780 Arrival of Godly Soldiers

    By the time Jiang Fei and the rest had entered the battlefield, the battle was already fiercely in progress. Martial artists from the Xiankong Island Sect and the Valiant Viridian Sect were all engaged in chaotic fights against the mutants. Although the mutants far outnumbered them, the martial artists were putting up a good fight with their strong capabilities.

    "Charge! Get close and don't use ranged attacks. Fight them up close!" Jiang Fei said to the martial artists behind him.

    The strengthened mutants were no longer weaker than the martial artists in terms of their energy levels. However, in close combat, three mutants would not even be able to fight against one martial artist. Therefore, martial artists would only be able to fully maximize their potential through close combat.

    The mutants knew their own weaknesses. Therefore, they normally relied on larger beastly mutants to come in between the martial artists so that the mutants with energy blasts could attack from a safe distance.

    As the mutants were too great in numbers, and they would usually sneak up behind the martial artists to initiate the fights, the martial artists found it very difficult to counter their attacks despite knowing their weaknesses.

    However, Jiang Fei and the others were different. With 0541's invisibility effect, the mutants did not even know that they had arrived. Therefore, this time, the martial artists were the ones ambushing the mutants. As long as they got close to the mutants with energy blasts, they would be able to get rid of them easily.

    "0541, remove the invisibility effect!" Seeing that the mutants were less than a few hundred meters away, Jiang Fei gave the order to reveal themselves.


    A bright light flashed. While Jiang Fei and the martial artists did not notice anything odd, the mutants in the distance looked horrified.

    "Darn! Where did they come from?"

    "How is that possible? The navy did not tell us that there were other martial artists around!"

    "Liza! What happened? Why didn't you warn us?"

    "I don't know! They appeared out of nowhere..."


    "Kill!" While the mutants were still in a state of shock from Jiang Fei and the other martial artists' sudden appearance, the latter had already charged toward the mutants.

    "Ahh..." As a loud cry in pain could be heard, a Level 3 mutant was instantly beheaded by Jiang Fei.

    "Kill them!" Bai Zhongwei shouted loudly as he charged toward the mutants with his sword. The other young martial artists followed after him. All of a sudden, more than a hundred mutants were killed by Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "Damn it! Stop them! Douglas, block these darned martial artists!" The leader of this group of mutants was Burzynski. He had already reached Pinnacle Level 4 before the mutants had acquired the Bio-Technology. After being modified, his body was physically strengthened. He was perhaps one of the strongest among the mutants.

    "I am coming!" Douglas immediately proceeded to block Jiang Fei and the rest when he received Burzynski's orders.

    "Roar!" Douglas suddenly turned into a huge bear which was almost three meters tall. When he stood up, he could even reach up to six to seven meters in height.

    There were thirty to forty other mutants behind Douglas. These were all muscular and buff mutants. Some of them could transform into beasts, while others became covered in rocky armor or even turned into metal forms.

    These mutants immediately came in between Jiang Fei and the other mutants who used ranged attacks and needed to be protected.

    "Clink!" Bai Zhongwei's sword came into contact with one of the mutants covered in rocky armor. The sword was not even able to cut through the surface of the armor and thus leaving the mutant unharmed.

    "He's so strong!" Bai Zhongwei frowned as he attacked with his sword once again. Although his attacks could not physically hurt the mutant, the mutant was not fast enough to hit Bai Zhongwei either. The two were in a stalemate.

    "Ha!" On the other side of the battlefield, Yang Qing was also engaged in a fight against a mutant who had transformed into a metallic body. Likewise, she could not do any damage against the mutant.

    Apart from Bai Zhongwei and Yang Qing, the other martial artists were also struggling to hurt their opponents.

    "Hmph! So what if you have support? You'll all die anyway!" Burzynski laughed coolly. He then ordered his troops to start attacking Jiang Fei.

    A group of mutants which relied on energy-based attacks proceeded to attack Jiang Fei following Burzynski's order. As this happened, the pressure on the Xiankong Island Sect and Valiant Viridian Sect was lessened.

    As these mutants began attacking, the young martial artists on Jiang Fei's side were slowly losing their ground. Since they could not penetrate the armor of the mutants, they ended up taking the hits instead. Some of the martial artists were injured quite badly. The young martial artists began to take their opponents more seriously.

    "Alright! It's time!" When Jiang Fei saw that the young martial artists finally realized how strong the mutants were, he decided to proceed with his plan. After all, the Xiankong Island Sect and Valiant Viridian Sect were losing their men with every passing second. If Jiang Fei prolonged the fight, there would only be more casualties.

    "Yes! Master!" The female Bio-Humans around Jiang Fei replied as they prepared to attack.

    "Ariel, not you!" When Jiang Fei saw that Ariel was also preparing to engage in the battle, he immediately stopped her.

    Thus far, there was still no sign of any Level 5 experts on the battlefields in Tokyo. That meant they had chosen to stay out of the fights. Therefore, Jiang Fei did not want to break the unspoken rule whereby Level 5 experts would not participate in these battles.

    If Ariel were to attack, the other Level 5 mutants would definitely not spectate without participating. However, Jiang Fei only had Ariel who was a Level 5 expert. Moreover, Ariel was only a Beginner Level 5. If a war between Level 5 experts broke out, Jiang Fei would be at a disadvantage.

    Although there were quite a few Level 5 experts in the Martial Art Alliance, Jiang Fei did not know any of them. The only person he knew was Feng Tianqi who still harbored unresolved hatred for Jiang Fei.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei did not want to bring the Level 5 experts into the fight. He would only have an advantage in these fights with the help of his Bio-Humans as long as the Level 5 experts did not get involved.

    "Alright!" Ariel nodded as she stood quietly on the side.

    "Charge! Kill them!" At the same time, the female Bio-Humans around Jiang Fei began attacking.

    As the twenty-four female Bio-Humans came from a military background, their movements were very well-coordinated. Moreover, with the special group fighting technique 0541 had provided them, these ladies were able to advance on their enemies in a group.

    As the group of ladies began firing beams of energy at the mutants, anyone who was struck was instantly turned into ashes. Their frightening attack power not only shocked the mutants, but also Bai Zhongwei and the other martial artists.
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