789 Light Dragon Lair

    Jiang Fei brought the players in the group out of the Demon Dragon Fortress. They then arrived at the City of Sinners by going through the teleportation point. After all, this was the fastest way to enter the Neutral region.

    After approaching the Dragon race's territory, Jiang Fei and the others quickly located the coordinates given by the Dark Faction. It was a place close to where the Dark Faction had challenged the Dragon race previously. The Dark Faction used to send their members over to harass the Dragon race. However, the harassment had developed into a small-scale fight. The Elder Prince Odis was now waiting for the number of casualties to increase even further. He would then openly declare war against the Dragon race.

    Jiang Fei and the others soon found the entrance to the dungeon that was located not too far away from the Dragon race's Ancient Dragon Lair Mountain.

    Several players had gathered at the location. Most of the famous guilds in the Dark Faction had already hurried over. After all, the Level 70 dungeon was very attractive. Therefore, most of the guilds that were able to gather a hundred Level 70 players were here to try their luck.

    Having arrived at the entrance to the dungeon, Jiang Fei realized there was more than one entrance. In fact, there were seven entrances, each with a different color. The content of the dungeon also differed according to the colors.

    According to the information provided by Odis, the seven entrances were mapped to seven different huge dragons. Although all of the dungeons required one hundred Level 70 players to enter, they each had different levels of difficulty.

    The first four were Elite level of difficulty. These were red for the Fire Dragon Lair, blue for the Ice Dragon Lair, Green for the Wind Dragon Lair, and emerald green for the Life Dragon Lair.

    Next to those four dragon nests, there were two Heroic mode dungeons where white was for the Light Dragon Lair and black for the Dark Dragon Lair.

    Finally, there was the toughest Epic mode dungeon, the Golden Dragon Lair.

    The Golden Dragon was, in essence, an offspring of the Dragon God's bloodline, which meant it was related to Bennette Straz. Naturally, it had very strong capabilities and high Attack Power. Of course, if Jiang Fei and the rest could defeat it, they would be rewarded very handsomely as compared to the other six dungeons.

    None of the dungeons were of Normal difficulty. The easiest dungeon was already at Elite difficulty with only Elite monsters or above.

    In fact, there was even an Epic mode dungeon after the Heroic mode dungeons. This was the first Epic mode dungeon in the entire game. Nobody knew how difficult it would be as one could only find out after getting through the two Heroic mode dungeons.

    "Guild master, which one should we enter?" Lady Casanova asked. Her eyes scanned the six easier dungeons. After all, the final Golden Dragon Lair could only be entered after the two Heroic mode dungeons were cleared.

    "Only the first clearance would give us Dragon eggs. Thereafter, we would only be rewarded with Yalong eggs by clearing the dungeon. Therefore, we must try to snatch as many eggs as possible!" Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    Although pet eggs were soon to be normalized, the Dragon eggs would still be very rare in the market. Since the opportunity had arisen, Jiang Fei naturally wanted to do his best to benefit players in Empyreal Dragon.

    "Wouldn't it be inappropriate to take everything? After all, the war between Light and Dark factions is about to begin. It would be difficult to work with the other guilds if we snatched all the dragon eggs!" Lady Casanova said with a frown. Although it was tempting to snatch all the Dragon eggs, the result of upsetting all other guilds was not a worthy trade-off.

    "How should we go about it then?" Seven Stars Warrior asked.

    "You're right! We can't be too extreme. Let's start with the Heroic mode dungeon. After we have cleared the Heroic mode and Epic mode dungeons, and these other guilds have still not cleared the Elite mode dungeons, we will have no choice but to clear them all!" Jiang Fei said after some consideration. He agreed with Lady Casanova's considerations. Jiang Fei was only playing the game because 0541 said he would benefit from doing so. He did not really care about the other players or guilds in the game. However, members of the Empyreal Dragon still had to play with players from other guilds. Therefore, Jiang Fei did not want to thoroughly upset the other guilds.

    As for clearing the dungeons, Jiang Fei was feeling very confident. After reaching Level 90, his capabilities were much stronger than most players. Therefore, he was certain that he would be able to clear the dungeons.

    "Hey, everyone. You need to speed up. If you still can't clear the Elite mode dungeons after we have cleared the three high difficulty dungeons, don't blame me for clearing them all before you do!" Jiang Fei shouted at the other guilds' players before entering the dungeon.

    "Darn! Brother Fei, take it easy. We are not as strong as you are!"

    "Yeah, Brother Fei, go slow. You're giving us a lot of pressure!"


    Most of the experienced players there had gotten used to receiving notifications about Jiang Fei being the first to clear new dungeons. Therefore, as soon as they heard what Jiang Fei said, they sped up their recruitment and started entering the dungeons.

    "Alright, the others are already getting to work. Let's enter the dungeon!" Jiang Fei smiled. His words had actually pressured the other guilds to be more efficient.

    Jiang Fei and the rest chose to enter the Light Dragon Lair first. It was one of the two Heroic mode dungeons.


    After entering the dungeon's portal, Jiang Fei and the others appeared within the dungeon one after the other.

    The entrance of the dungeon was still a safe zone. The area was not in the range of any monster's Aggro and was specifically designed for players to get ready. The players who arrived in the dungeon could now distribute tasks or buff themselves.

    "Come on! Everyone, get your buffs ready and we'll get to work!" Jiang Fei was already able to see the gatekeeper of the dungeon.

    Dragonoid Guard, Light (Dragonoid, Lord)

    Level: 80

    Health Points: 10,000,000

    Attack Power: 7,500

    Skills: Cleave, Bash, Deadly Strike, Agony

    Cleave: Attacks all targets in a 45-degree area in front.

    Bash: Deals a powerful blow to one enemy, knocking it away and clearing all Aggro.

    Deadly Strike: Instantly deals a powerful attack to an enemy, lowering his recovery effects by 80%.

    Agony: When an ally dies, the Dragonoid Guard's Attack Power and Attack Speed increase by 100%.

    There was a total of four Dragonoid Guards with very strong battle powers. Under circumstances where players did not know about their skills, the remaining Dragonoid Guard after the other three were killed would be able to kill a tank with a single blow.

    "Come on, let's fight them directly!" Jiang Fei smiled after checking out the Dragonoid Guards' skills. Although these four gatekeepers were considered very powerful to normal players, they were nothing to Jiang Fei.
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