781 Mass Destruction

    Carefully designed by 0541, the group attack formation used by the Bio-Humans was on par with the Soaring Cloud Sect's Seven Stars Sword Formation. Moreover, the formation technique was being used by twenty-four Advance Level 4 metahumans. Therefore, its might was stronger than anyone could imagine.

    None of the mutants were able to defend themselves against the female Bio-Humans' attacks. Regardless of whether they were mutants who could transform into bears or tigers, or even rock or steel, all of the mutants were killed within a second.

    While the female Bio-Humans were busy breaking through the mutants' barrier, Jiang Fei activated his wind-based Origin Force, thus increasing his movement speed to its maximum.

    With a few leaps, Jiang Fei arrived before the mutants with ranged attacks. Using his Chengying Sword, Jiang Fei created beams of sword energy infused with his Metallic Energy which were then fired at the mutants. At very that moment, Jiang Fei was like a human meat grinder killing every mutant in sight.

    "Kill them!" Bai Zhongwei and the rest were encouraged by Jiang Fei's progress. They charged past the female Bio-Humans toward the mutants with ranged attacks.

    "Damn it!" Burzynski did not expect the newly arrived martial artists to be this strong. All of a sudden, these martial artists had penetrated their strongest defender, Douglas, and the other buff mutants. Burzynski knew he could no longer underestimate Jiang Fei when he saw Jiang Fei's shocking rate of killing.

    "Stop!" Burzynski shouted angrily as he appeared before Jiang Fei. The other mutants took the opportunity to step as far away as possible. The way they looked at Jiang Fei was as if they were looking at the Grim Reaper. They were afraid they would lose their souls if they stood too close.

    Buzz! Jiang Fei waved the Chengying Sword before swinging it at Burzynski. He wanted to see how strong this Pinnacle mutant truly was.

    "Arghh!" When he saw Jiang Fei charging at him with the longsword, Burzynski raised his own huge sword which was almost one-foot wide. Burzynski believed that his sword would be able to crush Jiang Fei's. Even if Jiang Fei was not physically hurt, his Chinese sword would surely be destroyed by his own huge sword.

    The plan seemed to work out well in Burzynski's head. Since his body had been enhanced with Bio-Technology, he now had a lot more strength than other mutants. If normal martial artists fought against him, they probably would not even stand a chance.

    However, Jiang Fei was different. Jiang Fei definitely had a lot more experience when it came to Bio-Technology. From the beginning, Jiang Fei had acquired his powers through 0541's Bio-Potions. Thereafter, he even strengthened his own body using a Level 5 Alien Beast's genes. Therefore, in terms of strength, Jiang Fei was perhaps six times more powerful than Burzynski.

    In fact, Jiang Fei was not only stronger in terms of his physical strength. The two swords he possessed were also much more powerful. Apart from the Godblade Zhanlu Sword, Jiang Fei also had the Chengying Sword which was made using Planet Namek's smithing technique. The Chengying Sword was undeniably the strongest weapon on earth.


    As a crisp sound was heard, Burzynski felt as if he had just been knocked by a train. The huge force pushed him backward by at least five to six steps. Moreover, Jiang Fei's Chengying Sword not only did not break, after being infused with Jiang Fei's Metallic Energy, it even left a two-inch dent in Burzynski's huge sword.

    "Ahh!" Burzynski was taken by surprise. He knew his own weapon was already very powerful. It was an incredible weapon made with the major rice-exporting country's best smithing and crafting technologies. However, he could not believe it had been damaged so easily by Jiang Fei's single attack.

    Frankly, the severe damage was not entirely caused by Planet Namek's advanced technology. In terms of smithing and crafting techniques, both parties were on par with each other. Even if Planet Namek's technology was advanced, it still had its limits.

    However, in terms of energy, Burzynski relied mostly on his own physical strength. When he had collided with Jiang Fei earlier, he had depended on his physical strength to withstand the impact. On the other hand, Jiang Fei had infused his sword with Metallic Energy using his Origin Force. Therefore, there was a huge gap in the amount of energy they expended.

    "Take this!" After succeeding with his first attack, Jiang Fei immediately struck Burzynski again. This time, Jiang Fei aimed at Burzynski's wrist from a very specific angle.

    "Ahh!" Burzynski was so afraid that he immediately dropped the huge sword in his hand that he backed away.

    Although Jiang Fei's sword-yielding techniques were still inferior to the other experienced martial artists', he was still better than the mutants who had very little training in such techniques.

    Before Burzynski had gone through Bio-Technology modification, he was also one of the mutants who used ranged energy attacks. Although he was at Pinnacle Level 4, it was only because of the blood in his veins. His melee combat skills were still horribly weak.

    After being modified, Burzynski had acquired a significant amount of physical strength. Naturally, he thought he had become a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, he appeared to be stronger than most of the other mutants during practice. His melee combat skills seemed to be quite commendable as well. However, that was only because mutants generally had poorer fighting skills in melee combat.

    In a real fight with the Chinese martial artists who specialized in melee combat techniques, Burzynski's weakness was immediately apparent. Even a less-experienced martial artist like Jiang Fei was able to easily defeat him in a sword fight.

    "Die!" Burzynski was deeply embarrassed by how Jiang Fei had made him lose his weapon. At the same time, he understood that he would be defeated if he continued to fight up close. Therefore, Burzynski tried to distance himself from Jiang Fei so that he could use his energy blasts to attack him.


    Jiang Fei's sword beams were able to instantly destroy the cones of ice which Burzynski flung at him. Jiang Fei then raised the Chengying Sword and prepared to strike yet again.

    When Burzynski saw that Jiang Fei was getting close to him, he immediately created a wall of ice in front of him to block Jiang Fei's attack.

    "Slash!" Jiang Fei shouted as he swung his sword downward. The fire-based Origin Force instantly caused the wall of ice to explode into pieces.

    "Ehh?" After breaking the wall of ice, Jiang Fei was stunned. Burzynski had disappeared right before his eyes.

    "Captain, on your left!" Although Burzynski was able to dash out of Jiang Fei's line of sight, Jiang Fei still had the support of 0541.

    "Where are you going?" Before Burzynski was even able to assault Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei had caught up with him in two steps.

    "Master, run away!" Jiang Fei was just about to attack Burzynski when a mutant who had transformed into a body of metal threw himself at Jiang Fei. After all, Jiang Fei was not in a one-to-one fight with Burzynski. There was still a number of mutants around who would step in to assist Burzynski.

    "Get lost!" Jiang Fei swung his sword as the mutant was instantly sliced apart with Jiang Fei's sword that was infused with Metallic Energy. Despite being a Beginner Level 4 mutant with who could transform into metal, he still died from a single attack by Jiang Fei.

    "Ahh!" Burzynski exclaimed in a surprised tone when he saw that his subordinate had been killed in just one second. He became more wary of Jiang Fei's battle powers. Even Burzynski himself could not have defeated a Level 4 expert with such ease, let alone kill him.
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