791 Light Dragon

    After a few minutes, hundreds of the small monsters had been killed by Jiang Fei. Seven Stars Warrior and the others received quite a lot of Experience points.

    "Let's move on!" Jiang Fei said and laughed. By then, all of the small monsters on the field had already been killed.

    After getting past the field, two pathways appeared before Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "Guild master, where should we go?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "I don't know either. Let's pick one randomly!" Jiang Fei shook his head. He had never been in the dungeon before. Therefore, he did not know which pathway he should choose. They would have to pick one at random. If they reached a dead end by going through one of the pathways, they would simply have to return to where they were now and walk down the other one.

    "Alright then!" Lady Casanova and the others nodded. Everyone was prepared to follow Jiang Fei and earn Experience points by not doing anything. Therefore, it did not matter where Jiang Fei chose to go as they would follow him anyway.

    "Let's go with this one!" Jiang Fei chose the tunnel on the left.

    After entering the tunnel, Jiang Fei and the others discovered that the tunnel became increasingly narrow. After five minutes of walking, the tunnel only allowed three people to walk side-by-side.

    "Bandits, explore further ahead!" Jiang Fei called two of the bandits over.

    These narrow pathways normally had traps in it. In fact, some of the stronger traps were capable of killing players instantly. Even Jiang Fei who had a lot of Health Points and Defense would not be able to defend himself against such traps.

    Although Jiang Fei was fine with dying as he would only have to pick up his equipment after being resurrected, Akatziris would die in vain. As Akatziris had signed an unholy contract with Jiang Fei, she would die permanently if Jiang Fei were to be killed.

    "Alright! Guild master, leave it to us!" Hazy Memory, who was the leader of the bandits for the current quest, replied.

    After receiving Jiang Fei's order, Hazy Memory brought two of the more skilled Bandits along to traverse ahead of the pack. They positioned themselves thirty meters ahead of Jiang Fei and the rest as they carefully examined their surroundings.

    "Hold on!" Indeed, the Bandit on Hazy Memory's left discovered something unusual after taking a few steps forward.

    "What have you discovered?" Jiang Fei asked from behind.

    "It's an ice trap. I have removed it!" Hazy Memory answered.

    "Alright! Be careful!" Jiang Fei nodded as he led the group behind him to move forward.

    Jiang Fei and the others were not able to move very quickly due to the narrow pathway. However, they did not encounter anything dangerous along the way because all of the traps had been eliminated by Hazy Memory and the other Bandits. Although the Dragon race had set some really dangerous traps, they were not as powerful as the ones designed by the Ancient Gnomes.

    After making it through the narrow pathway, Jiang Fei was suddenly met with a bright light. The group had arrived at a huge cavern which was nearly a hundred meters tall. One could not even see the ceiling clearly. Moreover, the cavern also had a large surface area that was close to five hundred meters in length.

    There were quite a number of groups of small monsters in the area. There were about fifty small monsters in each group. Each group had a Leader monster with the rest of the group being Advance Elite monsters. There were approximately eighteen groups of these monsters which roamed in a fixed region.

    Apart from these fixed groups of small monsters, there were five to six other patrolling groups. These patrolling groups were smaller with only around twenty-eight monsters in a group. However, these groups had two Leader monsters. Most players would have to be very careful when fighting the fixed groups so that they would not attract the patrolling groups simultaneously. There was a high possibility of being annihilated by fighting both of these groups at the same time.

    The patrolling monsters were different from normal monsters. When they hit low Health Points, they would run away to call for backup. Therefore, if players failed to kill these monsters, they might have to fight multiple waves of monsters at the same time.

    However, all this did not matter to Jiang Fei. He was determined to fight them all head-on.

    "Come on! Let's kill them right away!" Jiang Fei could not be bothered to gather his members around. He immediately raised his Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow and started charging toward the monsters.

    "Roar!" Jiang Fei's random attacks immediately caused an uproar among the monsters.

    "Damn! Are we going to die here?" The players behind Jiang Fei gasped as hundreds of small monsters charged toward Jiang Fei. If Jiang Fei could not hold these small monsters off, they would all be annihilated.

    "Hahaha! Bring it on!" Jiang Fei laughed wildly as he continued firing arrows at the monsters while slowly backing away. He stayed close to the walls in the cavern as he did so.

    With the boost of close to one hundred Love Contracts, Jiang Fei's movement speed was as fast as Bandits when they activated Haste. As such, the small monsters could not catch up with him at all. As the other players did not do anything to drag Aggo, the monsters completely ignored them and only focused on chasing after Jiang Fei.

    "Damn. This is what kiting means..." A few of the Hunters said as they looked admiringly at Jiang Fei.

    Right then, a trail of over a thousand monsters had formed behind Jiang Fei. As he continued running forward, he occasionally turned around to fire arrows at the monsters. Monsters continued to fall to the ground as players around Jiang Fei started earning Experience points.

    "This is way too easy! Guild master, please bring us on more dungeon quests when you are free..."

    "Yeah! Yeah! I finally know how players who pay others to train them feel!"

    "Damn! This is even better than paying to be trained. This is practically free!"

    "Yeah! This is amazing!"

    "Guild master, you can do it!"

    "Guild master, you are the best!"

    "Awesome! Guild master, you are so powerful!"


    While the players behind Jiang Fei chatted leisurely, they occasionally cheered him on. The girls were especially invested in their roles as Jiang Fei's cheerleaders.

    After several minutes, over a thousand of small monsters were all killed by Jiang Fei. The group of players earned a significant amount of Experience points.

    "Who?! Who is killing my offspring?" Right then, an angry voice was heard.

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    "It's here! It's here!" Everyone became serious. After all, they were evidently on the battlefield. Now that the small monsters had been killed, it was time for the boss to show up.

    Flap! Flap!

    As the sound of wings moving could be heard in the air, a giant dragon close to thirty meters long appeared.

    Light Dragon Lorkaras (Dragon race, Lord)

    Level: 82

    Health Points: 45,000,000

    Attack Power: 18,000

    Skills: Luminous Breath, Holy Flame, Remorse, Divine Flame, Divine Light Beam.

    Luminous Breath: Deals significant light-based Magic damage toward the enemy in a cone-shaped area.

    Holy Flame: Summons the Holy Flame to deal continuous damage to players in the vicinity.

    Remorse: Causes all enemies in a 300-meter radius to enter a state of Remorse. Whilst in the state of Remorse, targets cannot attack, move, or cast spells. The effect lasts for one minute. If targets receive any damage, the Remorse effect will be removed.

    Divine Flame: Lorkaras randomly selects fifty enemies to cast the Divine Flame on them, dealing a one-time significant damage on top of continuous damage which lasts for ten seconds thereafter.

    Divine Light Beam: For every enemy that Lorkaras kills, it recovers 10% of its Health Points and resets all of its skills' cooldown time.
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