783 Secret Plo

    After the Xiankong Island Sect and the Valiant Viridian Sect were done organizing their men, Jiang Fei finally opened his eyes.

    "What are your plans after this?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "We wish to find Senior Bai and the rest!" Zhu Tianfei said.

    "Yeah! The mutants are too strong. We must work together if we want to defeat them!" Yan Wentao nodded. Clearly, the two have talked things through in advance.

    "Alright! They are on Kyushu Island. You guys can head over there right now." Jiang Fei smiled. Although the two of them did not choose to work with him, Jiang Fei could understand why.

    Although the two sects had suffered quite a huge loss, it was still difficult for them to forsake their proud attitude to cooperate with normal humans.

    "Brother Jiang, won't you come with us?" Zhu Tianfei asked.

    "Hmm... Sure, let's head over together," Jiang Fei answered after remaining silent for a short while. He decided to accompany them in search of Bai Wanli.

    In the end, Jiang Fei was still determined to persuade these martial artists to cooperate with the military as soon as possible. To avoid any more unnecessary casualties, Jiang Fei needed to try harder at convincing Bai Wanli and the rest to work with the military.

    After Jiang Fei had gathered everyone, they totaled up to two hundred people. Once they met up with Bai Wanli and the rest, there would be at least five hundred of them in total. By then, they would have gathered all of the martial artists apart from the Soaring Cloud Sect's members.

    Somewhere along the journey to find Bai Wanli, Jiang Fei suddenly remembered that there was another group of martial artists which belonged to the Zhangle Clan.

    From the intel Han Tianyu had sent before, one of the mutant groups was charging toward the Zhangle Clan. However, Jiang Fei still had not heard any news about the Zhangle Clan from his communication device.

    "Could it be that they have been destroyed before they were able to even send out a warning signal?" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. After all, the Zhangle Clan was a very small secondary-tier sect. Moreover, they had only sent around twenty of their men on this mission. If they were ambushed by the mutants, they would probably have been annihilated before they could even react.

    "I wish them the best of luck!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Although the Zhangle Clan might have been lucky enough to avoid the mutants' attack, there was a very low probability of that happening. After all, the major rice-exporting country had drone scouts and satellites to track the martial artists. It was perhaps easier to hide at night. However, in the day, there was no way they could avoid being discovered.

    "Are the members of the Zhangle Clan still alive?" Jiang Fei asked in the public channel.

    "I don't know. They are not with us," Bai Wanli answered.

    Jiang Fei waited for a while longer. There was still no news about the Zhangle Clan.

    They had either forgotten to activate their communication device or they had already been annihilated by the mutants.

    During the journey, Jiang Fei sent a message to Han Tianyu.

    "Hey, Han Tianyu."

    "How are things over there?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "Not too bad. We haven't lost too many of our men." Jiang Fei said.

    "That's good... That's good..." Han Tianyu's tone sounded very odd. It sounded as if he was not fully present in the conversation.

    "What's the matter with you? Do you know anything about the Zhangle Clan?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Me? Ahh! I'm fine. I'm not too sure how the Zhangle Clan is. It's late at night now. The drone scouts won't be able to find them. I'll check on them with the drone scouts tomorrow morning," Han Tianyu answered.

    "Alright. Please let me know once you find anything. Oh, right. How are things with the military? When are they sending backup? When will their special navy be able to provide support to us?" Jiang Fei asked again. That was what Jiang Fei was most concerned about.

    "I am urging them to hurry up. The military has promised to send androids over as soon as possible!" Han Tianyu said. However, he sounded very suspicious.

    "Alright. Get them over here quickly. Otherwise, we will be losing a lot more of the martial artists!" Jiang Fei said and hung up.

    "Very good, Little Han. You have performed really well. You may go and rest now!" Qin Tian said as he smiled and patted Han Tianyu's shoulder. Two Supreme Androids proceeded to carry Han Tianyu away.

    "You will regret what you are doing one day! If anything happens to Jiang Fei, you will face Zhuge Shanzhen's wrath!" Han Tianyu turned his head around and shouted.

    "Don't you worry about that. Bring him away!" Qin Tian waved his hand as the two Supreme Androids brought Han Tianyu away and locked him in a secure room.

    Although Han Tianyu had Beginner Level 2 capabilities, he was still much weaker than the Level 4 Supreme Androids. He would not have stood a chance if he fought against them.

    "What do I do? What do I do?!" Han Tianyu scratched his head as he sat on the bed. Not only did he lose his freedom, he also lost all methods of communicating with the external world. There was no way of informing Jiang Fei what had happened.

    The only way Han Tianyu could speak to Jiang Fei was when Jiang Fei initiated contact. Even then, Qin Tian would get the Supreme Androids to fetch Han Tianyu once he noticed the communication device was ringing. Han Tianyu would then only be able to communicate with Jiang Fei based on Qin Tian's instructions. If he refused, he would be killed immediately.

    The military had a very clear intention. They planned to use the opportunity of the current war to inflict severe damage on both the martial artists and the mutants. Therefore, they would not send Supreme Androids this early into the battles which wasted their own resources. They would only send in the Supreme Androids to pick up the pieces after the martial artists and the mutants were thoroughly exhausted from the fight.

    "Level 5 expert? Hehe, they are not invincible!" Qin Tian smiled. He did not seem to be too concerned about Han Tianyu's threat.


    "What's the matter with Han Tianyu? Is he on some weird medication?" Jiang Fei had no clue that the Chinese military's plot was underway. He still had hopes of getting military support.

    When the sky gradually brightened, Jiang Fei and the rest finally arrived at the Kyushu Island. However, they were still quite far away from Bai Wanli and the others.

    "Let's take a break. It's very easy to be discovered in the day!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Wouldn't we still be discovered if we stayed still?" Zhu Tianfei asked. He was not trying to pick a fight with Jiang Fei. He truly did not understand how their opponent's spying worked.

    "Of course we would be discovered if we stood still right here. That's why we need to find a place to hide!" Jiang Fei smiled.

    Jiang Fei and the others were currently positioned near a mountainous region. While the mountains were not very tall, they were at least around ten meters in height.

    "Come on. Let's dig a hole and rest inside!" Jiang Fei said as he started digging.

    "Come over! Everyone, help him out!" Zhu Tianfei and Yan Wentao started giving orders to their subordinates. They did not even have a clue as to how the major rice-exporting country's fleet was able to discover them. Therefore, they did exactly as what Jiang Fei instructed them to do.

    For a group of martial artists, digging a hole was not a difficult feat. Very soon, they had successfully dug a huge cave into a mountain.

    "Let's get inside!" Jiang Fei urged the others to enter the cave. Although 0541 could also activate the invisibility effect to hide everyone from their enemies, Jiang Fei thought it was a better idea to conserve energy by using the traditional method.
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