize that the martial artists' back-up army had arrived. Right then, he was so full of rage and hatred that he only focused on killing Ganyang Zhenren. He could not have cared less about what was happening around him.

    "Master Walker! Let's retreat!"

    "Oh no! Master Walker, we can't hold them off any longer!"


    Due to an entire day of fighting, although the mutants had managed to kill quite a number of martial artists, they were thoroughly exhausted. These mutants who acquired their energy through blood injections naturally did not have as much stamina as the martial artists who used their Inner Qi. They were only able to dominate the Rainbow Longsword Sect because of their larger numbers. Now that they had run out of energy, it was only a matter of time before Bai Wanli's group of vengeful martial artists finished them off.

    "Die!" Bai Wanli killed a Low-tier Level 4 mutant with a single slash of his sword. Normally, he was not capable of killing a Level 4 metahuman this easily. However, these mutants had become exhausted after expending most of the energy in their body. Therefore, Bai Wanli was able to kill the mutant instantly before they even engaged each other in a proper battle.

    "Master! Let's retreat!" Walker's subordinate cried out. If they continued to fight, their entire army would be wiped out.

    "Master! We're begging you! Our soldiers are all out of energy!" The other mutants were also begging for Walker to back off. However, Walker was already engrossed in killing the martial artists. The only thing he thought about was ending Ganyang Zhenren's life.

    "I have been granted special permission by Desir to take over the commanding right. Everyone, listen to me now! Retreat!" Right then, another Pinnacle Level 4 mutant voiced out.

    "Ah?" The mutants were clearly stunned. They could not understand why Desir would suddenly change the commander at such a moment. However, since the new commander was giving orders for the army to retreat, nobody would object the order.

    Right then, the mutants were completely exhausted and could barely keep up with the fight. If they continued to fight against the martial artists from the Rainbow Longsword Sect, they might have stood a chance. However, they were completely hopeless facing Bai Wanli's back-up troops.

    Therefore, when they heard that a new commander had taken over and was giving orders to retreat, no one even bothered to question him. Everyone immediately started retreating.

    "Kill them!" As the other mutants began retreating, Walker was still chasing after Ganyang Zhenren.

    "Master, fear not! I have come to assist you!" Bai Wanli immediately rushed over to support Ganyang Zhenren in the fight against Walker.

    After Bai Wanli had taken his place in the fight, Ganyang Zhenren immediately sat down on the ground. He had lost all composure as his entire body shook. Drops of sweat were falling from his forehead. After an entire day of fighting, Ganyang Zhenren was close to passing out.

    Walker had been focused on fighting Ganyang Zhenren the entire day. However, Ganyang Zhenren needed to relieve some of the pressure on his disciples. Therefore, not only did he have to fend Walker off, he also had to do his best to kill the Low-tier mutants. Hence, he had expended much more energy than Walker. If Bai Wanli and the rest had not arrived in time, Ganyang Zhenren would have been killed by Walker.

    Walker did not seem to be in good shape either. Although he had expended much less energy than Ganyang Zhenren, he had also been fighting for nearly half a day. He would have used up most of his energy and strength. Thus, he did not stand a chance against Bai Wanli who had not used up any of his own energy.

    With just a few exchanges of attacks, Walker's shoulder was struck by Bai Wanli's sword. Swiftly thereafter, Bai Wanli kicked Walker in his stomach which knocked Walker eight meters backward. At the same time, his kick caused the remaining energy in Walker's body to dissipate completely.

    "Ahh!" Walker cried painfully as he fell to the ground. In fact, he could not even stand up after Bai Wanli's impactful kick.

    Seeing that a great number of martial artists had been killed by the mutants, Bai Wanli was infuriated. He naturally would not hold back against the mutants.

    "Go to hell!" Bai Wanli shouted as he jumped behind Walker, raised his sword and was prepared to end Walker's life.

    "Spare him!" Right then, Ganyang Zhenren suddenly shouted loudly.

    "Ahh?!" Bai Wanli was stunned. A lot of the elite disciples from Rainbow Longsword Sect were among the killed. Ganyang Zhenren was probably much more angered than he was. Perhaps Ganyang Zhenren was insistent on killing the mutant himself.

    When he thought about it, Bai Wanli figured that Ganyang Zhenren's judgment was probably clouded by his hatred for the mutants. However, it was a reasonable explanation since he had suffered such great losses.

    "Come on, master. I'll spare him for you to kill!" Bai Wanli said as he used his Inner Qi to suppress Walker by sealing the energy in his body.

    "That's not what I meant. Everyone fights on behalf of their own country in this battle. Although we have lost many of our disciples, my judgment is not clouded. This young man holds a rather high rank among the mutants. It might be useful to keep him alive!" Ganyang Zhenren said when he saw Bai Wanli extending his sword toward him. There was clearly a misunderstanding.

    "Oh, I see. I have misunderstood you, master. My apologies!" Bai Wanli bowed at Ganyang Zhenren to ask for his forgiveness.

    "Ahh... Please don't do that. If it weren't for you and your men, we would have already died here. Bowing to me now puts me in a difficult position..." Ganyang Zhenren was too exhausted to stop Bai Wanli from bowing. However, he still felt bad about it.

    "Alright, let's talk later. Everyone, help the injured members!" Bai Wanli ordered.

    Very soon, the back-up soldiers who arrived started getting busy. They carefully moved the injured martial artists aside and tended to their wounds. Although their traditional medicines were not as effective as Jiang Fei's Grand Restore Pill, they had these in bulk which was beneficial in this scenario where a large number of them was needed.
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