784 Missile Strike

    Jiang Fei and the rest who hid in the cave were able to avoid being discovered by the major rice-exporting country's satellites and drone scouts. However, Bai Wanli and the others who were exposed in the plains were easily discovered.

    "Targets identified!"

    "Lock onto the targets!"

    "Firing zone confirmed!"

    "Open fire!"

    As Robert shouted the command, the major rice-exporting country's fleet started taking action. The firing bay for the guided-missile setup was opened as the missiles were fired and puffs of white smoke were left behind.

    The guided missiles continued to ascend into the air. Very soon, it crossed the ozone layer. Then, it suddenly changed directions and moved toward Bai Wanli and the others before returning to the ozone layer.

    After entering the ozone layer once again, the guided missiles began their descend at an increasing speed due to the pull of gravity. From afar, these missiles looked like meteorites falling from the sky.

    "Alert! Alert! Man-made objects are approaching! Targets have been identified as guided missiles!" 0541's warning immediately woke Jiang Fei who was resting with his eyes closed.

    "Increase the area of scan. Estimate the projectiles' destination!" Jiang Fei quickly gave orders to 0541 as he alerted the martial artists around him. "Everyone, get up. Get ready to fight!"

    The attack power of a guided missile varied. Normal guided missiles could only affect an area of up to a hundred meters. Although the attack power could still injure martial artists, it would not be sufficient to take their lives. However, if the guided missiles had nuclear elements, the attack power would be much stronger. Even a Level 4 martial artist could not survive if he was at the center of the explosion. As for Level 3 disciples, they would be annihilated even if they were at the outermost edge of the impact.

    "The projectiles' destination has been confirmed. They are moving toward where the Snow Mountain Sect members are located!" 0541 reported.

    "How long would it take before the missiles reach them?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Ninety seconds!" 0541 answered.

    "What?!" color drained from Jiang Fei's face. Although the projectiles were approximately 1,200 meters away from the earth's surface after entering the ozone layer, they could reach twenty times the speed of sound. Therefore, it would not take long for them to reach their targets.

    "We don't have time to remain in a state of shock. Captain, I suggest you warn those martial artists to evacuate immediately!" 0541 warned.

    "Right! Right!" Jiang Fei immediately dialed for Bai Wanli's communication device.

    "What's the matter, brother Jiang? Has something happened?" Bai Wanli and the other Advance level martial artists could feel that something was amiss. Although they could not foresee the guided missiles' arrival, their martial art instincts somehow forewarned them that danger was imminent.

    "I don't have time to explain. Please evacuate immediately. Get as far away from your current location as possible if you wish to live!" Jiang Fei shouted into the communication device.

    "I understand!" Bai Wanli did not even question Jiang Fei any further. The disturbance in his heart caused him to believe every word Jiang Fei had said.

    "Everyone, follow me! Let's run!" Bai Wanli called out to the martial artists around him as he started running in a random direction.

    "What happened?" Although the other martial artists were equally confused, they felt the same disturbance in their hearts which made them very wary. Now that they had seen Bai Wanli's behavior, they knew that something was definitely amiss.

    There were more than three hundred martial artists in Bai Wanli's group. After a full night's rest, these martial artists had recovered some of their strength. Therefore, they moved at a shockingly high speed.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    After Bai Wanli and the other martial artists had run a few kilometers away, the guided missiles began to arrive.

    "Are those guided missiles?"

    "Damn! These things are way too fast. If not for brother Jiang's warning, we would not have been able to escape in time!"

    "It's not that frightening..."

    "We don't have to run so far..."


    As the major rice-exporting country had only used normal missiles this time, the martial artists were not affected at all after they had run a few kilometers away. Many of the martial artists even belittled the threat of missiles. After all, the martial artists would not be injured unless they were very close to the missiles during the explosions.

    "We can't go on like this!" Bai Wanli frowned.

    "Yeah. Although we are not injured by the attack this time, I've heard that the nuclear bombs are extremely powerful. They seem to be even more powerful than a Level 5 expert's full might!" Grandmother Yuehua frowned as she spoke.

    "Yeah. I've heard that those nuclear bombs can destroy an entire city in an instant!" Some of the more knowledgeable martial artists were familiar with the current state of technology.

    "What do we do now?" The others were dumbfounded by the information. If the weapon was capable of destroying an entire city, they would be annihilated regardless of how far they ran.

    "I think we should find brother Jiang!" Ding Tianqing said. Although he was a sect leader, the Green Willow Heights was very near the capital which meant it was easy for him to access the information about the normal human world, especially concerning such superb weapons.

    As he was more knowledgeable, he knew how frightening these nuclear bombs were. Therefore, he was not as ignorant and fearless as the other martial artists.

    Ding Tianqing was aware that if they were really struck by a nuclear bomb, none of the Level 3 disciples would survive. The stronger Level 4 experts would probably also be annihilated. Only the few Pinnacle Level 4 experts might survive.

    "That's great! At least brother Jiang has connections with the military. He would be able to find out about these attacks in advance!" Bai Wanli nodded after some thought. After all, he did not want to constantly live in fear of being attacked by a nuclear bomb.

    "I agree!" Grandmother Yuehua chipped in.

    "We don't mind either!" Ganyang Zhenren from Rainbow Longsword Sect said.

    "Alright! Let's go!" Bai Wanli was worried about being attacked yet again. Therefore, he did not want to stay at the same spot for too long. He then led the way to the location Jiang Fei had provided.

    "What? Are you guys coming over to find me?" Jiang Fei was surprised when he found out about Bai Wanli's decision. Although Jiang Fei was glad that Bai Wanli and the others had escaped the nuclear attack, he was concerned about the direction they were headed as Jiang Fei and the rest had already left.

    "Yeah! With you around, we would be able to predict the next attack from such advanced weapons," Bai Wanli expressed earnestly. Although he did not mind working with Jiang Fei, he was still wary of cooperating with the military.

    "Alright. Head toward the west. I will meet you on the way!" Jiang Fei said after some thoughts. He did not want Bai Wanli and the others to travel in plain sight. If they did, the major rice-exporting country would start attacking them with guided missiles.

    "Great! We'll do that!" Bai Wanli agreed as he and the rest started walking in the given direction.
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